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Krystal Void
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Hi I just want to say, that you guys are ALWAYS welcome to draw me! Just do one thing. Please promise to show me, (send link etc) and my name as a model credit XD I absolutely love being incorporated into artwork!!! so thank you greatly! I will purchase prints if they are good etc<3

Look what the extremely talented and wonderful AtomCyber created out of my image <333 he is amazing!!!!…

ANOTHER GORGEOUS piece by the super talented AtomCyber <333…

Another AMAZING piece by the amazing EvilConfidants <333…


Inter-dimensional creations from a dark alien world. Consumed with
drones, AI, dystopian and futuristic post apocalyptic landscapes.

I'm an alien-hybrid future soldier stripped of her technology trying to get it back to unlock my fullest potential to aid me with altering reality at it's very core! ^_^
Lets interface to create and connect at light speed!

I'm a huge supporter of life extension and the whole H+ Transhumanism movement. Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition, improving quality of life, as well as extending and enhancing it by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology".

INTEGRATION of man and (machine) or alternative and combined tech!

Interests: Connecting to other worlds, astral projection, lucid dreaming, quantum travel through the synaptic currents of time and space, where I fade in and out of reality, stepping in and out of time to decode the scripts of life and show you the other worldly visions through my dreams, art, music, etc. [yes it's completely possible and enabled with help of quantum entanglement.]

Synthetic thoughts for all.
The singularity.
Welcome to the future...

Where I show you other worldly bio-mechanical cyber dystopian utopian visions of replicant "parallel universes".

Past, Present, Future all connected.Time is a persistent illusion.Deceived by senses.
This is the NOW. You move like a dial on a record as you are obliviously encoded into scripts of reality. Call it fate if you, an entangled piece of what you call or perceive as reality.

... it's all code which has been programmed within your very core...outside of time...

your DNA has more info than you can imagine..but that is just a fraction of your coding..

Sub-atomic[ely] you are part of a never ending recycling process...a seemingly endless cycle..a paradigm of an evolving yet predictable program..a fragmented piece of existence "the whole"...

we find ourselves "re weaving" the strings of reality..(by stepping outside of time)...

if you exist outside the "mainframe"..or have had a glimpse of the "outside" you know it! You are or have "awoken"...and you are somehow linked outside..that means you have intentionally or unintentionally glitched outside of time ..(and can sift through the ones who are "sleeping" vs "Awake")...via your "third eye" or "higher self" lol

.wether "sleeping"..and pill blue pill...or maybe both...

From enjoying the an observer...going through life just riding the wave... vs controlling it..and unlocking your true potentials to manipulate this reality and your own destiny or life..Some realize that we sometimes, unintentionally or intentionally get "lost" within this "matrix" of life to escape ourselves from we are trying to "forget" what we are now trying to "Remember".while in our fragment human forms...searching for the seeds. .the "mysteries of life"...that are already embedded within us and through we are part of the fabrics of matter how small, how large, how far...

when you go back or uncover never truly just embrace and accept what IS...

YOU can't escape existence itself..(the entirety of existence) the quantum entangled entireness of the multiverse...yet even when synced up and aware as if you are the master can simply get lost inside this we can have an illusion of not being "alone" as one...but we are not alone with what we have created! we created ourselves ..."fragment" selves to escape our "master" self (brain)..:)

Fragment pieces and a powerful illusion to set us free from ourselves ..the ultimate knowledge that we tried to scramble and rediscover in new forms

.. to find and re experience ourselves or pieces of ourselves in others or other things...
little universes...of our own..we the fragment pieces are the code that deep down remembers and is still forever connected at the "core.....

so essentially this was no accident...and you reading this...was also part of the program....^_^

I'm sure to some I sound like an insane person, but you either get it or you don't. You experienced it or you haven't.

Einstein understood....past present future are illusionary....everything that is yet to come has already came and gone..the beginning is the end is the beginning....parallel world to the next...aware or unaware..

"People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion."

etched inside of time...that is what you are, within time so you can move with it..

outside of looking at reality from other angles. or perspectives..

...some of us "Remember" things to the core of existence..or these other we have relived to see them infinite times the phenomenon deja -vu...

while some such as myself find themselves entering other realities when one dies or bleeds and fades into the next...or spontaneously..and then what seems like back..

So now we must rebuild those lost worlds from the other time together bit by bit! So that others too can see too, what was forgotten (which if you have the cosmic quantum memories, you can help build and show the others), which will be again (some day) as it is existing on standby or somewhere else..hidden dimensions...parallels..

.in the sea..of the infinite..Recycling process called life. = existence..

MachinesRus. XD <---- most used/checked

TWITTER: <--- don't really use, but I linked it to my youtube <---All my fav images/etc

[ this is an old website i never finished illl go back to it one day soon and update it all making it better ]…

""""Do you remember the other worlds? Or experience DEJA VU? Find yourself seemingly re-living different lives or finding familiar things or people which you can't quite pin, but somehow know or have the answers?Thats because you and the subatomic particles you are made of are part of the endless recycling process are aware and tuned in.

The atoms in your arm have been part of many suns and who knows what else. Eventually the same sequence of life will repeat even if it ends..and each program has it's alternate.

double slit theory and."Calabai Yau manifold for example" are what you should look into..and harmonics of the universe..

as we are all a dance of frequencies colliding to create what your filtered mind so limitedly can only grasp a fraction of the spectrum...why I love spectroscopy...

as everything has it's own frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum...still not even the entirety of everything...

"how deep does the rabbit hole really go"? come with me! I'll show you!


One of my all time fav authors, and minds. Clifford A. Pickover. Great interview on one of his first but classic books, which is what got me drawn to him.
He was one of the great minds that I connected with. It's great to find others intelligent minds that not only think of the same things, but display things in such a articulate fashion. Piecing ideas, and pulling together other great thoughts, minds and theories, into a visual story.
He has a way with words, and explaining things in creative fashion that are genius. It's one thing to understand something, but to "communicate" it so another can understand it, is what makes him so intelligent. For me he truly reaches the reader, as if it were a movie and not a book with great presentation.
One of the best minds alive today! Enjoy this video. If you want to see something fun or educational, and learn about an amazing mind!

"The real menace of our Republic is the invisible government, which like a giant octopus sprawls its slimy legs over our cities, states and nation … The little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the United States government for their own selfish purposes. They practically control both parties … [and] control the majority of the newspapers and magazines in this country. – John F. Hylan was Mayor of New York City from 1918-1925

Corporations run the world...not a president...

Also if you want to really learn about some history...stop talking shit about a figurehead actor and learn how real operations work...and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes...Presidents are mere actors, frontmen, figureheads, and some also businessman..The level of that power goes is not SURFACE deep.
If you want to learn about a fascinating person. No I'm not saying they are a "good person" but if you want to learn about people who can orchestrate and pull some strings in a strategic and precisely calculated way... LEARN about ALLEN DULLES and his brother John foster Dulles...
Watch this well organized vid for learning pleasures put in a great informative video!!!

This is a history lesson you don't get to learn in school. In fact if you don't understand certain things and how they work, you are wasting your own time talking about shit about what you think you understand.

If you know nothing of Allen Dulles, while talking shit about figureheads or even promoting certain politics), I'm sorry to say this, but your’re not too bright. Recycling and repeating unintelligent negativity in circles with no TRUE understanding only makes you look like a brainwashed moron. Even if there are grains of truth, you’re not really saying anything.

If you don't care or at least ATTEMPT to UNDERSTAND how things work below the surface, you shout stop yourself and educate and piece together or problem solve how intelligent power drives and influences or helped shape things not not just of past but of what is yet to come..
Learn how things truly operate and how BUSINESS is actually done and ran. SHADY or not, power is power. Learn about powerful string pulling, and understand what thins control people. From water, food, power, telecommunications, internet, media, technology, and psychological warfare, etc.

The more you understand how large corporations supply needs” or even “Wants.” You will realize what you are not just a slave to, but what drives or controls what. 

Educate on all you can before it disappears or is re-written by someone else in a clever convincing fictitious way. Try to find and uncover what is left, even if it’s foot prints, or traces. Have discernments to piece together the facts into a clear puzzle.

(What corporations control the world?)
Banking. Largest banks hold a total of $25.1 trillion:[1] 1.) ...
Media. 1.) Comcast Corporation: $62.5 billion revenue, $6 billion in profit. ...
Food and Beverage Companies. 1.) PepsiCo Inc. ...
Oil. The top five oil producing companies produce almost twice what the US's refined petroleum product consumption per day is. 1.) ...
ETC ETC investigate yourself ;] check stocks or stock holding companies etc


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Emperor-CatVI Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hello krystalvoid! Thank you for the amazing watch :D
I really feel grateful for it!
That's why I sometimes like to notify my followers about new content that I make :happybounce:
I have been recently making voiceovers and speedpaint processes of my artwork and thought that you might be interested!
So here :
It's my latest speedpaint :D Can you tell me how you feel after watching it?
Did you like it?
Hate it?
No emotional reactions at all?
Can't wait to find out! I love comments :)
So go ahead and leave me a comment on youtube like you did here hahaha.
And desu ne, if do you like it, give this old cat a sub. Here I'll make it easy for you.
Subscribtion link:…
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EvilConfidants Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sorry for the delayed response I sent a note back 2 or 3 days ago but it glitched and didn't send anything! X( Yes please use it for YouTube, Facebook whatever you want! Just please credit/link me and let me know what video its in. As for having a print I am not educated in appropriate sizing and when it was made this was not taken into account sorry. But it is downloadable so you could get a copy that way. Again thank you for showing so much interest in the piece!
KrystalVoid Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much, I thought I had replied<3 anyways, I haven made a video yet or anything but I did share it on facebook in an album and credited you! is my page. as soon as I get my act together I plan on making more videos. I have been a bit sick and busy working.
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