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Krystal Void
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United States
Hi I just want to say, that you guys are ALWAYS welcome to draw me! Just do one thing. Please promise to show me, (send link etc) and my name as a model credit XD I absolutely love being incorporated into artwork!!! so thank you greatly! I will purchase prints if they are good etc<3


Look what the extremely talented and wonderful AtomCyber created out of my image <333 he is amazing!!!!…

ANOTHER GORGEOUS piece by the super talented AtomCyber <333…

Another AMAZING piece by the amazing EvilConfidants <333…


Inter-dimensional creations from a dark alien world. Consumed with
drones, AI, dystopian and futuristic post apocalyptic landscapes.

I'm an alien-hybrid future soldier stripped of her technology trying to get it back to unlock my fullest potential to aid me with altering reality at it's very core! ^_^ Lets interface to create and connect at light speed! (one day) As I'm a huge supporter of life extension and the whole H+ Transhumanism movement. Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+ or h+) is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition, improving quality of life, as well as extending and enhancing it by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to greatly enhance human intellect and physiology". INTEGRATION of man and (machine) or alternative and combined tech!
Interests: Connecting to other worlds, astral projection, lucid dreaming, quantum travel through the synaptic currents of time and space, where I fade in and out of reality, stepping in and out of time to decode the scripts of life and show you the other worldly visions through my dreams, art, music, etc. [yes it's completely possible and enabled with help of quantum entanglement.]

Synthetic thoughts for all.
The singularity.
Welcome to the future...

Where I show you other worldly bio-mechanical cyber dystopian utopian visions of replicant "parallel universes".

Past, Present, Future all connected.Time is a persistent illusion.Deceived by senses.
This is the NOW. You move as you are obliviously encoded into scripts of reality. Call it fate if you will but it's a piece of what you call reality.

Past present future are all one, all connected, and it's all code which has been programmed within your very core...your DNA has more info than you can imagine..but that is just a fraction of your sub-atomic[ely] you are part of a never ending recycling process...WHICH we contribute to the endless way or another. default editions to the evolving yet predictable program...we find ourselves "re weaving" the strings of reality..(by stepping outside of time) if you exist outside the "mainframe"..(trust me you know if you have stepped outside, and if you are "sleeping" or "Awake").

..otherwise you "sleeping"..and dreaming.., enjoying the experience..going through life just riding the wave... vs controlling it...(or you can do both if you have access)..then realize that we sometimes time out or intentionally get "lost" within to escape ourselves from we are trying to "forget" what we are now trying to "Remember"..the "mysteries of life"...

when when you go back or uncover step outside of time and realize that YOU can't escape existence itself..(ourself outside of time) the quantum entangled entireness of the multiverse...yet we get lost inside this program..and we created ourselves "fragment" selves to escape our "master" self (brain)...if you will..

and we the fragment pieces are the code that deep down remembers and is still connected at the "core.....

so essentially this was no accident...and you reading this...was also part of the program....^_^ .

...past present future..everything that is yet to come has already came and gone..the beginning is the end is the beginning....from one parallel world to the next...aware or unaware.. etched inside of you move with it...vs outside of it looking in or at it from other angles....[triangles] not "angels" haha as people usually of us "Remember" these other if they are still here...or find themselves entering other realities when one dies or bleeds and fades into the next...

Do you remember the other worlds? Or experience DEJA VU? Find yourself seemingly re-living moneys, or finding familiar things or people which you can't quite pin? I do. Thats because you and the subatomic particles you are made of are part of the endless recycling process. The atoms in your arm have been part of many suns and who knows what else. Eventually the same sequence of life will repeat even if it ends..and each program has it's alternate.double slit theory and."Calabai Yau manifold for example" are what you should look into..and harmonics of the we are all a dance of frequencies colliding to create what your filtered mind so limitedly can only grasp a fraction of the spectrum...why I love everything has it's own frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum...which is still not even the entirety of all of this... "how deep does the rabbit hole really go"? come with me! I'll show you!

In fact...

.Lets rebuild those lost worlds from the other time together bit by bit! So that others too can see, what was forgotten, which will be again (some day) or is somewhere else still....
.in the sea..of the infinite..Recycling process called life. = existence.. MachinesRus. XD <---- most used/checked

TWITTER: <--- don't really use, but I linked it to my youtube <---All my fav images/etc

[ this is an old website i never finished illl go back to it one day soon and update it all making it better ]…


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KrystalVoid Featured By Owner May 10, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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Sorry for the delayed response I sent a note back 2 or 3 days ago but it glitched and didn't send anything! X( Yes please use it for YouTube, Facebook whatever you want! Just please credit/link me and let me know what video its in. As for having a print I am not educated in appropriate sizing and when it was made this was not taken into account sorry. But it is downloadable so you could get a copy that way. Again thank you for showing so much interest in the piece!
KrystalVoid Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
thank you so much, I thought I had replied<3 anyways, I haven made a video yet or anything but I did share it on facebook in an album and credited you! is my page. as soon as I get my act together I plan on making more videos. I have been a bit sick and busy working.
EvilConfidants Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Hope you get better! Btw I'm probably gonna be using you as a reference again,
if that's quite alright with you?
KrystalVoid Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
yes <3 I love it when you use me as a reference! Please do! ^_^ as much as you'd like!!!
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KrystalVoid Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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