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Jill interactive desktop chara

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I got this free with the Resident evil 3:nemesis game on PC, I haven't used this program for a year it was a lot of fun playing with Jill valentine.

You can make her fight enemies with a gun or knief, she can heal herself, you can alter the size of her, you can make her run after your mouse cursor and let her get in the way of your stuff lol.

Jill valentine (c) capcom
Program (c) capcom
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download link please

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I have windows 7 64 bit, and I have a problem with this mascot capsule, there's a black rectangle around Jill when I open the file :( Anyone else experienced this?
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Haha I love this! I always have either Jill or Nemesis running around on my screen and it makes everyone in my class stare at my laptop. Fun stuff.
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Holy Shit i want that game so bad and i want jill running all over my desktop T.T am a freaking FREAK when it comes to resident evil i own every single game But...Pcs and Gaiden And Outbreak File 2 and i know everything about resident evil ^^
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I have beaten all of them except for gaiden cause I don't own a Gameboy anymore cause I lost my GBA 8 months ago, I don't own them all cause some of them are crap like, Dead aim, code veronica X and the very first RE game.

Right now I own in my favourite order
Resident evil 4
Resident evil: apocalypse film
Resident evil 3 nemesis
Resident evil 0
Resident evil (GC version)
and Resident evil 2

I don't mind outbreak, the game is cool but the five scenarios are very short and in the uk it doesn't have net play but file2 will have net play but I don't care about net play all I care is that this game will be long as RE4 cause Outbreak 1 was so short but the game does have some hard things in store for the players especialy when you can play on hard mode and very hard mode.

I haven't completed Hard mode at all cause I can't find a way out of the crane room I can't find the crane key, I tried banging on the shutter like the zombies do but it doesn't work.
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My List 4 Resident Evil

~~Game List~~

Resident Evil Zero
Resident Evil
~Director's Cut
Resident Evil 2 (N64)
Resident Evil 3(PS)
Resident Evil :Code Veronica X
Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil Outbreak
Resident Evil Surivivor
Resident Evil Dead Aim


Resident evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy
Resident evil: Caliban Cove
Resident evil: City of the dead
Resident evil: code veronica
Resident evil: zero hour


Resident evil Deluze Edition
Resident evil: Apocalypse Special edition

there we go i can show peopleZ am UBER FREAK OF THIS!!!! @.@
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I haven't seen any of the novels before but I wouldn't read them anyway cause I'm no that kinda guy that reads books.
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MARF i OWN AT RESIDENT EVIL 4!!!! AND RESIDENT EVIL REMAKE PLAYED THEM EACH ALMOST 10 times each!!! and played almost every level for REmake am like in chapter 5-3 for RE4 on PRO MUHAHAHAHA!!! i unlocked every GUN and Character XP
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