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Be sure to follow along Super Looter's developmental process by checking out the blog here:
Super Looter has been developing for two months so there's a lot of neat stuff to check out. Hopefully it will inspire you to make your own toon!
Thanks, Krystal.

Hello, fellow artists! Today I come to you regarding the issue of a fake studio that goes by the name “Swamp Ape Studios” being ran by a notorious scam artist by the name of O’neal Pignani, or better known as Von Kreep.


Please follow this link to learn more. For a more in depth thread of those sharing their experiences with this guy, go here.
Now, before I go on any further I’d like to mention that I worked for this guy. It wasn’t long before I heard the horror stories from others who worked for O’Neal. Things usually follow the same pattern. Kreep hires a team of animators to do his bidding, and when he receives compensation, no one on the team sees the money. Besides him, of course. This is something that he’s done for well over five years. Everyone knows that once you’re a scam artist, you’re always a scam artist.
Artists, be aware of Von Kreep’s recent project “Monstroville.”


Or at least I would say “recent” had it not been for the fact he’s been scamming people with this very project for over five years!
O’neal told me to pay no mind to anyone warning me about him. He claimed that people did not pay “him” for “his” services, when it’s the other way around.
There’s so much proof against this guy, it doesn’t even make sense how people choose to believe him over those he’s abused.
Now, how can you help?
There are tons of artists, animators, voice actors and only one O’Neal! If we could spread this around enough, he wouldn’t be able to use anyone else again!
Don’t let something like this get swept under the rug. If you know anyone working for O’neal Pignani or you are working for him yourself, please warn them or get out of there! If you think that he would never take advantage of you, you’re wrong! So many others thought the same too. You’re not special to him. You’re just part of his sick game.…
Check this out if you have the time!
Umm I probably won't be on that much anymore cause I'm busy with cartoons, Super Looter and another thing. They're gonna be cool. Sorry everyone! I'll get around to commenting on the neat stuff everyone's been drawing me eventually. Have a good day!
Super Looter is an original flash animated series that I'm looking to make and I'm gonna need three male voices, two female voice, and one that can be performed by either male or female voice actors (Masaru is their name!) The series stars young Looter, once famous in an arcade game that didn't quite make it in the transition to 3D, who lives among other videogame rejects much alike him. These six roommates are either living a "normal" apartment life or journeying through retro inspired games together. It will be an exciting and fresh series that I would hope everyone can enjoy! The series will be PG-13 though I'm not sure if any characters will swear.

Please email all auditions to
I will take .MP3 or .WAV files and please record in 44100hz 16-bit Stereo or higher. Name the files as charactername_yourname_1.mp3
The deadline is February 10th, 2014! As of now all roles are open!


Name: Looter
Age: Uknown (young)
Bio: Looter is the only one from a game that wasn’t cancelled for whatever reason, but a horrible transition to 3D cost him his franchise and success! As the hero from a game where stealing things is apparently a good thing, he has a knack for snatching things that aren’t his. He has a feisty attitude and a big mouth, but maybe someone can steer him in the right direction…Or the totally wrong one? He lives under a bunch of bad influences after all!
Voice type: Looter's voice would sound obnoxious, young, and he'd have a very stereotypical Brooklyn accent.
Audition line 1: (explaining) Well, I get to take the thingy because I saw it first (said like "foist")!
Audition line 2: I was a star! But then Super Looter 3D came out and all my fans lost hope. Now I'm in a dump with yous guys.

Name: Lockblock
Age: Uknown (adult?)
Bio: This guy’s just an asshole. The only thing he cares about is getting a higher score! He’ll probably only help out around the house if it can benefit his score, but if not he’ll just be a gigantic slob and do nothing. He has a tragic backstory but we’ll talk about that later!
Voice type: Lockblock's voice is very mundane. He just sounds like a normal guy.
Audition line 1: Oh, these were YOUR chips? Well, maybe you should've wrote your name on them. What, you did? Well I don't have eyes, sooooo.
Audition line 2: Wow, did you see how many points I got for crushing your dead parrot's urn? Looks like my score is like 200 points higher now!

Name: Squibby
Age: Uknown (adult?)
Bio: The leader of the Star Scroungers, Squibby is the most intimidating Squibbolian there is! That’s probably because most Squibbolians are wimpy and never try to oppose anyone around them. After taking over countless stars he sought to conquer another. Unfortunately he accidentally landed back on Squibbolia and nearly annihilated the entire race out of confusion. He likes to believe he’s super smart with those dorky glasses, but if you say otherwise he will stop at nothing to blow you up or something.
Voice type: Squibby's voice is very assertive, shouts sometimes, and has a medium high voice.
Audition line 1: The Squibbolians are WEAK people. It's not MY fault they were nearly eradicated...Okay, it is, but no one will miss them anyways!
Audition line 2: Oh, Squobby, When are you ever going to learn to let that whole "nearly destroying our whole race" thing go?


Name: Jay
Age: Uknown (adult)
Bio: Jay’s goals are simple, she wants to be the new ruler of the underworld, but in order to do that she has to race the big S man himself. However this goal of hers has been put on a pause considering her game was cancelled for religious reasons. Bummer! That won’t exactly stop her from doing illegal drag races against underworldly beings though. Let’s just hope no one accidentally gets dragged into her shenanigans. She's a horrible influence but that must've been obvious by now!
Voice type: Jay sounds really chill, young and tomboyish.
Audition line 1: (shocked, complaining) What?! Looter! When did you get so lame? You used to do fun stuff like help me break into gas stations and stuff like that all the time!
Audition line 2: Okay, I just bought these chips and whoever ate them is probably gonna die.

Name: Squobby
Age: Uknown (young)
Bio: Squobby is the hero amongst her people…What’s left of them…Which is only her! She is naturally wimpy and shy, so she’s not really confident she can even take out someone as evil and confident as Squibby. However, he is the cause of the death of her dear parrot who was the only person she was brave enough to talk to. She vows to at least punch Squibby, not for her, but for her parrot. It’s kind of awkward to have such a goal when you’re supposed to live together peacefully in an apartment, so mostly she acts like there’s nothing bad between them.
Voice type: Squobby is very shy, stutters a lot and has a childish voice.
Audition line 1: Umm...What are Squabbly's ashes doing all over the floor? A-and where is her urn? O-oh dear I think I'm gonna cry...
Audition line 2: I-I might not look it, but I'm actually v-very dangerous! Look, my hand is a gun. I-I could hurt you!


Name: Masaru
Age: Uknown (young)
Bio: Masaru is your typical do gooder from your standard RPG. There’s nothing they love more than doing sidequests or getting others to do sidequests with them! Masaru’s pretty gullible and is often fooled into doing all the chores around the apartment or everyone else’s horrible sidequests. Masaru doesn’t mind as long as people are happy though! What a sweetie!
Voice type: Masaru's voice is high pitched, excitable, and boyish
Audition line 1: (heroicly) Do not cry, Squobby! For I will find you a new urn for Squabbly's ashes.
Audition line 2: Side quest unlocked! (wonders) hmm, what are the rewards?...(excited) 3 whole gold coins from your friend Squobby! Awesome!

Thanks for all who audition! I know this show will be awesome with the help of talented voice actors! Again the deadline is February 10th, 2014 and have fun!

Everything you need to know about anything can be found in this thread! If you are interested you could send me an ask on tumblr or email me at (This email is specific to my voice acting quest). It’d mean a lot if you were to check it out or signal boost. Please, I really need voice actors to get the project going!


Go HERE:… to download the fixed Crash Dimensional Disease demo now!

For those who were having problems getting the game to work, this file should work. It includes to RTP and all that good stuff. Please enjoy, and once again note that this is a demo so there are a few mistakes floating around but nothing big! Some features are subject to change drastically as well.

I did the art and music
and :iconzachlazymoth: is helping with the programming!
(Also language warning, I guess)
Thanks so much, I was worried that I might not get enough characters! Also if you could send me a note with a short description of your characters that'd be really nice since I plan to give them a few lines when you meet them in the game! It'll be very brief! In other news art trades are closed forever again! I've got too many to handle, I'm sorry!
It's really simple, I will feature your characters in a sort of cameo quest where they're scattered among the maps. The will have one quote and the characters will be credited of course! It doesn't just stop at fancharacters, you can get yours original character's in too! It's as simple as commenting and linking to a reference of them. Your character will appear in a heavily simplified sprite style like so:…
I'll be doing 15-20 of these so please don't hesitate to comment on this journal!
It's gotten to the point of bullying! It's not fair for me to log on and have more than half of my contact list filled with (?) I'll do whatever you want me to do, just please stop! I'm begging! I regret everything, why can't we just settle things like adults and talk things out and not make this some sort of game? Just talk to me please! please please please!
Please commission me! I would like to raise money for a plane ticket to go home.

Super detailed, immense shading and complicated background $20 (Extra characters are $10)
The Twins of Insanity by KrystalFlemingThe Hunger by KrystalFleming

Simple drawing, little shading, simple background $15 (extra characters are $2)
Adachy-Baby by KrystalFleming

Simple style, flat coloring no background $8 (extra characters are $2)
Silent Hill Things 2 by KrystalFleming

Frame by frame animated GIFs $25 (NO EXTRA CHARACTERS)
The Nightmare Before Christmas GIFs by KrystalFleming
Before clicking the link I must warn you what you will see
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This is something that needs to be dealt with! Please take the time to report him and have this man removed from this website, and also request them to report this man to authorities.
Here is a link to the help desk in case you have trouble finding it:
Please help do something about this, it will only take a moment to send in an inquiry!
They start at 15 dollars and 10 dollars for any extra characters


note me or email me at…
I'm gonna stream the progress of The Binding of Isaac T-Shrit design! Go here:…
I'm gonna stream the progress of a binding of isaac T-Shirt design!…
I will do the stream tomorrow though ;n;
I've got 20 spots open! These will be small simple drawings, and please don't hog them! Be there or be square!
I just finished all of the art I owed today. I will do no more art trades ever again in my life. If I ask you, please stop me and tell me no!
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