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Yeah I've said I was gonna come back like a million times before... but this time I'm here to stay. I'm really trying to make an effort to be more consistent and all that jazz. I even got a PREMIUM account! NO WAY!! Also... I'm so dumb and didn't even know you could change your username. I made a new account with a new username and everything, and THEN I realized I couldn't delete the account, even if I just wanted to use that username over here. Blah. Whatever. I guess it's professional if I use my real name anyway. BUT YEAH! I'm tired so I'm going to bed, but I can't wait to check out DA after all these years!
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Listening to my friends talk about DeviantART made me want to give it another try again. I think this time I'm more mature and won't leave because I'm jealous and think I will never be good enough. I'm stronger than that now, and choose to be inspired rather than envious. ;) I made another name, then looked back on this one and got all nostalgic. Even if it's embarassing, I love looking at all my old stuff. It'll be fun to compare my old art vs. the new. Even though I don't really like this name anymore... I'm just gonna stick with it for art progression sake. Maybe this will motivate me more also to make more finished works instead of just
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yeah i KNOW i haven't been here for a while....and it sucksss!!! cuz i always say ill be back and im all excited and whatever but then i disappear again because i feel like i'm not good enough or whatnot so i hate looking around and being disgusted by how amateurish i am T___T soooo...i really need to get on that...to improve myself. but ANYWAYS!!! i'm gonna ask a HUGEEEE favor right now and  i understand if no one does it cuz i haven't been around but any little help would be appreciated. =] soooo i really dunno how imma pay for school next year and i finally got to looking at fastweb for scholarships and stuff and came across this brickfis
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Well some of us are cool *cough-you* and get to simply use our name for our ID. I can't wait to look through you Gallery! Also thought I'd post a recent comment for 2013 that isn't spam.
HAHA Thank you so much!!! :D Look at me...saying I was gonna use DA more and only replying to this now... Man I suck xD Thanks for the follow~! :D
Not a problem. We just closed our shows and it's been a little crazy, I've only submitted a few deviations. Hope you've been fun and creative with work and projects :)
holy crap im still one of your fav writers? wow... i call honored on that! XD gotta whole lotta new works you maybe interested in if thats the case lol
it's been so long since I checked up on you, and am glad that you've made it back <3
I used to be ~umiparadise, that is if you remember.. If not, that's all right. Hope you don't mind if I still keep an eye on you. :3
you have some rlly nice art!!