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It Takes a Hero
This is not for sale (despite the points listed).

I did this piece for someone who's eldest son needs a kidney transplant. She wanted something Disney-themed and the entire family enjoyed the Marvel property. Each picture features a family member with a Superhero, asking who will be their son's/brother's hero. This was offered as a charity piece. :) I truly hope he gets the help he needs.


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I sneak around dA finding art and artistry that I think is beautiful or inspiring. Thank you, contributors, for making the world a more beautiful place!

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I write; I sing/perform; I knit; I make soaps; and, I draw. I love fantasy and psychological horror. I'm a gamer, a fitness freak, a suma-cum-laude-Master's graduate, and a PhD student. I have accomplished more than other folks, but not nearly as much as I want. I'm ambitious, creative, and stubborn. My heroes are my sister, my dad, Wonder Woman, Rogue, and Deadpool. I'm a cosplayer, an actor, and an all around nice person. :)

PS: I am currently unable to afford a premium account and, therefore, cannot request critiques. PLEASE FEEL FREE to leave critiques on my recent uploads. It's the only way I'll improve! :D


I recently learned I have seronegative celiac disease. So, after poisoning myself for three years, I went back to a grain & legume-free diet. My skin cleared up, my pain cleared up (mostly), my weight started to go down....and, my voice cleared up...and I'm finding I can breathe better to have longer phrases!  I present, for your listening pleasure, "Dangerous Game" from Jekyll & Hyde.
On Facebook this week, I expressed an existential crisis of, "Am I still an artist on the days my brain says I'm not an artist?" I have these days, as part of my depression, for my own life. Am I truly important to anyone or anything? Would people not be better without me? For those "Life" days, I have The Doctor: "In 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who was unimportant before."

Until today, I didn't have something for my "Art" days. Today, I went to meet Jack Skellington & Sally at Disneyland. I showed them my pictures I'd drawn. Jack, having trouble seeing his, asked if he was on fire. Sally quickly stated, "No, you're coming through...a..doorOHMYGOSH!!! Is this what I think it is?! If this is what I think it is, I'm going to be really happy!!" I told her it was The Shining crossover and she squeed with delight. Then I showed them the Star Wars crossover and they loved it. Jack stared at the picture of him, reluctant to sign it, and he gave me my one: "This is fantastic. You are amazing. Don't ever stop. Unless your hands feel like they're going to fall off. Then you can stop."

Jack & Sally loved my art. Jack & Sally called me an artist. Jack & Sally gave me my one moment to cling to in my dark times of self doubt.

It was a most random tryst.  A Victorian-esque mystery trapped in the midst of a booming metropolis.  The earth yearned to hold on to memories of simpler times, to ever flitting glimpses of lives long since past.  Enticing, entrancing, those are the only words in existence to describe drawing—the need the place exuded.  How many have walked these paths?  How many have seen?  No, not merely seen with the eyes within their skulls; eyes which only see that which is rational and explainable.  How many have seen the vibrancy of life springing up anew?  How many have seen the trembling of the flowers as their own fingers reach toward the delicate places?  How many have seen?

                I am merely a girl.  I hold no place of glory within this world.  My presence is not one of great accolade, but it is one of great insight.  Perhaps my insight is not the deep, philosophical words of my predecessors such as Ghandi, Confusious, or Aristotle; no, my insight rather mirrors that of the great philosophers Van Gogh, Poe, and Beethoven, who with single strokes of pen on paper, created more insight into the thoughts and feelings of mankind than Aristotle ever could have done. 

                But, I have digressed from the tale of the Trees. 

                I knew this place had something special.  I walked, as if drawn, to the chamber of intrigue.  Inside this chamber, there lived such life that only a blind fool could miss.  Sadly, the world is full of many such.  As I approached the greenery of many varieties of ferns, I could feel.  I could see, taste, touch, hear, smell the echoes of the past and the whispers of the future.  As I walked the outer circle, my thoughts turned towards the fictional character of Dorian Grey, asking Vanessa Ives if she wished to see something beautiful—only, I was Vanessa and he was asking me.  I heard his voice glide like silk into my ears.  “Tell me what you see,” I heard him say; before I could respond, I felt his hand cup over my eyes and say, “No…tell me what you see.”  It was at that moment that my world burst open with color, light, and life.  I could smell the peat; I could hear the soft footsteps of the beautiful women of the past, walking where I was walking, murmuring near my ears about the latest gossip.  I could taste the air and the myriad of flavors that seemed to writhe in, around, and through the very molecules themselves.  I began to see the trembling of life in each leaf and flower.  As I walked, I could hear the silken voice of my thoughts say, “Touch them…”  So, without hesitation, I reached out with my fingers, leaves trembling as they approached.  I felt the suppleness of the leaves, the tenderness of new buds.  Even those which purposely defend themselves against human interaction seemed to lower their defenses as I reached out.  “They want you to touch them,” said the voice, “…and they wish to touch you.”  So, I allowed them to do so. I took a second pass through the international forest of fern and foliage and I allowed them to touch me.  I closed my eyes and let the leaves fall where they may—not a single one desired to cause me harm.  Soft and gentle fingers caressed my face and hair; buds called out for me to reach to them.  The voice returned to my thoughts, “They love you because you understand.  You see them.  You don’t just look at them.  They miss the touch; they miss the excitement of being experienced.”

                What more could I say or do?  I opened my mouth to speak, but was interrupted, “Tell the story.  Tell the story as a gold thread weaved through a tapestry creates a portrait of grandeur and extravagance.  Use the words you know; the words you love.  I know you, Miss Mackey.  I know you well.  Within you is a heart that beats with life, with excitement, with passion.  It is for you to show the world how to see—teach them.  Begin with this moment, with this interaction.  Tell them of me, of you, of the trees, and teach them to see the beauty.  Teach them to live with passion.”

                So, my friends.  I end this brief glimpse into my world with the simple plea that you go out and see the forest within the flowers; see the ocean in each droplet of water; see the stars in the eyes of every person you meet.  Life is meant to be experienced not merely lived. 

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Sometime in either 9th or 10th grades, my church's youth group went on a cross-country skiing outing. I wouldn't mention this except this was the trip where I dislocated my left shoulder, but was told I was faking it and would have to ski a mile back to the lodge. We had a guide with us, but the guide did nothing because the youth leader made that statement. Serious injuries in my life were and are met with disbelief from others.

It was also around this time that I began to realize something was really different about me. I was 14 years old and I could see spirits. To this point, I'd had numerous interactions with the spirit world and thought it was completely normal--but this was the year I began to realize it was not. During my 9th grade year, our church in which I had grown up, closed its doors. There were a ton of reasons, none of which are important to my story. I didn't know what they were and I didn't really care. Of the people remaining at the church, I liked about 3. And none of them were my age. I also began to notice that I was sad a lot. I didn't know why--I had nothing to be sad about. I asked my mom about depression, but she insisted I was fine. I let it go.

In tenth grade, we got a new English teacher who also revamped our lackluster drama program. He was young, handsome, and extremely talented with plays and acting. I was excited to actually learn the art of theatre. He allowed me to build sets, design sets, paint sets, provide costuming ideas, even allow me to direct a couple scenes. He saw the passion I had and helped me capitalize on that passion--to mold and shape that passion. I honestly do not remember the pieces I performed in high school--except for the one from my senior year, but I'll get to that in a moment. Mr. Miller taught me word coloring, stage presence, appropriate use of gestures. He took the raw talent I had and honed it into something great. Well, something I thought was great. I was able to control my audiences--mesmerize them, make them laugh, cry, cry out in fear--it was such a rush because I knew they were with me in the moment and they were doing exactly what I wanted of them: Forgetting their own lives for a little while and leaping into a world of imagination. It was the one thing that made me special.

It was also the one thing that further distanced me from my friends.

I spent late nights building sets and painting them. Rehearsals would find me sleeping in the green room because, on top of my homework, I was tirelessly working on sets and props; "curb-shopping" for set pieces, etc. It was great prep for college. Acting was something I remember wanting to do. My hero was Johnny Depp. Why? Because he could play anything and be anyone and it was as natural for him as it was for me to breathe. Just to be in the same room as he was for five minutes... Val Kilmer was another actor I discovered with a deep fire and resolve, and soon, I learned who Marlon Brando was. These three men inspired me to acting. I could spend chapters on my acting heroes because, there are many more. My current list include Depp and Kilmer, but have added Robert Downey, Jr., Anne Hathaway, and Eddie Izzard. 

My "friends" grew further from me and I could hear them talking behind my back.  All I wanted was for someone to tell me I was awesome.  They said it to everyone else--but, I was never awesome.  I was the freak.  I was weird.  I was also the Befriender of the Friendless.  The Voice for those who had none or couldn't find their own.  Somethings haven't changed.  Still, kids were very cruel to me in high school--especially during rehearsals when I was trying to snag some rest where I could.  

Classes in 11th & 12th grades consisted of subjects like Literature and Creative Writing, Drama, Yearbook, Algebra II & Business Math, Chemistry, State History & US History.  Mr. McCallum was our history teacher in 11th grade and he revolutionized teaching for me.  At the fundamentalist high school I went to, he brought in Bob Durgan, an extremely liberal AM talk show host.  I will never forget Bob going on about how the government hid FDR's disability from the American people and how they wanted to erect a statue that put him in a wheelchair (which was against FDR's wishes)...then asked us what we thought.  Everyone else agreed this was appropriate to show our support of disabled people, etc.  I disagreed.  Again, an adult in my life accused me of not thinking.  Bob said, "Oh, you're just being difficult."  

"No, I'm not."

"Really?  How could you possibly have a good reason?"

"Simple.  We as Americans may embrace diversity.  The rest of the world does not.  There are many countries that look to the United States for support and inspiration and they expect that leader to look the role.  Do you, Mr. Durgan, look at a disabled person in a wheelchair and think, 'Hmm.  I bet that person is keenly intuitive and can rule the nation in an appropriate fashion'?  I guarantee you do not since you did not believe that I, a 16 year old girl, could have a logical, well-thought out, foreign-policy based opinion on whether or not we should follow FDR's wishes and continue to depict him without the wheelchair."  I was never known for tact or diplomacy.  After a stunned silence, Bob asked the rest of my classmates if they wanted to change their opinions and then spent the rest of the time discussing foreign policy.  I was always quick to point out hypocrisies or point out that the world was bigger than the boarders of the US.  I never understood why people would label each other as the geek, the nerd, the jock, whatever.  We were all people and we all wanted the same thing: Acceptance.

By my senior year, there were five of us in my graduating class: Brad Jury, Tyrone Golden, Jill Keys, Lisa McGraw, and me. Imagine my shock and horror to find that I was graduating as the Valedictorian. Up until my senior year, I was the "dumb, fat, and ugly" girl in the class. Everyone was better at me in everything (except drama). How was I suddenly the one with the highest GPA?! I didn't know what to do. I knew I had to write a speech that would encourage my classmates to greatness. I don't remember the words I said, but I remember the audience at graduation was impressed and inspired.  I remember feeling like I was dying I was simply putting on a show for everyone around me.  My mom had told me when I was 16 that I was "a nonconformist by nature" and to never change.  She, later, regretted those words, but was proud of me for sticking to who I was.

It was during this time that I still noticed the issues I was having with being sad and I decided to talk to someone at my church.  The response was, "You're a Christian!  It's a sin for Christians to be depressed because that means they're not relying on God for everything!  So, let go of whatever's bothering you and just give it to God!  You'll be happier."  Except, I didn't know what was bothering me, exactly.  And no matter how many times I let go of the past hurts and forgave my friends for treating me like trash, I still felt exactly the same.  Maybe God had forgotten me... After all, I wasn't all that special--just another lousy kid in the world.  I was dumb, fat, and ugly and was destined to be the failure everyone was sure I'd be.  I chose to go to a fundamental Bible college (a decision I regretted almost instantly) and in August of 1995, I headed to Wisconsin.

Season 1 has no real cliff hanger.  But, my high school days were behind me--or so I thought...
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