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Mental Stimulation #6: Sacrifice by Krysis07 Mental Stimulation #6: Sacrifice :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 8 0 3-Month PM and 500 Points Contest [OPEN] by Krysis07 3-Month PM and 500 Points Contest [OPEN] :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 6 0
Opinions: Do they matter?
Why are you reading this article? Do you honestly think this article will change even a single thing that you believed before reading this? Do you form your opinions based on the people around you? Do you really think you have an open mind which will be able to accept the words I have typed at 1 AM on a Sunday night (or Monday morning)? Does the world care about what you think? Yes, your opinions matter, but do they really matter?
The reason why I asked you those questions in the beginning is because I wanted you to think at least subconsciously about your open-mindedness. The way you think about yourself right now will probably decide how you perceive my words in this article.
I have been writing opinion articles since a long time now, and I keep asking myself if I actually have an effect on someone by writing on any platform. Did I actually change someone’s mind about a topic, or even make them think about it? I would like to believe I did, and so I thought of writing about som
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 8 4
Mental Stimulation #5: Spectre, Names, Darkness by Krysis07 Mental Stimulation #5: Spectre, Names, Darkness :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 9 0 Mental Stimulation #4 by Krysis07 Mental Stimulation #4 :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 4 1 Mental Stimulation #3 by Krysis07 Mental Stimulation #3 :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 5 0 Mental Stimulation #2 by Krysis07 Mental Stimulation #2 :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 7 0 #1 Mental Stimulation: TUW by Krysis07 #1 Mental Stimulation: TUW :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 7 4 Cover Page - The Unconventional Winner by Krysis07 Cover Page - The Unconventional Winner :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 4 5 The Unconventional Winner - Spectre's Rise by Krysis07 The Unconventional Winner - Spectre's Rise :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 13 8
Mockery and Jaggery: 2016 Presidential Elections
It is the night before the election results are declared. Trump, being over-confident and assured of his victory, threw a taunting party for those candidates he thought were ‘fairly competitive’ in the battle he will win the next day. He also invites Obama, in an attempt to humiliate him before he leaves his office for his foe. The invited people included Hillary Clinton, Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, and Barack Obama. Bernie Sanders could not attend as he became a victim of old-age illness after a hard campaign. Soon they get drunk (except Ben, of course, as he doesn’t want to embarrass the God with any stupid activities), and relax on the couch, trying to conclude who will win the elections.
(T- Trump, H- Hillary, O- Obama, S- Sanders, C- Cruz, B- Ben)
T: Everything is wrong! I will ban everything! We as a nation are not the best anymore! Our current President is probably the worst leader ever! He has made America a laughing stock in the world.
O (chuckles): Look who’
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 0 0
Transgender Bathrooms: Promoting Gender Equality
The chilly winter morning after the Christmas night saw the dawn of a new stride towards enhancing the lives of transgenders in Washington state. On 26th December, 2015, the Washington government made it legal for all the work and educational institutions in the state to provide for transgender toilets. As mixed views and whispers floated in the air after the passing of the new law, transgenders bid adieu to 2015 on a positive note.
For centuries, the rights of the minority had been stomped upon by the majority, and it is no secret that transgender and gay community have suffered the most under these “social norms” set by those in authority. However, a wind of change is blowing at great velocity as not just the youths, but also the “traditional” and “orthodox” have started respecting the emotions and feelings of the transgenders. On an international perspective, USA has seen a much higher rate of increasing awareness about this issue, and the recent
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 0 0
The Salt March by Krysis07 The Salt March :iconkrysis07:Krysis07 5 1
Love Birds Episode 1: Commission for 102SasuSaku
The beautiful season of Spring was here. The roads were filled with fallen dried leaves from autumn, while fresh new greens emerged in life on elegant trees. From among these colorful roads, came a rhythmic sound of cheerful footsteps. Cheno hopped along her way, her backpack behind her dancing along with. She wore a white frock with a pinkish-red sweater on her blue top. Her dazzling brown hair were tied in a ponytail, and her blue eyes shone brightly in the everlasting beauty of the Spring sun.
It had only been a month that Cheno had passed her High School, and joined the best college in her country. She was the not only the top scorer in her school, but also from her city in the final High School Examinations. Bidding farewell to all her relatives in her native city, she travelled all the way to the capital city of her country to reach her goal of becoming a doctor. Leaving academics aside, she was probably the cutest girl in her college. In only a month of college, all the boys tur
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 2 0
Does a Lie told often Enough become the Truth?
I recently read a quote by Russian Politician Vladmir Lenin. He once said, "A lie, told often enough, becomes the truth." I found it interesting to debate upon the quote, and thus I compiled my own views and opinions about it.
Though not completely, but I disagree with the quote. I read an article that described the difference between Absolute and Relative Truth ( According to the article, an Absolute Truth is "an inflexible reality". What we think, perceive and believe might be true for us, but there lies a truth that is actually the ‘truth’. Relativists argue against this philosophy, saying that truth is "relative" and that "it is different for different persons". True, but is it the truth? The contradiction that lies in relativistic philosophy can be explained this way - If nothing can be said as absolute true, then there lies a probability that the statement "Truth is relative" or "It is different for different person" is false. That means these are
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 3 13
The Rap Battle: Power vs Money
Money: In this world of greed my friend,
I am the king, and you are my hand.
Power: You are the dirty force behind all crimes,
as you make greed sing your rhymes.
Money: You accuse me of wrong sins,
while people hungry for you turn into fiends.
I am the one who runs trade and commerce,
and also the one who fills the coffers.
Power: You are just a replacement for the grains and food,
while your brother Barter was proved nothing but a fool.
I am the ultimate goal of humanity,
people wanting me can go mad in insanity.
Money: Look at the development due to Globalization.
I am the holy wealth that rules all nations.
Not a single thing can run without me.
That is why people say that ‘Time is Money.’
Look back and you will see a world of horror.
Then come I to raise its honor.
Gold and silver, and all the spices;
not only that, but also cotton and linen.
I am the reason for your very existence.
The first step to Power is to curb the expenses.
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 3 0
Please watch me if you like my writings, and follow me on twitter at: krysis_kartik


A summer day's lament by TomTC A summer day's lament :icontomtc:TomTC 1,320 59 Commission Bungalow by Ankonox Commission Bungalow :iconankonox:Ankonox 4 1
DeviantART Text Formatting Guide - Version 3.2
You all have probably wondered at some point how I do all this formatted text. Well, it actually has to do with HTML code, but the more basic (usually) elements. Here is how you do each (replace all "*" with "" (nothing)).
Bold text
Bold text
Italic text
Underlined text
Superscript text
Subscript text
Strikethrough text or
Strikethrough text
:iconshadowkirby47:ShadowKirby47 1,242 1,062
The Siren
There was a dead body on Sandie's back porch, and it was trying to get in.
She wrung the coffee out of the front of her shirt, made damn sure that all of her doors and windows were locked, and called Mike.
"Yeah? Sandie? That you?"
"You don't know anything about this, do you?"
"About what?"
"The zombie."
"Come again?"
"Mike, there's a zombie on my back porch. It's leaving smears on the glass door. Is it yours?"
"I... Could you repeat that?"
"Zombie, Mike. It's a dead body in a puddle of nasty, and it's leaving more nasty on my door. God, I can even smell it. This is one thorough job, man."
She edged away from the door, keeping an eye on the intruder beyond the glass. It was bloated and purple with decay, green and black fungus speckling its face. There was fluid coming out of its mouth and dripping from its nose. It had no eyes, and all indication of sex or age had rotted away.
"Robotic, maybe? One of its legs is about to fall off. You didn't sic one of your Cyber Derby friends
:iconquiestinliteris:QuiEstInLiteris 440 314
Soul Mate
These limbs trace foreign to my own, 
but I will learn to love them as beautiful - 

              because the lines of your skeleton 
              and the curves of your heartbeat 
              hold a precious, hollow rhythm 
              that quivers beneath my fingertips.
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 13 6
Morning bells crashed into her bedroom walls 
and stirred the seaweed in her skull: 

              Her thoughts were murky waters, 
              courtesy of the bottle on her lips 
              and the boy between her hips. 

Fractured memories pieced the puzzle: 
              She had discarded her halo in the night; 
              bent, cracked, broken. 
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 10 10
Our passion flows against an arterial current, 
building pressure in red sea waves. 
                   We are a chaotic mix of elements, 
                   twisting in the wind and collapsing into an embrace 
                   as lovers fighting nature with nurture. 
There is magic in my fingertips-- 
                  that brings life to this ocean 
There is poison in my palms-- 
                  that brings death to this earth 

The soil is receding beneath our tangled bodies, 
crumbling into our souls and crevices. 
:iconlycaenyx:Lycaenyx 6 2
(Y/n) Potter and the Obliteration Curse. Part. 2
Chapter two. Bill Weasley.
(Y/n)’s head was swimming with a mixture of emotions. First was relief that someone who had a positive relationship with him would be his examiner. Second was worry, if the Weasleys told Bill of (Y/n)’s adventures which the most likely had, then Bill would want to put (Y/n)’s skills to a draining test. As Bill held out his hand to greet (Y/n) he saw these emotions and many more hidden in the younger boy’s eyes but said nothing. (Y/n) quickly moved to grasp Bill’s hand in a firm shake, remembering to keep his eyes connected with the oldest Weasley child. The other Weasleys, who had stopped to watch the first exchange, now busied themselves with their lunch.
“It’s good to finally meet the living legend mister Potter” Bill greeted as he sat back down and gestured to an empty seat across from himself. The chairs and tables, much like everything in the Weasley home, was second hand. Full of coffee, tobacco and other
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 18 8
(Y/n) Potter and the Obliteration Curse. Part. 1
Here it is. the first part of the non-canon story... well i hope you enjoy guys and girls.
The Letter.
(Y/n) Potter was unusual. Not unusual in the sense that he had a disability, nor was he unusual in that he tried to summon the devil or a demon. No (Y/n) was unusual because he simply wasn’t usual. (Y/n) Potter was a wizard, the son of Lily and James Potter and brother to Harry Potter. (Y/n) Potter had many features that distinguished himself amongst his magical peers. Physically he was in peak condition, a rare feet amongst wizards and witches who used magic for menial labor. Intellectually (Y/n) was a genius, his last Hogwarts test scores had been unheard of before. (Y/n) proceeded to gain almost six-hundred percent in his Charms exam. There were few things (Y/n) allowed himself to love, he loved his little twin brother Harry. He loved charms and magic. And he loved Hogwarts, school of
:iconboopydoopy111:Boopydoopy111 23 14
The Space Between by Yuukon The Space Between :iconyuukon:Yuukon 316 43 Green River by Yuukon Green River :iconyuukon:Yuukon 256 52 L'amore Esiste by Yuukon L'amore Esiste :iconyuukon:Yuukon 237 38 Sound of Silence by Yuukon Sound of Silence :iconyuukon:Yuukon 130 25 Chapter 5 Book1 Robot City - Approaches by AOGRAI Chapter 5 Book1 Robot City - Approaches :iconaograi:AOGRAI 15 10 L4D Run Zoe Run-3D by AOGRAI L4D Run Zoe Run-3D :iconaograi:AOGRAI 31 12 Anyone care to go watch 'The Fixer'? by AOGRAI Anyone care to go watch 'The Fixer'? :iconaograi:AOGRAI 14 45
I only fav the writings that I really like, so these are worth checking out! If you have a piece of writing that you think is good and want me to read and fav it, please feel free to comment it on my profile.
Hey everyone,

I am currently in the final stages of editing my novel, but I am lagging behind my own schedule, which means the release date of the book might shift by a few days.

However, that means the deadline for this contest:
Get 500 points and 3 months CM! {Contest OPEN}Hey there!Hi! 
Are you a good reader? Or just a good observer? Or maybe looking for some points? Whether you answered yes or no, keep on reading.
Headbang! Headbang! 
I will soon be publishing my sci-fi book: The Unconventional Winner - Spectre's Rise, and I am gearing up for promoting it. Thus, this contest.
:happybounce: Rules :happybounce: 
Basically, you need to read the preview below, and Easter egg find 5 out of the 12 Easter-eggsEaster egg  that I have inserted in it. Any event, description, dialogue, etc. that you think

will be extended so that more people can read the preview before the book is finally released.

In fact, I am hoping that those who find the preview interesting might actually buy the book to find out what those Easter eggs lead to. My bet for the success of the novel is not on the sci-fi genre or even the new world that I created, but on the suspense and thrill that it generates as the story progresses, and the hope that the ending would have the readers' jaws dropped. Thus, this contest is very relevant to what I am aiming at.

All in all, the new deadline is now September 1, 2018 instead of 1st August. I realized that reading the preview might take a while, so people would want more time for it anyway.

Questions? Ask in the comments.

Have a great day ahead!


Krysis07 has started a donation pool!
190 / 10,000
Anything you donate without a message will be used to promote my novel.

If you are donating for the group :iconbooks-novels-authors:, then please include that in the message, and I will keep those points aside.

Please consider helping fellow deviants out.

I HRT to Get Donations! by Drache-Lehre Stay Creative by Jedi-Dame Stamp: Read the Book by emerlyrose

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Kartik Sarda
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Ever met your clone? What about a machine that is exactly like you with all your memories? Is it alive? Is it you? What about life after death? Are you really dead if everything that you are is still in a machine? What if you could make the most powerful leaders dance at your single thought? What if you could literally put thoughts and imaginations in a person's mind?
Possibilities are endless.

In the final stages of editing my novel. Expect it to publish around August 2018.
The preview of the book is on my profile. Do share your thoughts and opinions on the preview and the cover page.
I hope you enjoy my works of literature. Follow me on Facebook:

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