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The Light
The Light
Guiding me through the dark, when only shrieks I heard,
She led me, more than once, steering my path.
I was bent and broken, but she lifted me up.
I was sad and swollen, and she knew more than once.
Although apart a thousand miles, she could feel my heart,
Faster than any of the matter, she traveled to hear my whines.
When I lost hope, her shine realigned my vision.
When I felt pierced, her bright eyes healed my wounds.
I was once alone in a room, with not a single thing beside me.
Just blackness, left and right, front and back, top and bottom.
I was tied to a chair, blind and bleeding and sweating,
I almost fainted, and cried and screamed, helplessly.
I remember feeling her soft palms on my wrists,
As she uncuffed me out of my misery.
My blinds were removed by her glistening glow,
And now I stand again, ready to resume my fight.
Because I know she will pick me up if I fall.
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 9 3
I look around myself,
And see the bright sunshine.
The chirping of the birds,
The howling of the foxes,
The croaking of the frogs,
And the singing of the cuckoos;
I hear them all, merry and jolly.
The gushing river is never stopping,
The fallen leaves are running along the flow.
The whispers whistle through the wind,
And the trees wave in agreement.
I am a mere rock, static on the ground,
Trying to preserve my essence from the erosion.
Opposing the spouting flow of this mayhem,
That everyone has accepted as part of their lives.
I am just one laborer, trying to renovate,
What the chirping birds, the howling foxes,
The croaking frogs, and the singing cuckoos,
Have forgotten.
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 5 5
The Pursuit
The Pursuit
It must be so easy,
The life that has no mission,
No dreams, no chase.
When the mind is free to pursue what it wants,
Not bound by the reckless duties,
Defined by the boiling blood,
That rages through the angry veins;
When the mind will follow,
Any shameless deeds, any heartless desires;
When the poison is no longer toxic,
But a dose of satisfaction;
When life is full of zeal and warmth,
When it cares nothing but you,
When you are the center of your own world.
It must be so easy,
To live like a mortal that has just one life,
And just one pursuit of happiness.
It seldom occurs to that mind,
That the choice of mortal death,
Or immortal achievement,
Had always been in there,
Buried deep inside below the crushing weight,
Of the pursuit of happiness and satisfaction.
And then one day that bottomed choice,
In its injured and high pitched voice,
Calls you out in your death bed.
“You have lived a life,” it says.
“But in tha
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 6 0
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The Inside of Me
I want to burst out...
The comet inside me, with all its might,
Is wailing aloud, shrieking with fright,
Howling, bawling, sniveling for a destination.
I'm burning.
Either with terror or with nihilism.
Trying to sweat it out, but I can't.
I'm not able to. Will I ever reach there?
Am I capable? The scorch is haunting me...
My heart's boiling in the cauldron of my blood.
I'm thirsty... the thirst for a stop.
I'm impatient, though I know there will be an end.
An end to my imagination, my dream, my aim.
I want to rule the world, but am I supposed to?
Is it what I want? Or should I live...
Live like an ocean... calm and quiet.
No. Coz I'm ripped apart.
I have two parts. One is burning, scorching,
The flames of which are soaring high,
Nurtured by my drastic, endless heart which is full of dreams,
Hallucinating an ocean ahead.
But the deep is the second part. My second half,
Which is quiet, calm and enduring.
It knows that one day the fire will burn out,
Leaving an ash to be mixed with the
:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 8 2

The sweat wets me from head to the shoulders,
While I try to keep my sword elevated with pride.
My mind is slipping, but somehow it has held on,
To the brink of a rusted war-wagon.
Forcing it to follow the route and march ahead,
I try keeping my vision out of detours.
However, in the course of time and tide,
My troops die a suffering death.
Incapable I am becoming of controlling,
Even the most loyal soldiers in my ranks.
As death approaches me, I see how I have been,
Living in illusions that I created for myself.
How easily I was satisfying the thirst,
With pseudo liquid that flowed through my dry throat.
Now that I know I have lost the battle,
I close my eyes to see the dim future.

:iconkrysis07:Krysis07 4 0


Imagine Dragons by Bulletproof-Eggs Imagine Dragons :iconbulletproof-eggs:Bulletproof-Eggs 144 41 Imagine Dragons by danidraws Imagine Dragons :icondanidraws:danidraws 197 17
Stories from Sprachia
People of Deviantart! I come to you today, hoping to share the news of a new Sci-Fi thriller that really deserves some attention! Made by the very talented writer,  Krysis07. You'll find his stories, "Rilri" and "First Contact" from his Stories of Sprachia book series are just the tip of the iceberg! This guy's got a whole collection of extremely thought out stories, poems, and journal entries that could REALLY use some attention from people like you. Here I leave a link to one of his books and his page; I really hope you grow to enjoy his tales. I've still yet to cover every single detail! :D
:iconhseeker16:HSeeker16 1 3
Came back home
Yesterday, I stopped being me,
I don't know why -
Perhaps it was the incessant voices.
That cooked my neural spaghetti.
Perhaps I swallowed a fly.
The real me was flawed,
Rude, crazy, illogical
But the new me, was trying
To be someone else.
I lost myself for years on end.
That I wondered where he'd gone -
As I laughed at the joke,
Of someone I knew he wouldn't like, at all.
I soon realised that I couldn't be 'it'.
'Me' was always there, wanting to swear, obscenities
So me came back, and I could relax.
I swore, I offended, I laughed at crude things.
But that's just me
No longer an imposter,
He came back home.
:iconnormal-user:NormaL-UseR 2 9
Sun Rising
Her light surrenders.
Everything seems faraway,
adrift in setting suns.
Rivers push against her;
waves that never relent.
A wind kisses the surface;
wounds mend and drift away.
Her eyes struggle forward,
searching for tomorrow...
- but courage overcomes.
And the sun endures.
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 28 10
Water up to her eyes,
covered in white, turbulent waves.
She sinks below
and almost disappears.
The cold is deadly.
Deep pain surfaces.
She plummets further
until white to blue.
Blue to black.
And black to void.
Just more of the same.
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 35 15
In her, the darkest black.
A mouth speaks pain,
her shoulders weigh,
and fear takes her hand.
Her skin, the graying fade.
Naked in the void,
echoing the lost,
but shame hides in waves.
Her peace, edge of white.
The body is steady,
the Earth withstands,
and yet...
- an empty voice revives,
"She is soulless."
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 16 12
things i'll never say
it's still empty
where you cut me out.
there is no feeling;
numbed by the ache.
no one told me
it would be so heavy,
but they all swore
you were worth it.
the first memory,
you said you loved me,
no one believed you,
but i did.
i lost the last time
you broke my body
and i prayed,
"He just wants what's best..."
but not for me.
i kept thinking,
you could be worse.
i wish you knew,
you should have been better.
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 26 11
Ghost Story
the board said, "hello."
i said, "what is it you want?"
"tell us how you died."
:iconpinkrangerpower:PinkRangerPower 29 8
Fall Burns Red by mmubeen Fall Burns Red :iconmmubeen:mmubeen 4 0 Single File Please by mmubeen Single File Please :iconmmubeen:mmubeen 6 2 Ferris Wheel by mmubeen Ferris Wheel :iconmmubeen:mmubeen 4 0 It Sees, It Knows. by mmubeen It Sees, It Knows. :iconmmubeen:mmubeen 3 1 The Hunter by Ankonox The Hunter :iconankonox:Ankonox 6 0 Colour me challenge completed by Kartik786 Colour me challenge completed :iconkartik786:Kartik786 33 12 Moonlight reading by Kartik786 Moonlight reading :iconkartik786:Kartik786 22 14
I only fav the writings that I really like, so these are worth checking out! If you have a piece of writing that you think is good and want me to read and fav it, please feel free to comment it on my profile.
Alright, I rarely ever write reviews in so detail, but being a fan of Imagine Dragons for more than half a decade, I had to say something about all the negativity that is surrounding their best album yet - Origins.
If you haven't heard of the band, or if you have missed any of their songs, let me tell you that you are missing something incredible. So stop right away and listen to every song by this band, come back and then read this journal entry.

Now, first things first, here's what I think of all the songs in the new album:

Machine: 10/10  |  Natural: 10/10  |  Zero: 10/10  |  Bad Liar: 10/10  |  Digital: 9.5/10  |  Love: 10/10  |  Burn Out: 10/10  |  Birds: 10/10  |  Only: 8.5/10  |  Boomerang: 10/10  |  Cool Out: 8.5/10  |  Bullet In A Gun: 10/10  |  Stuck: 9/10  |  Real Life: 9.5/10  |  West Coast: 10/10

Burn Out > Machine > Natural > Zero > Bad Liar > Boomerang = Love = Bullet In A Gun = Birds = West Coast > Digital > Real Life > Stuck > Cool Out > Only

I also posted this as a review on Amazon, in case someone blames me of plagiarizing.

When I had first started listening to ID songs 5-6 years ago, I quickly realized that one needs to get used to their music before you actually start liking it. Unlike most musicians, these people are known for their metaphorical lyrics, mixed tones, sudden bridges and touching themes.

It's Time was my #1 song by far for 4 years. Then they released the album Evolve, and Whatever It Takes took that position pretty easily. Then, not too long after that, they released Natural as a single, and it jumped over 70 other ID songs on my playlist to become #1. Then came out Zero, and it took over Natural. Of course, as you can tell from this pattern, Machine beat Zero on the list, and was the best song I ever heard (probably because it is so relatable to me right now).

I was not really happy with Bad Liar at first, just like I wasn't when I first heard songs from Smoke+Mirrors, but being a huge fan, I had to give it another shot. As I kept on listening to it, I fell in love with the lyrics and the music. It probably is the best love song (easily better than Next to Me in my opinion) by ID.

Then, finally, Origins was released. I was so hyped! I know the anxiousness that I was facing before I hit play on the first song that I heard - Boomerang. After listening to half of it, I could hear myself cry from the inside... I had never been so disappointed. I kept on listening to all the new songs, and none of them, except Digital, really clicked me. Like many other reviewers here, I wanted to tell ID that they had rushed this and it is so, so not a sister to Evolve. I shut down my laptop and didn't listen to any other ID song that night. I was really disappointed.

But... the next day, I asked Alexa to play random ID songs (it thought I meant to play only Origins), and it started with Love. The tune was new to me, but I listened to the lyrics this time. Soon, I was singing it along as it played. Then it played Boomerang, and its music felt so good this time. Similarly, all the other songs felt bearable (except Only and Cool Out... I had no idea what was going on with them).

Two days after listening to them, I went to YouTube and played all Origins lyric videos. After hearing Burn Out while reading those beautiful words, I was shocked at how I had missed such a beautiful song. Currently, it is my #1 song, and I think it will be for a long time.

Love has a great message, and it's friendly tone is soothing. If everyone in the world listens to this song, I can bet the next day would start with a different morning.
Birds is so soft, you feel like you really are flying high.
Boomerang has the perfect name for a song that echoes through your ears.
Bad Liar... Let's just say that it is the most touching, sad and beautiful love song I ever heard.
Machine not only has a unique tune, but it is like a mixture of Whatever It Takes and It's Time, which as you know were my two of the most favorite songs for a long time.
Bullet In A Gun is so dark when you listen to it carefully, it gave me chills. However, it still gives a lot of hope in it.
Digital is a complete mess, but one that suits ID. If any other band had released this song, I know it would have been received a lot worse reception. It sounded like a mixture of I'm So Sorry and Radioactive to me, but it really is its own thing.
Cool Out and Only took me longer than usual to get used to, but after listening to them with the lyrics, they became sound worms in my ear.
Real Life is very real, and I'm sure everyone will be able to relate to it at some point.
West Coast and Stuck are proofs that ID can make great love songs, especially if they are connected to them.

I don't think I need to say anything about Natural or Zero. They have already received a lot of positive reviews.

Overall, to those who are complaining that this album is not the real ID that they know, please go ahead and listen to these songs again and again and again and again. Each song will remind you of something that ID is known for: passion. The only song that I would not be able to guess if it belonged to ID or not would be Only. It has a different tune as well as lyrics that I cannot really say remind solely of ID.

Yes, the album is full of songs inspired by the events happening in Dan's life, which is probably why he released it now rather than later. However, that's what makes ID so special in the first place. They write about what they are feeling. Look at Smoke and Mirrors or Second Chances or I'll Make It Up To You... all inspired by events happening in the band members' lives when they wrote them.

This is new yet it is a reminiscence of the essence that is Imagine Dragons.
Hey everyone! Not so long ago I gave an interview to Fiona Mcvie, a popular author interviewer. Check it out on the link below:…

Also, my previous college's newspaper just wrote an article about the book. Check that out too if you have time xD.
Capture by Krysis07

Thanks for your time.

Kartik ~ The Messenger for Krysis


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United States
So... I was stuck in a space-time warp when I first realized that maybe I should start telling people about my achievements as an astronaut at the Secret Association for Deep Space Special Tasks. My life is brittle, and so is history.

Well, let me begin from the beginning. I am from the future, so don't worry if you haven't yet heard about SADSST. It has probably not formed yet, and this book was actually its inception. How? Uh... I contacted a future physicist - Kartik Sarda (who is also typing this for me) - when he is still a college student to write about my adventures. He agreed, so now you know about me.

You see, time is fluid. What's past for me is present for you. However, this fluidity only exists because every moment is connected to one another.

When I almost died on a recent mission, I realized that no one would even know about my existence, let alone my adventures. Being a part of history can truly make one immortal, and I wanted to achieve that. My dear friend in the past, Kartik, is helping me reach that goal. He will write about this new world called Sprachia - one of the five exoplanets that my team discovered and visited a few years ago. He has also agreed to write about the remaining planets, but all in due time.

Seriously, I have so much more to talk about, but there isn't much time. Feel free to contact Kartik through this profile in case you really do want to know more about me. Or, you can just read The Unconventional Winner for a tour of Sprachia.

Ta-da! Hope to see you in the future!

P.S. That image you see belongs to Kartik. He hates his pictures, so I had to sneak in that one.

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