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mazu-mazu ikonki

By krysiaida
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39 ikonek do www :) piszcie jak ma byc wiecej :)

39 scrap-icons for www
write for more
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A lot of thanks..Will use it later in our blog background.. :)
These are great! We just featured them in our latest post :) [link]
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I love them and they will be perfect for my art blog.
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have a good fun!
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Soon will be more, and in vector format. :)
wow! nice work man.

i mentioned it here: [link]
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They're great..any chance of one for Pinterest and Bloglovin? :)

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Will be more soon. :)
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These look great! Downloading for potential use. I'll credit if I use them. :)
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I'm waiting. If you can give a little link to here somewhere on site would be fantastic. :) Of course if it doesn't spoil your site.
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świetne! uwielbiam wszystko "hand written" !
Jak byś miał ochote zrobić elementy do web 2.0 :giggle: to och i ach
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Z miłą chęcią! A co konkretnie? :)
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Thanks for sharing! <3 They're so pretteeeh ^^
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Used here


Thanks again, they are awesome <3
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Cute :) it's definitely going to my collections
Congratulations, They're amazing man! Can you design Twitter icon in text format?(T character like zoomr's icon)
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Sure (& it's... girl. :) ).
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