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Way of the Monks - WIP

ok, so here is the wip of Way of the Monks by krysdecker

I thought it was a better idea to split the wip in their own individual process due to the fact that I was pretty much jumping back and forth between each one of them .... so I think it's more organized to streamline each one. As a plus, I added the brushes I used on each step (there's one or another brush used here and there, but nothing huge) so you guys can have an idea of what am I doing in each stage, and which brushes are involved. 

As you can see, I mainly use half a dozen of brushes for almost everything and then some very specific brushes from one particular thing here and there. So yeah, there's really no secret =o 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask =) ... hope this helps you guys. 
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Thanks so much for showing your process! I still think greyscale underpainting and scene lighting is witchcraft though xD
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still trying to figure out the brushes XD
but omg just mind blown by the end result
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the brushes are in a pack I uploaded somewhere in my gallery =)
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awh cool thank you XD i was trying to replicate them on my own XD
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Hell yeah. This is what I was talkin' about. The final piece is the treasure, and this is the privilege. Thanks for uploadin' this, man. Keep on rockin'.
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I've followed this picture right from teh start and, seriously, it's amazing!
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