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Way of the Monks

"I am a leaf in the wind... But like a big, tough leaf. With swords and magic and stuff."

so ... I finally finished some drawings I had to do, my brother's tatoo and other stuff and have free time again to draw personal things. And since my character in wow is a monk and I enjoy all aspects of it, I decided to make a drawing portraiting the whole kit: 

- the serene mistweaver in the left
- the "don't mess with me ... seriously, don't" brewmaster in the center
- and the "ready to beat you to a pulp" windwalker to the right. 

I decided to theme their outfit towards their respective celestial "guide" (Yu'lon, Niuzao and Xuen) ... so basically they got:
- the mistweaver got a very adorned robe and all the beads and stuff you expect from a healer. 

- For the brewmaster, I think bottles/barrels of secret brews stand for them as librams stand for paladins. So I decided to give her plenty of available brews to drink while fighting. For those not familiar with the idea ... imagine a pandaren doing this:… . On a side note, I did realize that her eyes are focused at the "viewer" and not exactly at the same direction that the 2 others are looking at. But trust me ... in the later versions that gave her a much more "intense" eye-contact that I decided to leave this minor "mistake" pass. 

- For the windwalker I always liked those "claw-type" metal gloves ... so I made her a more agile outfit but with strong platings covering hands/elbow/feet. Because this is basically what I have in mind when I think of my windwalker… . I know this is not kung-fu per se .. but it's a much more raw and fierce use of hands and feet imo =p   

So ... there you go ... 3 female pandarens, ready to beat stuff. And no .. no male pandaren because there's pretty much 321340987 drawings of fat male pandarens but very few of female pandarens that depict them as fierce fighters and not cute "^_^". 

... that pretty much sums up what I've been working on lately. 


You can find the process shot here: Way of the Monks - WIP by krysdecker


you can support my work at my patreon and get some nice rewards! 


If you want to get this printed, you can get at…
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Nice Trio of Panda Ladies.
krysdecker's avatar
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Looking at them, I can't help but be reminded of Rain, Thunder, and Lightning. XD
BettyOopsie's avatar
As monk is my main <3 <3 <3 this!!! PANDA POWHA!!!
This is still one of my fave art pieces i've ever seen on Deviant. Sad that it isnt printable anymore as I'd love to have it on my wall!
krysdecker's avatar
glad you liked so much. Unfortunately prints of them are not available atm =c
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Cool pandaren pic. those are some nice designs and fighting stances. And the magic effect is looking very cool, too.
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Thanks, this is still one of my favourites =)
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Awesome. Cats rule. S
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but they are pandas!!
shazzz999's avatar
Oops! That's quite ok, but cats still rule. S
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No me canso de verla,que estupendo and great work =D
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Thanks! This work was really interesting to do due to the amount of detail in each character =D 
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Awesome work ! I don't kow if just "awesome" would be offensive but that's all I've got xD

The monk is the class who got me into healing class. The mistweavers are so fun to play ! :3
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Thank you! Had a lot of fun painting this one  =)
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this is amazing on so many levels. GREAT WORK!!!!
krysdecker's avatar
about 430 of them, if you know what I mean lol 
I wish I could find the actual armors ingame  I have it as my desktop wallpaper   I'm a brewmaster/windwalker  panda monk on alliance side
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