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"The demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were... "

"We orcs are free demigod!"

".. Is that what you tell yourself? Despite what you believe, you are no better than what flows through your veins .. "

"Damn you .. DAMN YOU!"

;) long time no see .. 50h .. 56 layers .. 712mb .psd file.


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Uh well.
At the first glance, I was in love with it, and I decided to look closer. I'm still in love with the background, and with the characters farther away like the Elf ranger and this Son of Cenarius critter. And the colours, god, the colours.

However, the face of the Elf being held by the orc looks way off anatomy wise, there's something about the proportions that bothers me. She appears to have no forehead and no chin, it seems so... bulky, especially with this small nose. I know there might be people that look like that in real live, but it's nothing you would expect from an elf.
Also the frostsabers body seems to be too long, but maybe it's just me.
This art is amazing it has WCIII feel. That's how Ashenvale should've look like. Not that dark, purplish thicket like it shown in WoW
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well .. that scenario was quite remarkable ... so I did my best to reproduce it =D 
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Epic fight moment dude, magnificent and great, congratulations!
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"Let battle be joined!"
I have no words. This is so amazing. Brings back so many memories... great job man.
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Nah.... these times..
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and it would make more sense if they were red
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not being harsh but grom looks like hes turning into a worgen
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Pretty nice ilustration for the epic Warcraft III mission! Great job!
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Fantastic :) ty for favourite
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Truly an excellent battle scene, I am very impressed!
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Amazing art!

You can easily believe it to have happened this way.

If you think about it, this is one of the most influential moment of Warcraft history. Had the Night Elves been more diplomatic in their approach, or Grom, there might not have been this long amnosity between the two races. The NEs might not have joined the Alliance and so on...
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Stunning art.
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I truly adore all the action in this picture!
This is unbelievably awesome!
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incredible... O_O
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Really great, in details and colors
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Got to comment. This -definitely- wins the badge "most badass image of Warcraft lore".

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