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"The demons did their job well. You creatures are as reckless and bloodthirsty as they ever were... "

"We orcs are free demigod!"

".. Is that what you tell yourself? Despite what you believe, you are no better than what flows through your veins .. "

"Damn you .. DAMN YOU!"

;) long time no see .. 50h .. 56 layers .. 712mb .psd file.


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Grommash Hellscream partaking again of the blood of Mannoroth unleashes himself and his Warsong against the demigod Cenarius and the Night Elves. Mannoroth's blood eventually turns the once greenish looking orcs into reddish skin fel orcs. This was not the first time that the Orcs had become bound to the Burning Legion. Grommash said as much to Thrall when speaking of their people's history.

Thrall alongside his Human and Tauren allies capture Grommash to remove the curse that comes from drinking Mannoroth's blood though it goes beyond simply drinking the blood as evident by the fact that Grommash's eyes turn red once more when confronting Mannoroth. Grommash slays Mannoroth thus truly freeing himself of what Mannoroth's influence could still do to him as well as his people. However Grommash's action is also his sacrifice for his people's future.

Grommash died for his people's future even as his last words were "the blood haze has lifted... I have freed myself..." to which upon his death does Thrall responds "no my friend... you have freed us all."

Anyhow this is an imaginative vision of the moments that follows when Grommash drinks the blood and takes the battle to the demigod Cenarius and the Night Elves.