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Tyrande - wip

By krysdecker
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well .. its been a while since i dont draw anything ..

after reading War of the Ancients (warcraft books trilogy), my inspiration went to it .. so i started to make a drawing of Tyrande ...

basically theres only her body (somewhat rought yet) .. and her face is nearly finished .. will just add lightning and stuff like that later ..

took me around 5~7 hours to do that (filled with a LOT of mistakes and thats like the 4th face attempt, all the others met the might Eraser =0 ... )

well .. hope you enjoy it .. i plan to update it soon ..

comments and feedback welcome as usual ..


edit: and now theres a bit more stuff =p ... after all ill put the "steps" in the sketch thing

edit2: finally got her armor/clothes done .. now i only need to finish them =x .. theres a reason why her hands are (her right one, will be to) shiny .. =p

edit3: some of you probably hate me for all those edits, but thats ok... because i really like where this pic is going to =D .. added belt stuff, and finishing the dress perhaps the rest of her clothes today ..

edit4: finally she's done .. now its "only" missing the enviroment, lightning and all the rest .. but well, im done with her =0
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Always hoped you would finish this one someday :) It's lovely.
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Incredibly beautiful
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Brilliant!! <3
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The most I like is the color test
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wow.. Really really pretty :O

The 2 things i like the most is: Her clothes, you should be a designer :3
and the other thing is actually her nails. I have seen many, MANY artists making the nauls something that only looks like an extention of the finger which in my opinion looks really stupid. But you have managed to make it look like a sperate part of the body. Really well done :) Faved ;)
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She's hot! I need a wallpaper of her ;D
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so much detail... fantastic work :wow:
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Oooh, I love everything about her! The dress, the face, the hands, the hair - she looks *amazing*!
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Great work in progress!
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Wow, i love it. I love Night elves.
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I'm not a huge Night Elf fan.
More of a Horde enthusiast, but this is an excellent picture. I kind of felt bad for Tyrande in the War of the Ancients trilogy. You know, her being the whole reason Illidan raged out and what not.

The details in the armor are great (: It's what keeps my attention most in the picture.
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loooooooooooooooooooooooooove her
she's one of my favourite night elves (if not my favourite female NE) and i looooove the way you did her! :la:
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I LOVE IT, It's beautiful!
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I am just completely in love with the clothing... Just absolutely amazing.
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It's great picture of Tyrande!
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This is lovely. But every time I see Tyrande I think of Arch Douche Fandral Staghelm.
"Tyrande has no idea how to lead our people!"
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wow this is awesome you are just a detail expert
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This is beautiful. the details int he dress are amazing!
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:) is beautiful, I love the colors and quality
jeje ;)

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nuuu, don't be done with her D8 This is way too beautiful to be left off like this. Pwease, how may I bribe you? :XD:
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