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The Light of Lights

By krysdecker
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"There is a way....
.. there is a way...
... you will become more than you ever were...
... more than you ever were...

... we can help...

... . we can help...

You will be more than you have ever been...

... and when the time comes, for what we grant you...

... you will serve us well..."


over 70h of REALLY HARD work .. i can say i learned with this drawing more than i've learned so far ..

sorry about the time gap between submissions .. but i can give myself a masterpiece once in a while, cant i ? =p

every stone crack .. every tiny highlight was handmade .. i've never done waterfalls, tapestry, pillows, caves or anything like .. so .. i consider this picture a step of what i've done so far .. and what i'll do from now on .. i really hope you guys can enjoy it as much as i spent days doing it ..

on a side note, yes, its Queen Azshara in Nazjatar (World of Warcraft)

.. there's no visual reference of the city, except they rebuilded it in the image of the glory of the former capital Zin-Azshari, so i came up with some elvish style, but following a cave landscape ... this is how i see the city (of course this is just a view, not the entire city), inside a "gap" bellow the maelstrom, not some "little mermaid city" on the ocean floor with nagas swimming around ..

.. about her, there's 2 interpretations, one: the statues in the game, where she's just like a random naga .. two: her bottom part as some sort of octopus ..

since i see her as the top of "attractive female' in wow lore (despite her hideous form), i decided for a more naga, slim shape, with only 2 arms ... and tried my best in making her a "hot ass (tail, whatever =p) woman" ..

my sincere thanks to my couple of "fans" who often comment my work, and for not comming here with torches and pitchforks due to my delay in posting something new =p ... and ofcourse, to whoever give her a look, and fav/comment/watch/save it ..


i think its somewhat dumb to say "thank you thank you thank you" several times .. so i'll just reply here, and if you guys happen to read again, great =p ...

i really appreciate the comments and favs, and im glad that some people really liked .. may take a while for me to do a drawing, but i dont like the idea of releasing several pieces that don't match my personal standart of quality (yes, i still find mistakes in all my pictures for a very long time after making them) ..

anyway, even if its a "great job" i like it, because if someone took the time to write that, means that people really liked ..


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Lets start with the background. I like the idea of using the cave. Most would think that there isn't any water, but I think I see waterfalls towards the upper right corner, which suggest proximity to a water source. In addition, the entire cave has a texture that suggests moisture. Next, the structures. They do indeed resemble those built by the elves. In fact, one could draw the conclusion that this was once a station where elves have studied, abandoned, and later inhabited by nagas. Finally, we move on to the center piece, Queen Azshara herself. And what a sight to behold. The incredible detail of the snake scales and her crown; The amazing shading; Not to forget the alluring way she is positioned on what, in the terms of the naga, would be her throne. And the near-lack of clothing makes the viewers wonder what would happen if she didn't kill every intruder to her realm. Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
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To me, this speaks volumes about Azshara's true personality. She was quite possibly the vainest being to ever live on Azeroth, and yet she gave up her beauty and became a monster just so she could live. She would rather have been hideous than beautiful and dead.
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I think she's one of the most interesting characters in warcraft. I just love how even in a situation like the warbringers cinematic, she manages to stay on top =D

I mean, very few people on the story could actually make a deal on their terms (sort of) and live to tell the story
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Beatiful and great art work, once again congratulations!
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woah, amazing work!
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Amazing work man, incredible!
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This is very beautiful. I looked through the 'making of' for it, as well. Very impressive.
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The fatal allure of power.

Beauty you can buy in the corner, or will throw itself at your feet if you are great and powerful.

Wealth comes so easily with power...

Power is truly the greatest temptation.

And she isn't even a Demon!
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Power is only bad if one has no control over themselves.
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so tempting and dangerous, wow
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................. o_O Holy shit... ME GUSTA! *claps* I LOVE IT!!!! >3< I want to draw that good!
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wow a amazing pic i love it she looks like see is a fighter
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excellent job! the coloring and the shading are spot on!
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well thank you =p
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Azshara's one of my favorite characters in WoW, actually, and this is a beautiful representation of her.
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tried my best to make my version of her =) .. glad you liked the result
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I love the results. Azshara is one of my favorites.
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Amazing! How can you draw THIS good. One of the greatest drawings I've seen! :D
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well thank you =)
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