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The Destroyer of Worlds

By krysdecker
"Such a pity ...

Such a pity to waste such a delicious ability for carnage ... "


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It's so lovely there are hardly any words to describe it. The shading, colors, originality, and everything about it is so beautiful it looks like it could pop right out of the screen. The flames look pretty real too, and that's really hard to do. I try flames and I suck at it because my flames look 2d. It's a beautiful work of art feeling the evil come right off the picture. There isn't much else to say about this drawing other than you have real talent at drawing. My friend who is also a good drawer could learn from you.
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Wonderful masterpiece i might say.
I've read the books(War of the ancients and The Sundering) some time ago, so i don't actually remember the small details regarding Sargeras.
What i do remember about the encounter is that Broxigar was wielding a huge double edged Axe made by Malfurion(i think) and blessed by Cenarius.
Now what's interesting about this axe is that is made of WOOD. The books describes it to be extremely sharp and light with a "faith glow".

And another thing, although you can interpret the "mounting of corpses" as you like and you can use your artistic touch to represent that however you like, in the book it says that Broxigar was slaying so many demons that at a point he was standing on a mounting of corpses, smiling at the hordes of demons that were coming his way so that part can be represented in many ways.

And i can't tell if you depicted him as a Brown or a green orc. But he was a brown one(the original color of the orcs prior to the Corruption)

All in all it's a masterpiece. That's my 2 cents <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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While the img is based on the scene from the book, some things I end up using the "rule of cool".

And there's also the fact that there are some issues when transporting something from text to an image. It's an interpretation after all, so not everything will be 100% match.

For example, the color I used from this skin is green/brown (it's a color between both). Simply because of contrast. A pure brown skin would make him "merge" with the ground a little, so I had to change his color a bit to "dettach" him from the background.

The "mountain of corpses also had a similar issue. Usually when people imagine a mountain of corpses, they have the classic Frazetta image of a barbarian fighting several enemies and the corpses pilling up on his feet. That image is amazing when you draw it from a down-> top angle. Or even put the "camera" in the same level of the character. Simply because 9/10 times, the background around the character is simply "sky", so you get a clear shot of him. Example: [link]

But try doing the same scene from an "aerial" view (which is the case of my drawing) ..Instead of having one guy standing out in the picture, on top of dozens of enemies, it's going to be a mess of bodies and you wont be able to tell which is which, and the character get lost in something that's not nearly as important as him (a bunch of bodies).

That's why I had to "clear" the ground around him.

As for his axe, I simply made it this way because it looked cooler =p

When I think of an image, I usually have the 1.0 image in my head, and while doing it, I have to adapt several details so that the end result is better. Having a "cooler" image, that is 90% accurate, is better than having a 100% accurate image that have several artistic flaws on it.
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what ... the ... hell ....

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Totally inspired by Surtr from Norse Mythology. 
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it's inspired in a scene from a book from Warcraft. If they described the scene based on another one, then I couldn't say =D
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Hell, that's one perfect pic. Really nice
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sargares is basically the satan of Warcraft, isn't he?
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something like that 
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WOAH that must have taken so much time to make! *0* Youre awesome
krysdecker's avatar
they usually take around 30-50h =)
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and is that sargeras
DJJ1172's avatar
is that grom it looks like his weapon
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No, he's Broxigar the Red, the great orc from 10,000 years ago. He is the only mortal who have faced Sargeras personally. His weapon was an axe creatured by Malfurion and blessed the night elf demigod Cenarius.
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*note to self do more warcraft lore research*
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Hold the line brother! Lok'tar Ogar!
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When death calls, he knocks.

For one must secure his locks.

Otherwise before the clock tocks.

You will be slain by an orc called Brox.
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Thank you for such an amazing depiction of this battle!
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tried my best to make both of them awesome in their own way =D
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You, sir, have certainly succeed in that!
I can't draw at all, but can't complain about the imagination. However, when I was reading the book, I had difficulties envisioning this fight in sufficiently grand scale and drama. Now I have a visual reference ;)
Once again, thank you and keep up the good work!
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broxigars axe looks like gorehowl but in green
love it
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