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The Chrysalis

By krysdecker
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well ... things didn't go as planned lol .. I was trying to get a response for blizzard about sending the entry, but didn't get none ... Technically i dont live in US or any of the eligible countries, but i have relatives who live there and I sent an email asking if i could submit an entry with their adress, but had no response ... and since there's a crapton of burocratic details on the contest rules, i guess it means no contest for me =p ...

I wanted to be part of it just for the sake of .. participating, tbh .. but, whatever .. happens =o

AANYWAY ... here is the image i was going to entry ..

Whenever i look for an image of Kerrigan, i see images of her standing there being awesome as Queen of Blades, or some distorted version with huge boobs as of any female character (whats wrong with those people ?! ) ..

Since i like both versions of her (cruel Queen of Blades, and the awesome ghost, Kerrigan) .. i decided to make her in between ...

For everyone who played starcraft one, that annoying Chrysalis you had to protect for a couple of stages, that was "hatching" the ultimate weapon of the zerg .... thats my version of what was inside =p

I thought about 2 different poses, but one was too much cliché (her in a fetus position) .. and the other was too weird to draw and wouldn't show much of the character .. so i decided for this one there she is kinda "attached" to the wall of the thing (her legs are folded behind btw, like she was kneeling .. but since theres a bunch of goo covering it, its not exactly visible) ...

I really tried to enphasize the agony of her, trying to break free of this "placenta" envolving her .. while at the same time in a more dreamstate (like her body is trying to break free even though shes not in complete control of her actions) .....

It was very hard to make some of those details .. took me around 30h to complete, in around 5-6 days drawing .. i'll post some caps and wips later on ... well, the silverline of not being in the contest is that i can finally post it here =)


WIP here…


EDIT *******

For those interested. My brand new youtube channel =)…


[Facebook] =


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If you want to get this printed, you can get at…
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Great work, and thanks for doing and sharing it, I really enjoyed it as a big Kerrigan fan 
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thanks, glad you liked it =D
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Super excellent work:)
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wow u re nice artist
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Wow... just, wow. I don't know how you do it, but this is absolutely amazing. I really wish I had your patience to do this kind of work.
What I really like are the reflections of light you made did, fantastic.
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definitely a win! I don't see why Blizzard would not make your work a legitimate entry or anyhow and other what-nots. this artwork is Amazing! maybe someday I'd use this and paint it on a huge canvass.. can I? :D
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I still don't understand what happened to her ghost armor. Did the zerg like, strip her or something? Or did the armor get mutated somehow??
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considering that she's naked in the end of sc2, i believe the zergs stripped of her armor in non-gentle way =p
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Oh man, that sets up for some bad porn fics by some people, I swear...
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excellent as always! Blizzard need to see this
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shame on them for not accepting something like this!
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i... i think i came...


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Well, i'm a fan.

Your "uterus" details are amazing, really nice "jelly" effect on it.
I was taking a look at the WIP. On the first idea u made the "wings" of Queen of blades they should appear a little bit.


Awesome draw :)
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Awesome piece! I never imagined what was going on inside that.. lol great job!...

Btw, you should have not asked them and just submitted it with your relative's address... believe me it's better that way... (is the contest still on going? why don't you just submit it already?) This is because when they deliver the package, anybody in the address could get it. It doesn't have to be you... (at least that is based on my experience on the recent Join the dominion propaganda contest... got my prizes through FedEx straight from Blizzard! XD)
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there's a lot of rules and conditions to the blizzcon contest (no idea if there were any for the Dominion one) .. such as this:

Affidavit & Release: As a condition of being awarded any prize, winners will be required to execute and deliver to Sponsor a signed Affidavit of Eligibility, which includes an acceptance of these Official Rules and a release of liability.

I thought about that, but there was a chance that i could be disqualified by fraud .. and its my name after all, i didnt want to burn it this way =p
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Oh, honestly for the dominion contest, the rules were like that as well. The only difference is the prizes and the countries that they would deliver on. I did not sign any affidavit or released a liability. The only thing I signed was to receive the package from FedEx WITHOUT even presenting my ID. In the contest rules also, it said that I was supposed to pay the taxes by myself but guess what? I didn't pay anything.... XD

Honestly, If you ask me, the only rule they 100% followed is that they would deliver all the prizes to the winners. All the other rules were just for display... in my case that is. But yeah, I just wanted to say this so you would get an idea how they handled the previous contest.. of course there is still a chance that they actually follow their own rules this time.. but yeah I understand you :)

(It's kinda too late now anyway since they know you're not from a eligible country... but next time if you really wanted to TRY.. you should get someone from an eligible country to submit it using their computer so the IP address is legit.. you could even use their name or what not... only if you just care about the prizes and not your name that is... ...sorry for the long post XD)
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Looks beatiful... but Kerrigan looks mad... real mad
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I have no words Oo
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oh dude i so agree with you every time im browsing for a female character with small brasts(sakura,lilith,samus...etc) thay are all drawn with huge boobs...i dont get it why do they hate small breasts so mutch
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too bad, you def. would have reached the finals if not the winner's prize.
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Omg! Nothing but love for this pic! :D
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That is a very impressive piece of work. the design is just sensationally detailed.

Congratulations, you must be very pleased with it.

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