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The Amani warrior

By krysdecker
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My personal view of the amani trolls from wow (i do like when they stretch and stand in a more defiant position, instead of the crouching way they walk ..

took me around 13h to make it .. 4000x6000 original size, all done in photoshop ..

comments are welcome =)
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despite being titles as a warrior, he looks like my Mali'ki...who is an Amani rogue. Like Mali, this guy looks built but lithe, has the beard and short mohawk...the only difference is Mali's tusks are upright. But omg this is so him. you rockin dem trolls!
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lol glad you liked it =D
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I want to play an amani troll so badly! I would be happy if they just added more green options when creating a troll character and I would make my own. *sigh* Lovely work, I love his stance and the way he sort of just steps out of the forest. I could totally see him hiding in the trees, perfectly unnoticed and waiting in ambush for encroaching elves.
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I'd definitely play one if the amani version was available. The playable version is way too sad for me lol 
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do you have tutorials on how you make your paintings so crisp? I paint, and my stuff turns out really fuzzy... i don't know how to achieve this gorgeous crispness to the painting that you have! ;_; such awesome art!!!
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while I don't have tutorials per se .. there are several step by steps in my galery that kinda show the process. warsong and birth of the banshee queen specifically.
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Quite realistic, I like this way of viewing Warcraft universe =D
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............sooooooooo imma troll ....interesting!! my name is Amani XD
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that's a very cool name to have =o
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:devil: Sweet work, wish my Troll's would stand up straight aswell ;) :devil:
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Purely awesome. Making Trolls look like the sh!t!
in a good way =)
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This is pretty wicked sweet boss :)
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:heart:___:heart: I'd let him catch me and have me for supper anyday! Seriously though, absolutely stunning art! I do like when trolls stand up properly as well! Slouchy bums! ;P
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:O Awesome!!!! Love it! :+fav:

I wonder what he found there... seems like it's very interessting for him... :horny:

Nice work. =D Love the anatomical details and the colors.
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Just a correction. Amani are Forest Trolls (bulkier build), the Darkspear (player trolls) are Jungle Trolls (former Grubayashi tribe).

Still, this is awesome. Keep up the good work !
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This is my fave work from you :)
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If blizzard do this to the trolls in general ( darkspear tribe males included)maybe they have a better visual.
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Will you marry me... ?
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WOAH holy cow!!
incredible job!
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We be the amani! :D sooo amazing-ish!
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the thing is aswome rally, i would only like to do 2 critics, i think u got him to much defiant, a litle more curving would look better, and the tusks, they look kind of female'ish. but it stilll an amazing work =)
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