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Sargeras - full version

I never really did this mainly because of art theft.

But at this point .. eventually people will come to me and say "hey, the guy stole it" .. and lets face it, if the person wants to be an asshole it's not an image size that will prevent him from being so.

This said .. i think some people might be curious what my drawings really looks like on full resolution.

I think its good (i love when i manage to find those from artists i'm inspired by) because you can actually see the brush strokes ... see mini details that escaped your eye before .. see that all those tiny intricated little tiny things sometimes are just random brush strokes lol ..

so .. i hope people view it to LEARN and inspire them to do better things .. nobody is allowed to use it/modify it in any way.

If you wanna steal it .. there's a special place in hell for you.
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Broxigar the Red you shall be missed.

Definitely my favorite picture of Sargeras.
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i remember long time ago when u were posting WIPs of this thing and i couldnt wait for the final version but then i kinda quit dA for a while... now ive realised i never came back to see it :P
thank you for the full resolution. studying the little details u put on it helps for hobbyists like me a lot :)

i hate like there is nothing said about brox in wow. he just got one RING named after himself. there is also nothing about the axe... and we know the parts of it were recovered. what sucks.
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Yeah, it's a shame that his part on the story is limited to the books 
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His axe wasn't forgotten, it went to Thura. It would have amazing if the axe of Cenarius was an artifact weapon in legion.
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That orc should have been rendered to ash just by standing there. Have you read the full scope of Sargeras's powers and abilities? AND, if that's Azeroth he's standing on, and he is there in his true physical form, Azeroth would get destroyed much faster than Deathwing could even dream of.
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You do realize this IS a scene from the book, right? And seriously ... this is really not the place for you to try to argue this kind of thing 
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I apologize. I got a bit too literal there. I won't continue the argument, because I hate getting on the bad side of people. >~>;
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Go for the win, Brox!
LajlaNiemi's avatar
Go for the win, Brox!
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Sargeras has wings as well.
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not according to most of the sources and interpretations of the character. You can check in several of the oficial artworks that he has no wings at all. 

Most of those characters that were not officially represented in games, have several different interpretations. Azshara for example is depicted both as a naga and as a monstrous octopus/humanoid thing. 

So no, in my version, he doesn't have wings =)
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Sargeras is a huge being almost beyond comprehension. He is fully clad in a burning suit of molten, black armor, and his skin cracked with veins of magma. Wildly dancing flames surround his head and form a thick mass of hair and a sweeping beard. A pair of horns extends from his forehead and a pair of DEMONIC WINGS lie on his back.[3]

Then there's this:…

So yes, officially he does have wings. :)
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You are pointing a drawing from oct 2011 when mine was done early in 2011. Before that, this is the available artwork of him…

So no, I obviously don't give care if he has wings or not, because in my interpretation, he doesn't =)

just like I removed pointy eyebrows from nightelves, face tentacles from draeneis and things like that. So I'm not going to bother to discuss this further if the only imput you have is "he has wings". 

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I'm... not getting into this.
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Broxigar vs Sargeras epic just epic !!!
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can i have permission to use his?, iv been looking for an awsome sargeras picture
krysdecker's avatar
Matanuipwnsyou's avatar
i want to use it as my icon for my dev art name
krysdecker's avatar
if you mean your avatar here on deviant art, sure .. you can use it =)
Matanuipwnsyou's avatar
yeah, that is what i ment
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The Enemy of all Life!!!

:iconclappingplz: :iconclappingplz: :iconclappingplz: :iconclappingplz:
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Really appreciate seeing it at full res. I suspected I've not been drawing at a large enough scale.  Still getting to grips with digital painting, but loving it and improving I think.

I hope to learn more from you, perhaps I could call you master.
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