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A few years ago I painted Iris for #mermay , so It's only fair that this year we have "Marmaya" with my other OC, Maya =D

Hope you guys like it!

If you like my work, you can always support it at . You get can get: 
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- Video process of the painting

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Little Mermaid all grown up. Really sexy :)

Dinotremonde's avatar

It's make so hot in France capital. Can i join this beautiful mermaid in fresh sea?

xxxecil's avatar

This is an enormous set back in my attempts to overcome a persistent mermaid obsession.

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DannyAndYoko's avatar

Hot and sexy mermaid ^^;

ZlaSyrenka's avatar

Damn. That's some outstanding work, and no mistake. Love the way the skin fades into scales, and that's without getting into her expression.

krysdecker's avatar

thank you! I'm glad you liked it =D

aeanian's avatar

She looks nice. The only thing I find as a minus is that her hair is not long. Can you please make a version with longer hair as well? Btw, her body type reminds me so much of the actress Kelly Brook and how she looks in bikini. Her breasts look like identical :D (for references you can check the movie '"Survival island" from 2005. So yeah, I like this mermaid, but May 2020 mermay was my absolute fav! :) Oh I also notices that the accent with the lighting is on her boobs instead of face :D is that on purpose?

crumplerv's avatar

Captivating eyes...

mrmarkin's avatar

If Maya gets the NSFW, I don't think she'll be on the same level as Iris, because she didn't have it🌚🌚

krysdecker's avatar

I'm pretty sure people would find out where I live and throw poop at my door if this one didn't have a nsfw version =D

mrmarkin's avatar

Damn, you're so right:,DD

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ClaytoneCarpe's avatar

Splendide ! ♥ ♥ ♥

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biofish95's avatar

She is very pretty.

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Morphmongrel's avatar

Bright, wet, and colorful! A real treat for the eyes!

Jur1124's avatar

wow, another incredible piece! excellent!

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