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KDA Akali

I know everyone is tired of fanart of her, but just had to do my version lol. 
As usual, I went for a more realistic body for the character, so something a little more "fit" and small breasts. So I hope you guys like the result! 

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This is amazing! Good job!:D (Big Grin) 
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Looks really cool, you sure did her justice!
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That's awesome! :wow: 
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Oh, you were the last pin-up artist i'm following who hadn't draw a KDA akali yet, and it looks very good :D
krysdecker's avatar
lol sorry it took that long!
Kh0nAn's avatar
Haha no big deal :D
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Freaking awesome artwork!
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Very brilliant. :) (Smile) 
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THANK YOU for being realistic in body proportions. I am so sick of seeing unrealistic bodies on characters! She is so gorgeous. Love your colors.
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thank you! I thinks there's a lot of ways to create a beautifull and sexy body. There's more than enough characters with big boobs out there lol
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Beautiful work as always! :D
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Not tired in the least. Absolutely my favorite design from the video, and you made it even better here. Your use of the color and pose just are beautiful to behold. Incredibly well done, as always!
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Thanks! She has such a cool attitude and outfit in the video, so I wanted to keep them intact =D 
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You nailed them both, in my opinion. Great job!
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KDA is beautiful and stylish in your art style!!! :D
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