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By krysdecker
If you play wow, the picture pretty much says all by itself .. =p

Took me around 25h to do, some "new things" that i've never done before, but i really liked the result ..

ps. its my 1st commissioned work , to Scarlet-Argent =)


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The drawing is wonderful but I'm amazed by the look of the hammer and more specifically the hammer head. Great work :)
J4B's avatar
Even his shoulder guards got swords of them. Looks really neat though. I like the look on that hammer.
P26's avatar
Good memories, paladin's t2!

Very nice job! ;)
RoniBro's avatar
Best pally set in vanilla
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dude ,where do you have the ayes for this ..can i learn drawing if i don;t have any skills..and no imagination,and ofc no vision in my head to see things ..:)))????
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well .. i wont lie to you .. drawing is not an easy thing to do.

I draw since i was a kid, so theres a lot of practice in the way. It's not something you learn in a couple of days or weeks, its years of learning and you'll always have more to learn, more to improve ... Criativity and imagination can't be tought, but i believe you can develop them. I always tried to watch the world around me, how things behave, lightning, wind, effects etc and try to apply them in my drawings.

It's hard work, i cant say less than that. Of course you can draw more simple things in less time, but i really like to make my works unique, so people look at them, and look again, and again, and even brings something new about the scene i'm working (i wouldnt like if people simply looked at my drawings for 3 sec and move forward, like i do to many things i encounter, while some others i can spend hours looking) ..

Patience, a lot of patience, will and really liking to do it, with those, eventually anyone can do anything =p
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hey thank you for your advice,to bad for me i didn;t like that much when i was a kid ,i need more for simple drawing after that to use some 3d software to build my work,i'm sure i never do anything like your amazing works,but like you say anyone can do anything if you practice and if you really want to do it .:P ..kk cya around i wait for mmore
TheFourPiggysOfLove's avatar
absoutely amazing =)
(wow geek ftw-- now where i can more artwork for wow??)
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the last ones of my gallery are related to warcraft in general =p
Just saw this today through the WoW fan art page. This is my absolute favorite armor set in the game and you've captured it perfectly. 10 stars out of 5!
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Mjonir001's avatar
Absolutely mind-blowing. I think my favorite part is the hammer. It looks exactly like I imagined that hammer would look.
krysdecker's avatar
i wouldn't say it was the hardest part to do but was one that i paid really attention to use a obsidian block + give it a "sacred hammer" feeling .. actually i made some options with a bit of inner glow, but discarded =p ... this way was much cooler
Mjonir001's avatar
Yeah. I like it how it is, it gives you the feel that they don't have to have a visible glow to emanate power. It's perfect, and the paladin seems all the more powerful for not needing to, like, radiate magic. Very well-done. Love the Lighting, too. I imagine it's in the plaguelands at sunset, and some scourge open up the doors of a chapel to find this waiting. I'unno, though... In any case, marvellous.
Vailed-Twilight's avatar
ya know, i always wondered who did this work cz it really captured the essence of a paladin to me, and plus i just love the setting and compostition in itself...but also because of that MUCH! ARGH so jealous or your skill; you've obviously got more experience then me T_T
Neiru's avatar
This is by far one of my most favorite Paladin renditions ever! It stuns me every time I see it. Wonderful work. =)
cowboifunk's avatar
What a gorgeous piece! Makes me feel like picking up WoW again lol. I love your play on the lighting, and I'm blown away by the work you did on his hammer! Not only did you get it to look semi-transparent, but it also has a beautiful marble rippling. Very nice :)
Crystal-Starz's avatar
I'm pretty new to WoW, but even I can appreciate that. <3
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If I tried writing everything I like about this, you'd have a pageful of praise. Instead I'll say something which no one else has complimented you on as yet: the mail -- I just LOVE it! You've rendered it with so much detail, it must have taken you ages!

This is one of the most beautiful WoW fanarts I've ever seen!
gokhanproject's avatar
very nice work good light...
Oh god! Soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!!
looks really cool, but doesn't that warrior look out of place?
crapforge's avatar
Awesome piece of the - in my opinion - best looking set in the whole game besides Dreamwalker Raiment
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