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By krysdecker
well .. my friend's nightelf druid .. in moonglade

photoshop, ~13h ..

i'll upload the "step by step" later on .. somewhat nice to see the evolution of it from the beginning ..

comments are welcome btw =p
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amazing work, the background and the idea both just great <3
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really...REALLY captures the soul of Moonglade~ she looks so happy!
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WOW! beatiful art work and lovely moment, well done.
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Branch: *creak*
Druid: Hm - oh! No, no, no, no, no, no... wait, wait. Wait, okay. It's okay. I'm a druid. I'm a druid! I can fix this.
Branch: *cre-e-e-e-e-ak*
Druid: GAH! Nonono - okay. Okay. Breathe. Breathe... I have spells for this. Okay...
Branch: *still*
Druid: Alright, okay. Um... transfuse life energy! Yeah! Let me just-
Branch *snap*
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I really love how the background seems kind of dark and sinister, but there it nicely fades into a warm, welcoming lake. Such lovely ambiance! :)
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Great job. The area? you made is really cool.
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Ahh this is amazing :3 I just hoped that it would be big enough to use as a wallpaper! :>
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Very, very beautiful background. And the night elf is just gorgeous :)
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One of the better Night Elf pictures I've ever seen... the character, the background, the composition, that glowing water... just beautiful :aww:
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I think I just died a little. That's the most beautiful art I've seen in a really, really long time!
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Would love to see this as an HD wallpaper! Maybe 1920x1080? lol
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not possible for this one .. it was my 1st descent digital drawing .. did in 1200x800. =o
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This looks freaking amazing!!
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and that is how druids were born
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Wow, you should ask for critique by the higher-ups in dA.. I saw almost all of your creations and one-by-one they stunned me. Really great job! Is there a step-by-step
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