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Evie Frye

By krysdecker
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Hey everyone, here's my version of Evie Frye!

I really liked how she has that "kickass-not-so-lady" side and the whole "fight club" part. Kinda like she has that moment where she can just vent off  steam =DSo I wanted to make her recovering her breath while waiting for her turn =)

Hope you guys like it!

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keep up the good work

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Amazing, honestly my favourite assassin outta the whole series. She's just kicks arse and has such a coolness about her that I find so inspiring!

You've really done her justice here (fight club Evie is best Evie)


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Love your work man. Another fantastic piece. Just keep on drawing and painting.

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thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Really badass and sexy Evie Frye.

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thank you! I thought it was fitting =D

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Your work never ceases to amaze me! Marvelous!

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:0 this looks so cool!
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Beautifully gorgeous and an pretty badass women! :heart:

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thank you! I'm glad you liked her!

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You're very welcome! :heart:

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Your art always amazes me!

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She looks awesome... very nice and beautiful work!!;)

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thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Très chouette ! ♥

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Honestly, AC does very little for me as games these days, since Ubisoft have just been copy/pasting the same thing with slightly different graphics for the past decade or so, but occasionally, they accidentally make some decent characters and I loved Evie, she was great :D

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I have to say I really liked how they "revamped" the series with Origins and Odyssey (and now Valhalla).

It did change from the original formula, which apparently many people didn't like, but for me it was a good thing, since like you mentioned, the previous games appeared to be a copy paste of each other with slightly different mechanics.

Lady-Distracto's avatar

Yeah, the dumb thing is I liked the romping around history and jumping and stabbing XD But I couldn't stand the derpy Assassins/Templars lore, it totally turned me off each game as soon as that stuff started being pushed in my face again. Like, Black Flag was about 50% of a super funzies pirate game!

...then they started banging on about Assassins and Templars again and guuuuhhhh...

I did really like Odyssey tho, Kassandra is :love:

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