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for the detail version, check this: [link]

this drawing started in a very particular way. I was reading some book in my bed ( i believe one of the Saxon chronicles from Bernard Cornwell ) and by reading the description of a character i had this img (or something similar to that) in my mind, got a random notebook i got near my bed and quickly sketched the "idea" ...

in the following day i had 2 major inspirations for her. The Death dealer, which is a guy that Frank Frazetta has several drawings of ... and some of the woman Luis Royo draw. So basically i got those "inspirations" and started to draw my own one.

Then it was a matter of minutes for me to give it a small "wow death knight" frost theme, since i have a dk since wotlk beta and always liked the "frost death theme" they had.

Its not exactly a fan art from wow, because it is not a particular character, nor the death knight class ... its just my version of the general idea of a death knight in the fantasy world.

Took me around 60h or so (mainly because of my progress in the 1st 20h was very slow) and 60-70 layers ...

And yes, i used at least a dozen of references for the background, horse etc ..


EDIT *******

For those interested. My brand new youtube channel =) [link]


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