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Day of the Dragonqueen


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You had them ssslay my children!



46h ... A LOT of layers (i believe its more than 50) .. around 10 brushes ....

i didnt use pictures, nor textures, only brushes + a LOT of patience ...

ps. fire is HARD to do, christ ...
ps2. this is my 1st open scenario .. yay =D
ps3. i didnt finish this earlier .... because i didnt have the skillz to do it =p ..

###### edit

wip1 - [link]
wip2 - [link]

just some videos i recorded while doing part of it =)

as usual, ty for comments and dropping by =)


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wow the fact that this took you 48hrs and over 50 layers and did everything with a god, props to you! This captures the scene from the book perfectly! Amazing, stunning work! I'm not able to produce such good quality art as my graphcs card is too weak. Good job on the fire! DId you pose models in XNA? What programs did you use to make this? The ONLY thing missing is the Demon Soul, but its probably too small to be made out anyway lol you should definatly make more of these! you did an awesome job with it!