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Day of the Dragonqueen

By krysdecker
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You had them ssslay my children!



46h ... A LOT of layers (i believe its more than 50) .. around 10 brushes ....

i didnt use pictures, nor textures, only brushes + a LOT of patience ...

ps. fire is HARD to do, christ ...
ps2. this is my 1st open scenario .. yay =D
ps3. i didnt finish this earlier .... because i didnt have the skillz to do it =p ..

###### edit

wip1 - [link]
wip2 - [link]

just some videos i recorded while doing part of it =)

as usual, ty for comments and dropping by =)


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wow the fact that this took you 48hrs and over 50 layers and did everything with a god, props to you! This captures the scene from the book perfectly! Amazing, stunning work! I'm not able to produce such good quality art as my graphcs card is too weak. Good job on the fire! DId you pose models in XNA? What programs did you use to make this? The ONLY thing missing is the Demon Soul, but its probably too small to be made out anyway lol you should definatly make more of these! you did an awesome job with it!
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it wasn't a single brush, there were a few of them =D

Back them I didn't use any aditional software to pose the characters, all was posed from scratch, which is why there's a few perspective and anatomy issues. 

I did consider including the demon soul, but I wanted to focus on the scene that he's trying to kill Ronin. 

I do try to create a few "scenes" from time to time. Problem is they are too time consuming and I can't always fit them in my monthly schedule =D
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I was wanting to do a scene like this but now its already been done xD yea it takes a lot of time to create stunning art lol all that work for people to admire it just for a few seconds lol please create more, you're really good at this!
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This is a beautifully rendered Warcraft piece, and exactly how I would have imagined Alexstrasza chasing down a nasty bit of orc. The expression on Rhonin's face is perfect. The angle on the wings seems a little off, but the mountains, sky and fire certainly enhance it more than that small detail. The perspective and energy of the work is beautiful. It's clear the amount of time and effort you've put into capturing the emotion of this scene. I can see her charging down, full of a mother's rage, intent on destroying the little worm who dared assault her children. You have a wonderful grasp on character interaction and reaction. Excellent work as always.
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this perfectly captures the scene from the book!
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I found a Queen, i wanna serve ;)
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Serve her well and you will be greatly rewarded.
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Yes, Alex-sama, kill them all!
(the sex symbol of WoW take revenge)
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Hell has no fury, like a freakin Dragon Queen scorned!
  Have your revenge Alexstrasza!
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Eat them !!!
( this is fucking awesome !!!!!)
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This is fucking awesome!!
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That orc is about to get his ass handed to him. I really love how you emphasizde the dragon's size!
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That is one pissed off mama dragon o.o :iconscaredplz:
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This is fantastic, I always somehow end up coming back to this to spruce up my mood. Then I found myself wondering, how large your canvas is when you generally start a piece. I'm usually daunted by large open space but the detail work looks so fun and engrossing.
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its often around 6k wide by the proportion to make a widescreen.

thing is that i work in 2 windows. I leave a 25% zoom window that is the "final resolution" and then i work on another one that's usually at 50-300% depending on what im detailing.

That's why most of my works have a high detail lvl =p. If you check my gallery you'll find some examples of how i setup my screen.
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oh neat! I've been plowing through your stuff and I'm loving every bit! The detail work is fully entrancing to look at.
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NICE! PERFECT LORE TOO!! I am VERY pleased with this work. In alot of ways this feels more like what fan art SHOULD BE!
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Holy shit... That is awesome!

I quite litterally sat here for a few minutes trying to figure out what to say.

It's just ...omg.

Nice Job
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Boy, is Rhonin glad she showed up. XD
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Hello, PepperWolf!)
I was so impressed by your works, that showed them to my mom (and videos videos of your work) and it certainly admire her the possibilities of modern computer programs, but she doubts the need for such detail to portray the many minor details (e.g. under the wing, in the shade, ... .) as it makes drawing too fractional and unpleasant for visual perception. Detailed analysis of shape in the foreground - a justifiable need for the picture, but the detailing minor details the picture - this is a mistake (it is her opinion, not mine). Such details would be justified if the images were quite large, but if you plan illustration in a magazine or book, it too much (my mom 16 years worked in a glossy magazine as art director). (She's got classical art education)
Thanks a lot for reference to Hogarth, it is too early for me, but I see, that is very good book!!!
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Oh my God!!! I don't know how that stupid smile could appear here. That's means nothing and it is my fault, sorry.
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