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Cyberpunk Ciri - Preview

Because Ciri deserves a break to relax every now and then =D 

Voyeur is a new type of drawing that is more adult-themed that you can check on my patreon. 
You can get the full NSFW image + the other rewards until may 31th

Link Patreon by krysdecker

You get can get: 
- high-res version
- the original PSD with all layers
- progress stages of the image
- Alternate versions
- Video process of the painting

You can find more about how my patreon works, here:

Mature Content

Patreon Explained by krysdecker

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son-of-clan-Ross's avatar
Love how you captured her expression
krysdecker's avatar
son-of-clan-Ross's avatar
SnapsWay's avatar
This is why you invest in quality spy-cams!  Also, is it me or does Ciri's expression and where she's looking indicate she knows she's being watched?  
krysdecker's avatar
Deviljackies's avatar
Well hot damn!!!! XD Ciri is been naughty huh?
krysdecker's avatar
she can have a little "me" time from time to time =D 
*smacks screen* Damn reception!
krysdecker's avatar
security cameras are known to have a very shitty image quality =D 
Super ultra high technology of the future------still buys the cheapest security cameras on the market. :D
lancedART's avatar

Lol... love the corrupted image.... WAY better than the usual blurring of the NSFW bits.

krysdecker's avatar
thanks! I thought it would be more fitting to this image without breaking the immersion =D 
whitesnowce3's avatar
Damn there a way to fix it? Gotta call geek squad at best buy
BlackCapBandit's avatar
Dang it. Bad time for the camera to malfunction:D (Big Grin) 
krysdecker's avatar
technology is just not reliable =D
blazergod's avatar
GeisKing1's avatar
Beautiful work on this!

krysdecker's avatar
GeisKing1's avatar
You're welcome ^_^
Noxshiz's avatar
Oh dear o_O

Don't she look like she could be about to, or just had some fun. xP

Love the expression on her face. ;3
krysdecker's avatar
Thanks, it was really tricky to get the expression right!
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