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Hey everyone! Iris can finally enjoy her coffee!

I wanted to push the hyper realism a bit in this one and see how close to an actual person I could get while still being faithfull to my style. So, if you ever wondered what Iris would look like if she was an actual person enjoying some coffee, this is as close as it gets lol. 

Btw I really recommend to see the full version =3

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So beautiful Heart Great job on the realism!
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Daaaaaamn those eyes <3 <3 <3
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Have a coffee and relax~
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I love heterochromia so much. I planed on doing something like that - one blue and one green eye, but didn't looked good. But your drawing looks amazing! I am searching for good hair, skin and texture brushes, but i can't find any. Can you share the brushes you used here or at least few of them <3
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the brushes I use can be found on my gallery. I use use scattering on my regular brush to give that "skin texture" idea =D
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Thank you. I searched for the brushes but couldn't find them. If I don't bother you too much, can you please give the exact link? :)
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very nice detailing and look here. very life like. really love how you did the eyes
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truly awesome-riffic!
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My favorite type of heterochromia. The Blue+Green. Just about every Bethesda game I give my character those eyes with mods and just about every avatar I recolor the eyes. 
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It's always a trait that I found cute when it's green/blue =3
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This is gorgeous! I'd be interested in  seeing more like this!
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Thanks! I do art of this character almost every month =D
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Wow, how long did this take you? 
I am seriously at an awe.
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Thats actually quite fast!  It would take me a month or two :D
I applaud you for the eyes. They are quite captivating.
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