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Download Link: [link]

Ok .. so finally i uploaded my brushes. Thats not all of them (it would be ~120mb all of them) ... but instead of uploading tons of brushes that most people wont use or wont know what they are good for, i decided to make a quick example of the ones i use on 90% of the time.

Those are the brushes i solve most of my problems with .. so i hope it give you guys an idea on what and how i use them ..

You can surelly find new ways of using them .. but since everytime i get new brushes i have to make some "trial and error" tests to see what they are good for .. i decided to give a little help in that area and explain what i think they are good for, and an example of where i used them. Also keep in mind that no brush is "instant result" (for example, not because that brush i used to make fire, that a simple stroke with it and you'll have a perfect fire). You gotta learn how to control it and use to achieve the desired result.

I hope it helps because they certainly helped me a lot =).

Any questions feel free to ask.

ps. If for some reason you simply CANT download on rapidshare, and your life depends on having those brushes, link me a place where i can upload them =).
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Hello! This is incredibly helpful, thank you for sharing your brushes (:
I just have a question, if you could answer it I'd really appreciate it!

For some reason, when I load the brushes in PS, they don't look like they do in this image, their edges are round and hard
I've tried messing with the brush settings but I just don't know what to do :/
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do you have a tablet, right ? =o 

because those things are related to brush pressure, something only available to tablets. 
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I do, yes (: I don't know what happened, but now they're working fine. Thank you for answering anyway!
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Figured it out! ... (not really, i have no idea what just happened)
they're normal now, gonna practice! thank you again ^^
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To be honest, I kinda had lost hope that i'd ever be like, 'really good' at drawing, but browsing through your files, and looking at the progress you've made, while still explaining to people how you do it. You have really made me believe again, and i thank you a lot my kind sir. Keep up the good work. :3
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hope they can help you as well =)
thanks for sharing =D
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Awesome page! Really really thank you! This will come in handy!
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hope they help you as much as they help me lol
FireWyrmling's avatar
I'm sure they will :D
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Thanks, they were very ueful!
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Danku! /favorite
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I'm sure I have it here.
Just have to search through ~1000 folders.

I'll post it if I find it !
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Ah, would it be at all possible to re upload these? The link says that the file has been deleted :[
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I need to sort them out .. I don't have this small file anymore, so my brushes would be a pack that's over 100mb. But whenever I do it I'll post it again in here.
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Moldzer found the file lol .. here's a link to it =) [link]
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Thanks so much! I greatly appreciate it!!
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damnit ... ._. I would like to have these brushes too ._. .. q-q
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Could you please re upload it at, because Megaupload closed and rapidshare is not working an my life depends on having those brushes... :/
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I am going to have some fun with these. I always love playing around with brushes and seeing what other people have made really helps me figure out how I might end up making my own brushes. Thanks for posting this.:D
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