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Wanted to make a more adult version of Azula ... if she didn't get crazy and actually ended up as Firelord (or firelady? =D ).
Had a lot of fun mixing up her original elements with what I thought would be fitting for her.

Hope you guys like it!

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love the tattoos

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LOVE that tattoo.

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thanks! I thought it was fitting for her adult version =D

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Looks incredible!

Oh my god. Azula looks awsome in this. Sexy, powerful, alluring with that hint of danger.

Delicious and enticing.

Someone send this link to Gray De Lisle if they have it, or now Krys has a twitter, hook her up (I don't have twitter sadly) with him. She adores artwork of Azula... considering she voiced her. :)

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As much as she is crazy, she is also insanely hot.
Best Azula fan art I have ever seen.
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If she wasn’t so crazy, I’d call her a beauty, but she’s a dark beauty.
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This work has an excellent balance of light and dark. Its a true beauty! It has a perfect vocal point and is spot on! Good work! Keep it up!

P.S - Consider featuring this comment!

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thank you! I'm glad you liked it!

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Wow! Your firelady looks amazing :)

She's a really cool character. :D

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thank you! It was one of my favourite characters in the series!

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:) Very beautiful work!

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:nod: You're welcome!

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