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And the Heavens shall tremble

By krysdecker
long road since… , 4 years ago.

The picture speaks for itself =).

One week ago, before going to sleep, i was thinking about a Tyrael picture .. thought about several possible situations until i remembered i had one that, despite the lack of skill i had by that time, the picture itself was nearly perfect in my mind ... so why not finish it ?

besides .. i needed a new wallpaper .. was getting tired of staring at Azshara's boobs =D.


WIP -…


I could thank every comment by it's own, but i think it's better to say one big thanks here, and reply individually if needed.

I'm really glad you guys liked, and i hope many others will do to. For me it was important to finish this picture, because as you can see, i started around 4 years ago, and whenever people asked me to finish it, i said i didnt have enough "skill" to do it ... And now i think i do (just out of curiosity, took me 25h, 4 brushs, 5 layers, and around 10 base colors to do it). Looking back at the pictures i did in 2008 i can really see the improvement they went trough and this one is like the "win standart". I can only hope my next ones will be even better =).

Anyway, thanks for the support. It's always welcome =).


EDIT *******

For those interested. My brand new youtube channel =)…


[Facebook] =


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If you want to get this printed, you can get at…
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and the hells shall fall
Frost640's avatar
I still use this as my wallpaper from time to time.
SingingFlames's avatar
This is outstanding! :wow:
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
This looks strangely familiar.
krysdecker's avatar
as in "it's tyrael from diablo" ?
ThePhoenixKing32's avatar
OH. Huh. I guess so. Still looks cool.
Alecweirdo's avatar
My brother is currently using this on his computer.
Alec-IceShadow's avatar
Well, I now know my friend is a liar. He showed me this -=exact=- image and claimed he drew it. But I looked in the lower corner and lo and behold... Pepperwolf@deviantart was written in the corner. Google search and I locate the -real- artist. My friend is a liar, and you are an amazing artist. -=watches=-
krysdecker's avatar
oh well .. wouldn't be the 1st time =p ... unfortunately, it happens quite often in the art world
Snugglelolz's avatar
i am in love with this
gianstar7's avatar
Amazing just wow!
carlodagunz's avatar
Now make the one with red wings :D
S9T6R3's avatar
Tyrael looks amazing.
Paleshriek's avatar
I don't follow Diablo, but this looks awesome.
krysdecker's avatar
well it's Tyrael .. you can't go wrong drawing him lol
Paleshriek's avatar
lol, I suppose so.
Best Tyrael (aside from Blizzard's of course) I've ever seen. This one could definetly be an original artwork from him imho.
Thank you so much for sharing this - Tyrael is one of my favourite characters of all times :heart:

P.S: with Diablo III out, is there any chance you'll draw the other angels and maybe some more Tyrael too?
krysdecker's avatar
I gave that some thought .. but didn't have any img in mind, so i'll wait up to see if something cooks up in my head. But no I can't promise anything =p
Vanguard3000's avatar
Amazing work, man! I love how you did the wing-tendrils.
glearned's avatar
oh my god, that IS tyrael! i LOVE IT!!!
rebasaurus's avatar
So would you feel if I got this tattooed on me? x
krysdecker's avatar
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Amazing version of Tyrael
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