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48. Childhood
A younger Silver stared out his bedroom window longingly. He reached up and touched the glass, feeling the cool smoothness rubs against his fingers. If only he could break it and get out...
"Silver?" a girl's voice asked. The young boy turned around and faced the masked girl who had walked in. The mask's face was cruel but the voice, he knew, was not.
"What is it, Blue?" he asked in a small voice.
"You know you're not supposed to touch the window," she said gently, wrapping her arms around the younger boy. "He will get angry again and you'll be punished."
"I know...I just wish that..." Silver hiccuped, trying to wipe his eyes from under the mask he wore - the same cruel faced mask the girl was wearing. Blue didn't need him to finish that sentence; she knew what it was he wanted.
"You can't say things like that out loud," she scolded. "If he hears you, he'll hurt you."
"He's not here," Silver said. "He took some of the others and went out to the ice to train. The only one here is Wil
:iconshadowstarexe:ShadowStarEXE 16 19
pkmn: 'growth' by pancake-waddle pkmn: 'growth' :iconpancake-waddle:pancake-waddle 552 78 I'm Coming Home by Tuff--Rubies I'm Coming Home :icontuff--rubies:Tuff--Rubies 28 23 Ariel, popplio, corphish, luvdisc by logancure Ariel, popplio, corphish, luvdisc :iconlogancure:logancure 1,636 46 Love Meme by Lo-chwan Love Meme :iconlo-chwan:Lo-chwan 1,031 80 Feelingshippingness Love Meme by awesomeshadow773 Feelingshippingness Love Meme :iconawesomeshadow773:awesomeshadow773 18 6 Lightning Yellow [Color] by PrettySoldierPetite Lightning Yellow [Color] :iconprettysoldierpetite:PrettySoldierPetite 15 0 CE : Firefly Magic by TrainerAshandRed35 CE : Firefly Magic :icontrainerashandred35:TrainerAshandRed35 87 8 Stamp: ChosenShipping by Jeshika-Haruno Stamp: ChosenShipping :iconjeshika-haruno:Jeshika-Haruno 140 105 nice catch nerd by qxiu nice catch nerd :iconqxiu:qxiu 42 10 GaryXMisty Page 10 by TrainerAshandRed35 GaryXMisty Page 10 :icontrainerashandred35:TrainerAshandRed35 44 22


by Nieris

This one caught my eye for sure. It looks great, and well painted. Your colors look great too, and I just can't help but to fall in lov...

by Nieris

I think that this is pretty well done. The effects are nice, and it is a cute drawing. Though I am not so fond of the art style much, b...



I've taken an interest in two OCs of mine, but haven't felt the most motivated to draw them. Mostly for the fact I'm unsure how to write their characters. The one thing I do have established for them is that they'll have a sibling-like bond, and that the guy is just a big-hearted softy who just wants to make the girl smile and protect her. But I haven't really established their individual characters quite yet...hmm...
Decker x Adam - Art Trade
Art trade with :iconcolinvoice: who requested his two OCs, Decker and Adam, doing something romantic. In return, he's drawing my OCs, Sodalite and Opal, doing something romantic.

I decided to try a more cutesy style with this drawing, and I'm fairly pleased with how simple and different this one is compared to my other drawings. Also, Adam's little smile is adorable. 

Adam and Decker both belong to ColinVoice.
That stupid trope where a girl trips and knocks a guy over, and lands perfectly in an awkward position over the guy. I am a dummy! Because ChosenShipping needs awkward fluff, lololol.

Anyways, I got bored and doodled this to relieve some stress of work and life. This was so lazily done that I did it in an hour. =P (Razz) 

Pokemon belongs to Game Freak
Pokemon Special belongs to Hidenori Kusaka
Bliss In Shadows - Fanfic doodle
This is just a doodle of Wally and Lovrina based on my fanfiction, Bliss in Half, a Wally x Reader story.

The first arc of my fanfiction has officially come to a close, and I will be continuing the story from a new fanfiction under the name Bliss in Shadows.

As for why Lovrina is in a Team Galactic admin uniform...well, that's a spoiler to this fanfic.

I do not own Wally or Lovrina, they are from Pokemon.
Fight Your Insecurities
Nobody can fight your insecurities for you, for the only person who can stand up to your own negative thoughts is you. You're the key to defeating your insecurities. You're the key to winning your personal battles.

For years, I believed many horrible things about myself, things that sometimes confused others around me. But in the end, I'm the one who had to stop believing false things about myself. I'm the one who had to know the real me. After all, nobody knows you better than yourself.

Opal is my mascot, and belongs to me. 
I fucking hate people who bash on ChosenShippers with "OMG IT'S INCEST" when it actually fucking isn't, and "Silver's not good enough for Blue" bullshit. How about let people ship whatever the fuck they want, and shut the hell up.

Also, don't tell me how the fuck to write my fanfics either. I will take suggestions, but I don't want to hear your whiny "Omg Blue's too sexy, therefor you don't see her real personality" type of shit. Blue is sexy, so what? Are sexy girls not allowed to have a personality on top of being sexy? It's funny, because I mention her personality more than her looks a lot. Also, this complaint came on my lemon fanfiction, you know, the type of fanfiction where being sexy is KIND OF THE GODDAMN POINT?

"I'm a guy, and I hate the way you write lemons, because they don't turn me on." Cry me a river, sonny, my fanfics are aimed for a female crowd, because I am a lot better at aiming to females than I am to males. Men and women are turned on in different ways. Get the fuck over it, and get off my AO3.

Honestly, what pisses me off the most, is that it's my own friends who seem to think I'm just not allowed to fucking ship Chosen, because my happiness doesn't matter or anything. Their "it's incest" cry matters more, even though the characters aren't blood or even legally related.

Fuck the shipping community, tbh.
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Kasi Parker
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United States
My name is Kasi, I am 19 years old! My dream is to one day own an anime-themed bakery cafe! I also love making new friends. Feel free to message me, I don't bite. ;P

Blue Stamp by kalot3000 secondaryshipping icons yes by WolfieButts F2U stamp: Wally from Pokemon (ORAS) by Aqua-Spirit22 Pokemon: Cavaliershipping by Vulpixi-Stamps

.:Secondary Stamp V3:. by Miss--Liberty Shadow x Vio_Stamp by Tari-Ringeril Silver by SK-Stamps Colosseumshipping by Vulpixi-Stamps

PKM: Rival Trainers Stamp by Nozuki Yellow by SK-Stamps X-ChosenShipping-Stamp-X by LouLilie Stamp| She needs more love| by CrystalisZelda

x-Indigo-Blue-Stamp-x by LouLilie x-Indigo-Mitsuru-Stamp-x by LouLilie Anti-DeCoPo incest by SA948-Stamps GeekChicShipping by Marlenesstamps

Anti Incest by Cressalys Wha-hey, More Flamebait by Mintaka-TK :Gay Rights: by Minty-Hippo Stamp - PKMN Silver Version by kaitoupirate

Normal-Type Stamp by Yenshin Green.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Blue.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Dawn stamp by SA948-Stamps

Gary and Eevee fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruff tLoZ Stamp by antnkrlz stamp - zelda's doing it right by Daeg-Niht Cress stamp by SA948-Stamps

Feelingshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX Mangapokeshipping.:Stamp:. by ForbiddenchasmX X-TeaShipping-Stamp-X by LouLilie Bianca stamp by SA948-Stamps

X-CommonerShipping-Stamp-X by LouLilie (Request) Anti Amourshipping Stamp by KittyJewelpet78 Shadow Pokemon :Stamp: by Veonara Kris Stamp by S-Laughtur

Stamp - Pokeshipping by Pokefan181 Stamp : ChosenShipping by LeafyBear Misty Fan Stamp by okinsei SMB: Luigi x Daisy by Reykholtz

Umbreon stamp by Dametora Misty's Butt Stamp by okinsei Pokemon Adventures by SK-Stamps Anti Sonamy stamp by migueruchan

[Stamp] Green+silver [PKMN] by Nathy-Marisson Iris stamp by SA948-Stamps WishfulShipping stamp by SA948-Stamps Anti SonAmy - Not Anti Amy by SA948-Stamps

Sonally is my OTP by Chili-DogLove Dipper x Pacifica stamp by KatieRose45 Hilda Stamp by SapphireRose-chan Rosa Fan Stamp by Skymint-Stamps

I love playing Nintendo games by KittyJewelpet78 I Think I've Just Remembered Why I Stay Away... by Mintaka-TK :thumb613619993: Specialjewelshipping Stamp by The-Sprite-Lady


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