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VLC - Slim Beam - White Skin

By KryptonSyt

Slim Beam™ 

Black Edition :…

Watch This Video to see how to install it :…

Next Build (Coming soon)
-support for 4k resolution
-more updates...

Current Build
-added new quick references window
-added theme functionality
-combined themes and equalizer window
-added vlc on top function
-added screen shot function
-combined themes and equalizer window
-minor upgrades from previous.
-bug kills.

If you liked the skin please show your appreciation down in the comments section, Buy Me a Beer .:DrunkBummy: 

© 2014 - 2021 KryptonSyt
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It would be nice if I could manage to get past AdFly and download it.

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let us customize interface with buttons or at least add step forward - step backward buttons please.

letmetrydeviant's avatar

Really great.I felt my vlc player more "inspiring"Llama Emoji-23 (Shyness) [V1]

Thank You!

This is beautiful.

Finally a skin of my taste.

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The player gets out of the screen, I can't move it, not even with shortcuts and other methods

auramyaw's avatar
can we get more colours?
wbuccianti's avatar
Cant edit the playlist
stepedes's avatar
Takes 500 MB of ram. That quite a lot..
Are you sure about that?
Alien0art's avatar

Yes, from 455mb to 500mb, while the default take only 130mb-160mb. I've also tried other custom skins which took 140mb-160mb.

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Thank you so much for this skin! I almost gave up on ever having a nice looking AND functional media player on pc until I found your skin. I'm really happy with the look.
I do have 2 very minor complaints:
- An option for adding a slim window border would be nice so you dont loose the player on a white background
- Beeing able to move the video window by dragging it somewhere on top (like almost every other windows program) would be preferable to the current solution

It's still a lot better then everything else I have seen so far, so thanks again!
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I cant move  the player when i grab on to video. I only move when i grab on the bar. How can i fix this.
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Watching Apple Livestream. VLC is one ugly app. Not anymore, thanks!
Moon-Gremlin's avatar
This is amazing! Its sleek, colorful n simple!! 8D
Love it!!
aylinvillacruz's avatar
Thank you! But it should be better if you add fastbackward/fastforward button, just like what you did in your other skins. :)
They look really great but I can't make full screen! Anyone has the same problem ?
TimmProzell's avatar
Great work. Love it!
riverbuddi's avatar
Flat UI >< best UI ever. nice job bro
Chickenfoot360's avatar
Maybe my favourite VLC skin. Nice job !
looks really sleek
miniyang's avatar
Awesome skin for Windows 8 UI. Thank you so much for your hard work, and please keep it up =)
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Is there anyway to disable the Quick Pref? 
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