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Slim Bean VlC Media Player Skin


Slim Bean™ 
If you liked the skin please show your appreciation down in the comments section, Buy Me a Beer .:DrunkBummy: 

any feedback is very much appreciated, email your suggestions / bugs / request to

Watch This Video to see how to install it :…

Current Build
-added two .vlt fils
-Original Slim Bean
-Slim Bean (with title on top bar)

Previous Builds
-added colse button to top left corner
-added minimize button to top left corner
-New top bar
-added Title of the media to top bar
-removed tag
-added new buttons

-top bar
-full screen
-volume slider
© 2013 - 2021 KryptonSyt
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is this version no longer downloadable? i like the button layout better

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You couldn't just do this???? Instead of leading us to a porn site?

to many ads in way of downloading this

Very nice! I like the simplicity and functionality with a very appealing look.

Well done!
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Please ignore my comment, it was made in the wrong tab.
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Well that's annoying... Why would you discontinue the one that looks better?
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Its a shame I don't use VLC player, because this is awesome!
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This is the best VLC theme I've ever used, no bugs whatsoever, any chance having it in different colors as well?
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thanks , really appreciate your feedback .. lookout for the next release i might add themes.

Following on from my own question I have since used skin editor and have altered slimbean to be a borderless window as I was looking for.
I started out using slimbean only for ideas & how to design (I had no experience AT ALL) & found I could quite easily remove sections etc. & get what I wanted to seemed a shame to start from scratch.

Firstly is it OK to use your skin and mess with it, it is currently only used on my home PC. I say currently as I have seen so many people after the same thing I want and would quite like to share but it is perhaps not really up to scratch but I find it great for me.

99.9% of people would NOT want it, it is only for things like web view etc. There are no buttons, play forward or back etc.
Just a narrow top bar with X & _, I left this so I could drag around screen, could not see an easy way to drag from the main window, also easier to close here anyway.

It is moveable & re-sizeable but of course if you want to play movies etc unless you switch skins each time to are stuck with a minimal interface.
What is quite nice is I don't have to have any command line --minimal etc switches either.

I have left the full screen as before so can get access to controls there.

Not had time to investigate much more at the moment.
Is there an/about/credits somewhere that would still have your name on it.

If you did allow sharing I would call it something else or make it very clear it has been altered by me.

The main thing that looks unprofessional is the window sizing arrow in bottom right corner. it is outside of the window, I could not see how to have it visible inside the main window or use the corners themselves to resize, it did not seem to work in the top bar to the right. It is not too intrusive so left for the moment.
I would have like to let it change the aspect to the window size to prevent black bars but could not seem the keep the top bar & especially the resize bar anchored in the right place.

Please let me know if you would like me to stop using it for even my personal use &/Or if you don't mind me sharing.

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your more than welcome.!

Really like slimbean & very nearly what I want.

Is there a way to have JUST the video, no play buttons & even less top bar.
I want something to stream/view a webcam & have a simple minimal window on my desktop with no borders at all

Need to re-size & move

I currently use & is also very nearly perfect, slightly wider borders on standard skin & top bar wide & not very pretty.

"C:\Program Files (x86)\VideoLAN\VLC\vlc.exe" --qt-minimal-view --width=240 --height=180 --video-x=700 --video-y=700

Looked for ages for a solution & driving me mad. I use to have a little program called supervisionview, did just that but quite old & struggles with newer streams & higher resolution.

Thanks I/A

When I switch from the original slim bean to the slim bean (w/ the title), it becomes impossible to move the program. Also, whenever I switch it to your skins, the player moves to the top left corner instead of being where it was initally. Just thought I'd tell you. Thanks for the skin tho.
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what did you use to make this? i really like it but i would like a mode with all the sections together. almost like it is in the picture except connected
What license does this posses? Can I use this for my Linux distro?, for non commercial purpose only. will credit you of course
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it posses WTFPL.. hehe enjoy
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glad you liked it.
You might want to add an "Always On Top" button somewhere on the top bar. Good job!
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Is it possible to change color?? I'd rather grey or orange! :)
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