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Lightweight Supercruise Jet



Dr. Daniel P. Raymer is an aircraft designer that used to work for Rockwell International. He wrote a book about aircraft design called Aircraft Design: A Conceptual Approach. It was basically a textbook explaining the fundamentals of the field as well as providing equations relevant to design and aerodynamics.

In the back of the book, he provided two examples of conceptual design: one was a prop-driven stunt plane and the other was a lightweight supercruising fighter jet. I thought the supercruise jet looked cool, so I decided to draw a colored schematic of it as shown here. It was never built nor even a serious project, but I thought it looked nice enough.

The Lightweight Supercruise Fighter (LSF) is a copyright of Dr. Daniel P. Raymer.


Length: 45 feet, 2 inches
Take-off Gross Weight: 16,480 pounds
Military Thrust: 13,776 pounds*
Full Afterburner Thrust: 16,150 pounds
Maximum Speed: over Mach 1.8
Supercruise Speed: over Mach 1.4
Nozzle Type: 2D Pitch-vectoring
Tail Type: Variable-dihedral V-tail

*I derived the dry/military thrust from a place in the book where its cruise was descrbed. The speed listed was Mach 1.4 (around supercruise speed) and it stated the thrust used was 85.3%. I inferred this to be the percent of full thrust that dry thrust represented.
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