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Was tagged by: :iconalbinoraven666fanart:


- Answer the questions given by your tagger, and then give 12 of your own.
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- Legitimately tag people, there is no "I can't tag"
- Tag backs ARE allowed.

1.) You're in the zombie apocalypse, the zombies are banging down your front door! You have to run out the back, but you want to take a weapon with you. You can only take one item/weapon that currently exists in your house, what do you take?

I don't think I have many good choices here. No guns, no bats, no axes. Maybe the pole to my workout machine.

2.) If you could turn into any animal at will and change back at will, what animal would you choose? Yes, you can only pick one.

I think a bobcat. That seems the best for the moment anyway.

3.) What is your greatest fear?

Heights come to mind immediately.

4.) If you could turn any fictional universe, movie/book/comic/etc, into a video game what would it be? 

One Punch Man. You'd probably need to play as Genos for most of it in order for there to be any actual challenges.

5.) If you could go back in time to any point in your life and start over from that point and that age would you?

I'm not sure. I've become quite nostalgic for my childhood, but I really don't want to go through school again. Maybe I'd just choose to start in my final year of high school. Sounds like a good compromise.

6.) What is that one book/movie/tv series/video game/etc that you always revisit when you're bored or can't find anything new you like?

Even though I don't care all that much about it anymore, I keep going back to the MLP fandom when I'm bored.

7.) If you could move to any place on the planet and afford to live there without fear of injury, where would you live?

Back in my hometown. Nostalgia and love of family wins out.

8.) If you were offered immortality- starting at the age you accept it and continuing onward, even after the explosion of our sun in some conscience form(literally could never die)- would you take it?

No. Having unending conscious awareness is one of my fears.

9.) If you could have any pet, non-extinct, without fear of it mauling you, or others, and you had the means to keep them happy and healthy what animal would it be?

This is a tough one because there are many animals that I love. Three that come to mind are bobcat, pygmy goat or giant sea spider.

10.) What is one thing you hate that everyone else loves? OR, one thing you love that everyone else hates?

I'm quite fond of black licorice.

11.) Would you accept a life of poverty, homelessness and hunger if it meant all other poverty, homelessness and hunger was eliminated from the planet?

I would like to say yes, though if I was actually confronted with the decision I don't know if I'd have to courage to go through with it.

12.) "Why is a Raven like a Writing Desk?"

It feels like you told me this one before, but I can't remember the answer!

1.) You are confronted by a monster that is made of the last food you ate (for example, if you last ate mashed potatoes, a mashed potato monster is now at your door). It is angry and wants to take revenge on you for eating one of its kind! How do you deal with the problem?
2.) You find out that aliens once live on Mars (they are all dead now though). How do you react?
3.) If you had the power to make any fictional creature real, what would it be?
4.) The last two movies you watched are now combined into one. What is it like? Is it good, bad or just plain weird?
5.) Do you have any recurring dreams or recurring themes in your dreams?
6.) How would you interact with a person who insisted that the Earth was flat?
7.) Would you prefer travel by airplane or train?
8.) Would you rather be too cold or too hot?
9.) Which of your original characters would you make a TV show about if you could?
10.) What is the cutest animal to you?
11.) Snow: love it or hate it?
12.) What made you the happiest in recent memory?

Tags (if you don't want to do it, that's fine. It's just the rules that I was supposed to do this). I'll tag some family, friends, and most recent commenters. Don't worry, Raven, I won't tag you back!

1.) :icontelgin:
2.) :iconkoudoawaiavortex:
3.) :iconrubydasquirlz:
4.) :iconsanrou:
5.) :iconjesse220:
6.) :iconmoonlitinuyasha1985:
7.) :iconsilverhammerbro:
8.) :iconjoecapricorn:
9.) :iconyoshifan30:
10.) :iconspaceinquiries:
11.) :iconkingovrats:
12.) :iconterror7290: (because you're my newest watcher!)



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