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Mostly Paint.NET, MS Paint, the Beneton Movie GIF, paper, pencil, and pen.
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God, the paranormal, animals, science, aircraft, Pop-tarts, some cartoons.
There is a group of anti-vaxxers running around on DeviantArt that have been stirring up trouble wherever they go. There were originally three of them, but it seems that one of them was recently banned. Still, the two left are enough to cause significant problems. I don't think I can give names, due to DeviantArt rules (but you know who you are). They like to hunt down deviations or journals that talk about the COVID pandemic or the COVID vaccines, then proceed to post misinformation (sometimes a flood of misinformation) in order to discourage people from getting vaccinated, to sow mistrust in medical and government officials and just increase the divide that is troubling the world right now. If you try to debate with them, they jump to insults. They are not here for the reason that DeviantArt was set up. The only "art" they upload consists of screenshots from other websites (which is against the rules, as it isn't their property), or simple pictures of text speaking out against
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It's rather ironic when someone who complains about censorship censors you themself. I just got blocked by an anti-vaxxer because I asked them for evidence to support two of their claims. I didn't even manage to get a debate started. I was straight up insulted and blocked for questioning them. Yet they also complain on another deviation of their's about Facebook not allowing them to question vaccines...
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At least part of the reason that I've been so inactive on this account is that I've been quite busy drawing a webcomic that I have named "Moonclash". Set in a fantasy world of eternal night, monsters are the dominant species and the story focuses around their interactions. It will have some combination of action, drama and comedy. Unusually for a story featuring monsters, there aren't any humans! I've just finished the first chapter. If anyone wants to check it out, it can be found here: Does this mean that I'm done with my main account? Probably not, but you can expect uploads here to be pretty infrequent (which, admittedly, they already were). Regardless, I'll still regularly check-in to view my messages.
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Hey kryptid, you don't know me but I know you from a long time ago. as a kid I liked all your Nazo and Sonic themed art as well as your Sapienspawn works. You were a very cool artist! but suffice to say I moved on from that time long ago, even after I had an account and could properly favorite everything you make. I still think about you from time to time though, as I do with all my favorite past artists. but since watching a video that mentioned your name, I decided to come back and check it out! you've gotten even better than you were before and you're just as creative too! keep up the good work and keep shootin' for the stars. Stars

Thanks a bunch! It's crazy how much time has passed.

You heard my name in a video? Which one was it?

No problem! I heard your name in a video by Shunks, I'll link it here.

I'm creating a cartoon. It's called, Forgotten Tales! It's about these forgotten and obscure characters that go on wacky and crazy adventures.

Hello. How are you?