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Sugar And Spice

Here's a little preview of a set of Twilight Sparkle Secret Ship Fic fan cards I'm going to be selling at the conventions I'm going to this year (I'll post more on that soon).

The set will have 12 cards and be based on R63 versions of characters.  Of course the best ponies 
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Sooo adorable! Actually genderswapped, or did Snails get Snips to get in touch with his feminine side?
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Hehehehe awwwwww.
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sugar spice and everything nicePowerpuff Girls Emoticon 1
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hmmm what to call snips like this. snails is glittershell. Snips could probably work but maybe something like silver trim. i dunno.
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It's R63 (gender swap) not crossdressing or trans this time (weird I know).

The general consensus is Snips is Sugar and Snails is Spice, hence the title (a flip on the rhyme Snips and Snails are named after)
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Oh gosh. The cuteness is off the charts. 
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These two are just too cute as gals. :heart:
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