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Story Time

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Oh my goodness! :giggle:
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Sunset: ... and the valiant and courageous stallion saved the princess from the evil wizard. And for saving her life she-
Sweetie Belle: T-they kissed?
S: .... *sigh* Yeah. She kissed the dude alright.
SB: W-what if... It wasn't a stallion but another mare who saved the princess?
S: Huh?
SB: Do you think they would still.... kiss?
S: Uh, yeah sure. I think...
SB: And... and if it wasn't a princess but a prince the stallion was saving?
S: I guess so. They would all sound do cheesy and-
SB: And if the villain was not the villain?
S: Uh...
SB: What if the victim was in fact the villain and the hero was saving the villain without realizing it?
S: Huh? Hey. That would be more interesting...
SB: But why about a mare who save a prince? Or many ponies?
S: Hey! Isn't that what your sister and her friends did many time so far? That would be an amazing story to write. I'm sure foals would love it than those cheesy stories.
SB: *gasp!* Oh my gosh!
S: *chuckle* You know what do now, Sweetie Belle.
SB: I... I must go find so paper and-
S: No. It's time for bed now. Come on. I promised Rarity.
SB: Awww...
S: That won't stop you do you?
SB: Yeah! I will write the heck of that story!
S: That's the spirit!
SB: And Rarity will the leader!
S: ...

Wonderful work.
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Clapping Pony Icon - Sunset Shimmer "And they all live happily ever after.  The end.  Alright, time for bed."
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Too cute for scoot!
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Stories for sweeties!
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