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Special little comic I did for my Snails ask blog Ask-Glittershell: [link]

A lot of love and twice as many layers went into my first real comic. I'm quite proud of it. The comic itself is narrated by Snails, and sorta preludes the blog and gives a bit of insight into what the blogs story is about.
I'll let the comic itself do the rest of the talking.

(Yay EQD! [link] )

[Note]: Some people were mentioning this, it's not about dyslexia. He just really struggles with academics. The book is a visual gag etc.

(If you feel so inclined to share and post this comic places, please be my guest!)
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"I thought I should just stop" "but I got scared at the last second" This implies suicide, right?
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I first came across this in Youtube, and speaking from the position of a transgender, I thought it was quite lovely and relaitable. As for it being told through the perception of a pony, as there seems to be something in the comments criticizing this, I will point out that many themes and life lessons were taught to us as either kids or adults (hell, mlp is all about moral stories using animals!) through animals or anthropomorphized what-have-yous. The theme of gender identity shouldn't be any different in my opinion of meaning. I don't care that it was a pony that did it, i cared that it was done interestingly, accurately, and respectively.

So well done!
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I remember reading this awhile ago, and I just wanted to say I still really like it! Thank you!
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I watched a dub of this comic, and it was just...amazing. This really made my day and hit right home with me directly. thanks for this beautiful piece of work
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I know exactly how they feel. It's something I deal with daily.
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My situation isn’t that far off. Their are times where I feel more animal then human. Like I don’t feel right with my skin or where I try to keep my instincts down out of fear of seriously hurting someone. Sometimes when I look in the mirror. I feel like I’m staring at a grey wolf. When I close my eyes, I like to imagine that I’m running through the woods alongside a pack of others, hunting a wild deer feeling the wind blowing through my fur as I run, I felt free. I get a similar feeling whenever I go running around my neighborhood, but I know it’s not the same. I dream sometimes that once, just once that I could get the chance to truly feel what it’s like to make my dream real, to be like a real wolf, running forever free. You get what I mean?

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Nice storytelling!
I like socks as a metaphor, I've not seen them used that way before.

I like the visual aspects too, like how the chalkboard looks like a monster.
I will be sure to check out your blog!
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I thought it was a gender struggle
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This is an interesting concept, and I like how you depicted his (or does Glittershell prefer 'her'?) inner struggle.
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I'm crying I know what's he means when he fells he should stop  love it
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Really sad:( (Sad) Wow This is just a really emotional  comic thats really good and made me cry. 5 stars
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I know the feels ;__;
I like this character idea, its something that has been missing from shows like mlp.
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awwww, i always feel bad for snails. i mean, i don't think he's an idiot, i think he just has a type of learning disability.
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This comic (and Scribblers wonderful Lets Read) helped inspire my own character battling with this issue... I must say I really love this idea for Snails :3
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I saw this in a let's read on YouTube. I'd never thought I'd find it. This is a very touching story and actually describes how I used to feel when I was little. I don't care what anyone says, this is a great piece with a heart wrenching message. Keep up the good work. :')
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"I'd never thought I'd find it."
>.> But it's linked in the video!

Also thanks
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Huh, I guess I should have looked in the description. Oh well, I still found it. :)
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I have no words how absolutely incredible this comic is.
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awww..poor snails
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guess some fanon is not for everyone
These feels. I was not ready for them.
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Hi there. I hope you don't mind, but I thought this was such a lovely comic that my friend and I have put together an audio version on YouTube.…

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*wiggles finger in ear*


Is that a pleased noise or a scream of terror?

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