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A dramatic love story starring Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy

The nearly catastrophic post dinner ordeal had left the fillies exhausted and shaken.  Not long after the crying had died off, gravity pulled Fluttershy into a poorly postured sit.  Her head was still swimming from the blow Pinkie had dealt her with the dinner cart.  Fluttershy squeezed the stars from her eyes and took a few calming breaths to ease her nausea.

Pinkie took a seat herself, and finally noticed Fluttershy's injury in full having come down from the shock of her first insulin injection.  The small gash above Fluttershy's left brow was still bleeding, and a thin trail lead down around her eye, along her cheek, ending at her chin.  Her friends yellow temple was smeared red where Pinkie had rubbed against her during her fit.  Fluttershy was also favoring the balance of her right side as she sat, keeping her weight off her left fore hoof.  Pinkie remembered with regret that Fluttershy had limped across the room after being struck.  The alfredo pasta Fluttershy had fixed her before threatened her throat when the pieces fell into place in Pinkie's head.

I did that… I hurt Fluttershy!

Fighting back the tears and urge to vomit in self disgust, Pinkie rose and dashed across the cottage living room to Fluttershy's medical saddlebag.

"Pinkie?"  Fluttershy turned her head slowly, having trouble following the pink blur.

"Just a second Fluttershy, don't move!"  Pinkie dove face first into the bag, ignoring the lockbox that housed the disposable injectors.  She found what she knew every medical bag needed to have:  Gauze wrap, cotton balls, tape, and disinfectant pads.

"But Pinkie, I'm- ahn!" Fluttershy flinched from the sharp tug at her shoulder when she put weight on her left hoof to look over her shoulder.

"I said don't move, please!"  Pinkie carried the bandage kit back to her hurt friend, and sat down.

"I need you to hold still, okay Flutters?"  Pinkie opened the cotton ball bag and pulled out a few.

"I… wha?"  Fluttershy squeezed her left eye shut as Pinkie leaned in to dab up the blood that had trickled from her head wound.  The stars came back to her vision when Pinkie's nose pushed at her cheek while she dabbed the blood off her coat.  

Did she just call me 'Flutters'?

Pinkie finished with the cotton, discarding the red splotched balls of fluff to the floor behind her.  Fluttershy's face was left with an orange streak down the left side, starting at the offending gash.

"I'm sooo sorry about this Fluttershy, but this will probably sting.  I'm so so soso sorry!" Pinkie squeezed the guilty tears from her eyes while she tore the packaging away from the disinfectant pad.

Knowing better than to protest, Fluttershy squeezed both her eyes shut. "O-okay…"

With a heavy heart Pinkie carefully dabbed the disinfectant pad against the cut.  The sound of the pained cry Fluttershy let out from the wipe felt like somepony had driven a hot iron through Pinkies rib cage.    After torturing Fluttershy with three agonizing wipes Pinkie dropped the disinfectant wipe and gingerly placed a gauze pad over the wound.  She carefully dressed her friends head in the gauze wrap, making sure to wrap it under her soft pink locks.

Her wound tended to Fluttershy opened her mouth to say something.  Pinkie was already on her hooves however, making her way towards the kitchen on unreasonably stiff hooves.

"I'll uh… get a rag."

Pinkie couldn't bear to see Fluttershy's big cyan eyes just then.  She occupied herself in searching for a clean and hopefully dark colored dish rag while she quietly berated herself.

What the hay is wrong with me!?  Flutters is the best friend anypony in Equestria could hope for, and she wants to help me!  So what do I do?  I yell at her, turn my nose up at her food, and buck CARTS at her!  Ugh!

She noticed a decorated red dish rag folded neatly near the sink.  It looked clean, so she turned the faucet to cold and held it under.  

Pinkie nearly jumped out of her hooves when she saw a horribly frightening mare staring at her through Fluttershy's window.  She was livid with anger, jaw tight and cold blue eyes narrowed in a glare.  Her left cheek had blood smeared on it, and her long straight mane was cow licked on the left side.

"You're the worst friend ever!"  Pinkie hissed aloud at her reflection.

Pinkie wrung the wash cloth with a little too much ire, and marched back to the living room considering what she should do.

I can't just leave, not while Fluttershy has a head wound.  I'll keep a super close eye on her for tonight.  If she's okay in the morning, tomorrow when I come back from my checkup I'll tell Fluttershy I'm fine and go home.

Fluttershy hadn't moved from the spot where Pinkie left her.  Pinkie sat down in front of her friend and began gently stroking the orange stain off her face.  Fluttershy squirmed at the cold, but didn't fight it.


"Lets get you cleaned off… then we should go get some sleep."

Fluttershy sighed and nodded in agreement.  The day had been a long one for the both of them, and Fluttershy was ready to finally give her aching hooves and shoulder a rest.  The mess in the living room could wait until morning when she'd have the energy to clean it properly.

The trek up to Fluttershy's room was an exhausting trial of slips, miss steps, and awkward leaning.  Pinkies hooves were still numb from her attack earlier that day, and the shoulder injury Fluttershy sustained during the post diner trauma was exacerbating the situation.

Fluttershy draped her left wing across Pinkies back while Pinkie braced her weight precariously against her friend.  Trying to ignore the fact that her left flank was rubbing against Pinkies, Fluttershy took the first steps up the stairs while using her wings for balance.  After securing herself a few steps upwards, she settled and helped guide the numb hoofed earth pony up the same steps.  The two inched along precariously the entire flight for a solid five minutes before coming to rest at the top in Fluttershy's bedroom.

The yellow Pegasus lit a candle on the shelf by the steps.  Her jaw fell slack when the biggest folly of the night thus far struck her.

I only own one bed!!

Fluttershy looked around anxiously, then rose while keeping off her bad hoof.

"Well uhm… goodnight Pinkie."  Fluttershy spread her wings about to glide back down the steps when Pinkie stopped her.

"Where are you going, Flutters?"  There was that name again, Fluttershy shivered when she heard it clearly that time.

"Uhm, well.  I uh… I only have one bed.  So I was just going to, you know, sleep on the couch downstairs."  Fluttershy grinned sheepishly at Pinkie, but her friend wasn't about to entertain that idea.

"Nah ah, Fluttershy" Pinkie clopped her hoof down "Your heads hurt, so I'm not taking my eyes off you.  Your bed looks big enough for the both of us."  Pinkie rose and wobbled over towards the heavily quilted double bed.

Fluttershy was flabbergasted "But I- and you… but then, and that means!" the color in her cheeks darkened for the hundredth time that day.  Fluttershy wobbled at the top of the steps when the sudden head rush mixed poorly with her injury.  Bracing her posture with her wings to prevent a catastrophic fall, Fluttershy rose and limped forwards a step.

"Are… are you sure?"

Pinkie nodded "of course."






"Fluttershy!"  Pinkie stomped her hoof with instant regret.  While Pinkie dealt with the hot pins and needles that had shot up her right foreleg, Fluttershy fluttered over to the opposite side of the bed and waited for Pinkie to climb in first.

"Welll… if you're sure."  Fluttershy eased herself under the covers after Pinkie settled in the large bed.  She rolled to turn her back modestly from her friend, and blew out the candle on her nightstand.

"Good night Pinkie."

"Good night Flutters." Fluttershy held in a squeak; there was that name again.

The two fillies closed their eyes and relaxed their aching hooves.  The day had been a long one full of trials and tears.  Both mares were exhausted… far too exhausted to sleep.

The gap in the covers over Fluttershy's back was a constant reminder that she was not alone in her bed that night.  Her heart frustratingly quickened whenever the mattress shifted from Pinkies stirrings, and Fluttershy felt frozen and trapped both in her own bed and in her own wild fantasies.  

"Memph!"  Fluttershy muffled her own yelp when she felt something soft come to rest on her legs.  She calmed down when she realized it was only Pinkies tail, then calmed right back up when she realized it was Pinkies tail!  The warm locks felt like silk against her coat, and she had to stop herself from petting it with her hind leg.

"Uh, Fluttershy?"  The yellow filly's chest tightened when she heard Pinkie.

"Y-yes?" she managed to choke out.

"Your wings are poking me." Pinkie shifted, turning her head to look at the back of her friends head.

If Pinkie hadn't done such a good job dressing Fluttershy's injury, her head very well would have exploded just then.  While she was focused on Pinkies tail resting on her legs, the wingspan it caused her to pitch went un-noticed.  As Pinkie rolled a bit to try and scoot the wings away from her, Fluttershy whimpered from the unintentional attention Pinkie was giving to the extra sensitive tips of her wings.

"I- wahh… uhm I ca-caaahn't *ahem* I'm sorry!"  Fluttershy quickly rolled over to save her wings from further accidental molestation.  Thank Celestia it was dark in her room, because she rolled to find herself face to face with a pair of half lidded bright blue eyes.  Fluttershy might have very well died if Pinkie saw her so hot and bothered.

"It's okay… Yawwwhhm" Pinkie let out a soft yawn.  Her breath made the hairs on the back of Fluttershy's neck stand on end… it smelled like strawberries.

"Goodnight" Pinkie closed her eyes again, finally caving in to the weight of the day and drifting off, but Fluttershy wouldn't find sleep nearly as easy.

The world was tranquil while Fluttershy stared at the object of so many confusing and frustrating feelings.  She didn't feel so guilty about watching Pinkie sleep this time, because she had invited her to sleep in the same bed.  Fluttershy indulged herself in watching her friend.  A generous moonbeam escaped through the part in Fluttershy's curtains to come to rest on Pinkies face, lighting it up just enough in the soft blue glow.  Fluttershy whispered in thanks to Princess Luna for granting her that moment's lumination.  Just like before in the hospital, Pinkies slightly darker eyelids slept soundly over her brilliant blue eyes.  Her long straight mane was pushed back away from her face behind her ear.

Pinkies long lashes squeezed together as her lips closed and curled in a short frown.  Fluttershy stared in alarm as Pinkie kicked her hoofs a little and scrunched her shoulders.

"Please… no" Pinkie whispered in her sleep.  Pinkie twitched again as her breathing picked up "please… Ah." A few tears glistened down her cheek in the moonlight.

Fluttershy's heart caught in her throat when she realized Pinkie's tranquil rest was being perverted by a nightmare.  Quickly reaching her hooves out, Fluttershy squeezed Pinkies hooves in her own praying they weren't too numb for it to go un-noticed.  Pinkies frightened fidgets and whimpers died as her face relaxed only slightly.  Fluttershy joined her in shedding a few quiet tears as they whispered together.

"I'm sorry…"

Fluttershy rose with a start as Filibuster heralded the sunrise.  The pink pony next to her hadn't budged from the sound of the rooster, so Fluttershy decided to let her sleep a little longer.  Her light weight helped her ease off the bed without disturbing the mattress.

Carefully brushing her mane, Fluttershy noticed an ugly bruise had formed on her left shoulder.  She frowned at it while she finished taming her mane.  Fluttershy toughed out the pain in her arm and limped down the steps to her living room with her wings spread for safety.

Hastily feeding her impatient hens and rooster, Fluttershy's thoughts were occupied with what to feed her guest rather than her animals.  She returned to her kitchen and made her decision with a proud smile after much internal deliberation. Deliberately ignored the patronizing scolding Nurse Redheart was giving her in her head, Fluttershy began to mix a bowl of pancake batter.  If Pinkie was going to be forced through the same ordeal as last night, she'd do it with a stomach full of yummy pancakes.

Not long after Fluttershy had started breakfast, Pinkie wobbled into the kitchen and caught Fluttershy setting the table.  Living most of her adult life in a bakery, Pinkie's body was set to wake up when the smell of baking wafted up from below her room.

"Pancakes?"  Pinkie came dangerously close to smiling as she made her way stiffly to the table.

"Oh!  You're up… uhm, I'm sorry I was about to come help you down the steps…" Fluttershy lay her ears flat with guilt as she set the plates down.

"I can walk just fine."  Pinkie retorted rubbing the crust from her eyes.  She paused, squinted, then double took at Fluttershy.  She was wearing a white apron with frilly shoulder straps and a lace fringe at the bottom.  The back straps came up under her wings, and were tied in a butterfly bow between them.

"I know Pinkie… I'm just worried about your hooves."  Fluttershy fidgeted under the look Pinkie was giving her and turned her attention to the pancakes.  The first pair was ready, so she flipped the second pair still on the stove before dressing the first set.

"I hope you don't mind, but I don't have any syrup right now."  It was a white lie of course; Fluttershy had hidden the syrup not wanting Pinkie to go overboard with it.  To make up for the lack of syrup, Fluttershy dressed the pancakes with fresh cut strawberries from her garden.

Pinkie grunted at the lack of syrup.  But when Fluttershy brought the short stack of two pancakes in front of her dressed with sliced strawberries and butter she figured there were worse things in life than pancakes without syrup.

Fluttershy returned to her pair of pancakes and carefully maneuvered them onto her plate while Pinkie started eating at a slowed pace.  Fluttershy dressed her own pancakes with less butter, but plenty of strawberries and sat across from Pinkie at the tiny kitchen table.

The two ate quietly in the warm sunlight shining through Fluttershy's kitchen window.  Half way through her second pancake, Pinkie stopped eating and broke the quiet.

"You remembered my song…"  Pinkie stared at her food.

Fluttershy swallowed her mouthful politely before responding.  "Mhmm."

"But that was so long ago, I only sang it once."  Pinkie looked up at Fluttershy, her eyes shimmering in the light.

"It really helped me, Pinkie… Whenever it's dark, and I'm alone and scared… I sing that song."  Fluttershy smiled softly at her friend.  "And it feels like you're right there with me, and I feel like I can be, well… a little more brave.  Like you."  At that admission, Fluttershy curled her long tail around her hooves where she sat.

Pinkie couldn't look up from her pancakes.  She saw a few drops of water fall onto her pancakes, and she choked up.  With a deep breath, Pinkie closed her eyes and whispered.

"I… wana get it over with.  Just go get it!"  Pinkie's entire body tensed, but she remained seated with her eyes shut.

Surprised and confused, Fluttershy almost lost hold of what Pinkie was saying.  Thankfully last night's ordeal was fresh in her mind, and she flew from her seat into the living room to her medical bag.

The world around Pinkie was dark and loud.  She could hear rummaging followed by approaching hoof steps.  She held her breath when she heard a muffled apology and tried desperately not to think about her dream the previous night.  A startled yelp escaped her mouth when she felt the sharp pressure against her shoulder, and she nearly bucked the chair out from under her.  The pressure left her with a sore spot, and she opened her eyes to find Fluttershy's hooves wrapped around her.

Finding it impossible to move her stiff arms, Pinkie just leaned into the hug Fluttershy was giving her and let her fears go with a sob she failed to make sound like a laugh.

"Hawwwwhuhuhh…" Pinkie shut her eyes again and buried her face into Fluttershy's mane to try and smother the pain.

After the clean up from breakfast was done, Fluttershy went about her usual morning chores of feeding her animals.  Pinkie watched from her wheelchair in the front lawn as Fluttershy was swarmed by the various critters and birds she cared for.  The scene reminded her that there was nopony in Equestria as nurturing as her friend.  The thought of Fluttershy taking care of her gave her a sour mixture of elation and guilt.  

The tranquility was broken when the two fillies noticed a pale pink earth pony approaching the cottage from Ponyville.  Fluttershy wheeled Pinkie over to the gate so they could both greet the visiter.

"Hello giirls~" The somewhat plump nurse mare smiled at them in greeting.

"Oh, hello Nurse Cura.  Here to pick up Pinkie?"  Fluttershy stopped at the gate and stepped out around Pinkies wheel chair.

"Mhmm-  Oh my!  Fluttershy dear, what happened?"  Nurse Cura frowned at the bandages around the Pegasus' head and her bruised shoulder.

"I… uh, well."  Pinkie fumbled her words, but Fluttershy managed to cut in gently.

"I fell down the stairs."  That particular excuse made Pinkie flinch and feel even worse.  She was just grateful Fluttershy hadn't seen her reaction.

"Oh dear, well it looks like the bandage is properly dressed.  You should go in and rest some Fluttershy."  The nurse pony walked around the wheel chair, eyeing Fluttershy's bruised shoulder.  "I'll bring Pinkie back to you in about three hours."

"Goodbye Pinkie, see you when you get back."  Fluttershy smiled at her friend, but Pinkie just hung her head.

"Yeah… see ya."  Pinkie hid her face behind her long straight mane and slumped in her seat while Nurse Cura cheerfully pushed her down the dirt path.

Fluttershy's eyes softened as she saw her friend leave.  She couldn't stand to see Pinkie act like this.  As Fluttershy walked back to her cottage, she began to miss the bouncing, excited, loud Pinkie she'd come to know and lo-

"That's it!"  Fluttershy said to nopony but herself as she raised her head.  She knew exactly how to cheer Pinkie up!  The idea was perfect, it would work, it HAD to work.  Fluttershy took flight with an excited flip before gliding through her front door to begin preparations.

The checkup took an hour longer than Nurse Cura first said.  Somepony was dumb enough to try a potion Applebloom had offered them, and Nurse Redheart was too busy dealing with that mess to do the checkup.  Nurse Cura had taken Pinkie back home once it was all taken care of.

"I'm sorry that took so long Pinkie, we really had our hooves full with that one.  I'll see you in a few days, alright?" the nurse pony apologized to her then hurried off back down the road to town.

"Yeah…" was about all Pinkie could reply with.  Fluttershy hadn't greeted her at the gate like she expected, probably because she was held up an extra hour.  Pinkie sighed at the thought of Fluttershy waiting up for her all alone.

"You can do this Pinkie."  She rolled herself up to the front door of the cottage "Just tell her thanks, and that you're going home to take care of yourself."

Pinkie pushed the front door open and squinted into the darkness that came to greet her.  All of the lights were off and the curtains were drawn.  The only light in the living room was pushing its way around her shadow in front of her.

"Fluttershy?"  Pinkie wheeled herself in trying to remember where the lights were.  "Maybe she went shopping…"

"Surprise!"  All the curtains drew open simultaneously, flooding the room with light.  Fluttershy hopped out from behind the couch to hover beneath a white banner strung across her ceiling that read 'Surprise!' in pink letters with hearts and cupcakes drawn on it.  The normally blandly colored living room was alive and vibrant with colored streamers, confetti and blue and yellow balloons.  On the table below Fluttershy was a small assortment of food:  A pink cake, a few pies, a punch bowl, and a plate of cupcakes.  

Pinkie looked on at the festival before her with surprise, then joy, then anxiety, and finally landing on despair.

"Wow!  I… but… I"

With tears threatening the corners of her eyes, Pinkie tried her best not to snap at Fluttershy.  "Y-you know I can't eat that!!  Why would you make those?!"

The yellow Pegasus quickly touched down in front of her friend and offered a comforting smile.  "Pinkie… You can eat it."

Pinkie looked up at her friend.  "But I'll get sick like yesterday!  And have to go to the hospital again!"

"Sweetgrass." Fluttershy said with a smile.

"Huh?"  Pinkie wiped her eyes.  "What's that?"

"It's a plant that grows on the edge of the forest." Fluttershy put a hoof on Pinkies knee. "It tastes sweet, but it doesn't have much sugar in it.  I used all the Sweetgrass plants from my garden to make those… they might not be as sweet as what you or the cakes make, though."

Pinkie just shook her head.  "Why… why Fluttershy?"


"Why are you so nice to me?"

"Uhm, I"

"-Why would you do all this for me?"

"…um" Even if Pinkie had let her finish, Fluttershy's words wouldn't come.

"I –hurt- you and you throw me a party!"  Pinkie shook her head, eyes squeezed shut.

"Pinkie… I"



"Because WHY?!"  Pinkie snapped at her. "WHY are you taking care of me?!  Why did you have to make all of this!?  Why don't you hate me for hurting you?!  Why d-"

Fluttershy closed her eyes and pushed herself forward with all of her might.  Front hooves on her friends knees, and pressed her lips against Pinkies.  Eyes wide, Pinkies hair was literally blown back from the kiss.  Her entire body tensed, then relaxed as her coat stood poised with energy, standing at an angle to give her body a light pink tint.  Pinkie sat there pinned under the yellow Pegasus completely struck with awe.  After a few scandalous seconds, Fluttershy reluctantly pulled back, a thread of passion hung between the two fillies lips as they separated, breaking once Fluttershy pulled back far enough.

Pinkie just stared at Fluttershy as she sat back down on her haunches and looked at the floor, face glowing.

"Y-you… really?" was all Pinkie could manage out, her heart racing.

Fluttershy nodded quietly, looking up at her bashfully.

"But, why?" Pinkie was dangerously close to being a broken record again, so Fluttershy answered her.

"Well… you're the only pony who's ever visited me and not asked favors.  You invite me to parties, even though I usually just sit in the corner… You make me feel wanted, Pinkie.  And… you make me feel like I can be brave and fun too… and I love it."

Pinkie stared down at Fluttershy's hooves for a long time in thought.  She brought her hooves up to her face and wiped her eyes, her lips breaking into a smile for the first time since the horrible news at the hospital.

"*Sniff* Thank you, Flutters..."  Pinkie wheeled forward and wrapped her arms around Fluttershy's neck.  It wasn't the response Fluttershy had hoped her confession would earn her… but she had Pinkie back, and that's what mattered.

"I'd love to try some of the food you made me."  Pinkie broke the hug and carted herself over towards the food.  Fluttershy followed her with a tired smile and got herself a cupcake.

"Of course Pinkie, I made them especially for you."  Fluttershy sat down on her fainting couch and watched as Pinkie began to indulgently put away slices of cake and punch like the Pinkie she knew.  The weight of preparing the party caught up with the exhaustion of the past two days.  Half way through her cupcake Fluttershy drifted off to sleep, the last thing she saw was Pinkies frizzy pink mane.

Fluttershy awoke with a start when she felt something chewing on her ear.  With a surprised yelp she frantically galloped to escape being eaten.  Her eyes snapped open to find her living room turned sideways and her hooves flailing at the air.  A pair of wide, bright blue eyes atop a cheerful grin moved into view and giggled at her failed attempt at flight.

"HEhehehe, oh Fluttershy, you're so silly!" Pinkie leaned back to give the startled Pegasus room to sit up.

"Pinkie…?"  Fluttershy rubbed her eyes and looked at her friend sitting in her wheel chair in front of her.  "uhn… Did you finish eating?"  Fluttershy yawned.

"Yahuh!  And I already wrote it all down, take a look!~"  Pinkie brandished her food journal up with pride.  Fluttershy tilted her head a bit at what was written in alternating pink, blue, and yellow crayon.

"Flutter…cake?"  Fluttershy looked up at Pinkie after reading the first word.

Pinkie nodded proudly.  "Yup-yup, Fluttercake!  Because it's sweet, and healthy, and pretty, and made just for ME!  Oh!  And I'm calling everything you make 'Flutterfood' cause that'll make it extra special!"

Fluttershy kept reading the words Pinkie had scribbled into her journal.

Flutterpunch – 2 glasses

Fluttercupcakes – 4… okay 6

Fluttercookies- 3

Flutterpie- 2 slices

That one made Fluttershy blush uncontrollably for some reason, but there was one last one.

Flutterear- 4 licks 1 nibble

"Flutter uhm… ear?"  Fluttershy looked up in confusion at the sly grin on Pinkies face.  Her brain was still putting things together, but the tingle in her ear proved her body had processed the information immediately.

  "I'm really sorry about all the trouble I've caused Fluttershy…"  Pinkie closed the book and looked down.

"But Pi-" A gently placed pink hoof covered Fluttershy's mouth, and Pinkie continued.

"To be honest, when I came back I was going to tell you I was going home… but you did all of this… and just for me.  I didn't know what to do with myself."  Pinkie sighed, but then she looked up with a smile.  "But while you were asleep… I realized something."  She lowered her hoof.

"Realized what, Pin-"

She never finished that thought.  Fluttershy melted like butter as Pinkie put her hooves on her shoulders, and locked her lips onto Fluttershy's.  Her wings flapped once in surprise, then lay lazily half spread.  In a daze of elation and a head full of fog, there was only one thought in Fluttershy's mind.

She tastes like Strawberries.

Happy Hearts and Hooves/Valentines/shipping day!

Fluttershy and Pinkie recover from the dinner fiasco. Will their friendship survive so much drama all at once? Or will Pinkie remove herself for Fluttershy's sake?

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4 <

Amazing cover art by the wonderful :iconfeujenny07: <-- go follow her!

My little pony and all characters belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
© 2012 - 2022 Kryptchild
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Took me forever to read, <3 IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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that was the most adorable story ive read ;3
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Sweetgrass pastries. Who knew? <3 I understand the story is old, but I stumbled across it and thought it was great! I can't want to see your never writings!
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Previous experience with sad fics was forcing part of my brain into thinking this would have a really sad ending or something. Pleasant surprise. I really liked this story~
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This is the greatest thing I have ever read.
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Thanks! Though I wrote it almost a year ago XD
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*explodes* body parts dance wildly with happiness*
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OMG WHY do people keep finding this?! D:
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Someone posted a comment in a group looking for good PinkieShy fanfics. Another posted link saying it was a good one and to read it. So... I did.
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Huh, I'm surprised anyone still remembers it! What was the group?
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Wait really? o_O
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>_> *is a MLP-FiM-Shipping co-founder*
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I know you wrote this a long time ago, but I really love it. It's adorable. ^^
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Oh god I actually forgot I wrote this ._.
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I figured when I saw the date, but I felt that it was really good, so I needed to comment.
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C: My smile at the ending couldn't be any wider! It was sad but a GREAT ending!

P.S. I like stories that end with a not-entirely-defining note so that I can fill in the rest.

You are a great writer and SHOULD write more. Into my watch right now, you are.
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I think you're the first person to watch me for my fanfiction in a long while! <3

Maybe I should sit down and write something again...

I don't have many others, but if you're not bothered by a little darkness, I'm proud of my my one shot "His Secret Excess".
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I praise darkness. And I think you should do an adventure fic, for it seems like something you could do quite well. (and who says there cant be shipping in it)
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Well I'm not sure it's the kinda dark you have in mind...

That was purely utterly now my favorite fanfic i have ever read. it's cute man keep up the good work :')
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Thanks! I seriously need to find someone who can proofread it though.
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