Health and Love part 2

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A dramatic love story starring Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy

A nightmare, that had to be it!  She wasn't really pacing a trench into the tile floors of the hospital's ER waiting room.  Pinkie hadn't really collapsed in Sugar Cube corner half an hour ago.  She was tossing about in her bed crying just as much she was in her dream.  Her horrible, horrible, horrible dream.  That had to be it.  In a few minutes she would wake up, run downstairs, and hug the daylights out of Angel Bunny until she calmed down.  This was nothing more than a really really bad-


Fluttershy leapt at the voice behind her "Is she going to be okay?!"

But it was not nurse Redheart like she thought.  The pony she had grabbed was Mrs. Cake, and she was crying almost as much as Fluttershy.

"I was just about to ask you that dearie."  Ignoring her own tears, she pulled a hanker chief from her saddlebag and fruitlessly dabbed the spot under Fluttershy's eyes.  "We're all worried about Pinkie.  The way you screamed in the shop, we thought the world had ended!"

Fluttershy squeezed the fresh tears from her eyes.  She didn't have the courage to tell her 'it did end', so she went with the easier response.

"Where's Mr. Cake?  Isn't he worried too?"  Something about the question sat sour in the yellow Pegasus' mouth.  She had not meant for it to sound accusative… or maybe she had, and it just hadn't come out that way.  The throbbing in her ears was making it harder than normal for her to hear herself speak.

"I came ahead so he could close down the shop and look after the foals.  We decided it would be best to wait to bring them until after Pinkie is okay."  There was a nice finality in her tone, but it didn't feel like there was much confidence behind it.

"She will be okay.  She has to be!  She has to…"  Fluttershy was back to patrolling her space of the waiting room.  Mrs. Cake desperately wanted to comfort the filly, but for the life of her she could not think of anything that wouldn't upset her more.  She considered assuring her Pinkie had bounced back from food poisoning on several occasions, but she was afraid the word 'poison' would set the poor girl off.  Fluttershy had always been so quiet and so timid, but Mrs. Cake's ears were still ringing from her explosion earlier.  It was a ridiculous thought… but Mrs. Cake was a little scared to find out what else Fluttershy was capable of while this upset.

Fluttershy stopped abruptly and whispered something while turned away.

"I... beg your pardon dearie?" Mrs. Cake cautiously leaned closer.

Fluttershy spoke up a little, but could still only be half heard "What… poison… food?"

The hairs on the back of Mrs. Cake's neck stood on end a little as Fluttershy had followed her own train of thought.

"Oh!  W-well she's bounced back from food poisoning before.  But if there was anything wrong with the food I think others would hav-"

Fluttershy spread her wings and spun around mid air with a look in her eyes Mrs. Cake had never seen in any part of the buttery mare before.  It was anger.

"I said what if someone poisoned HER food!" She snapped with wild eyes.  This time the accusative tone came out and this time Fluttershy really had meant it.  "Her face didn't get pale or green, it got red I saw it!  She didn't vomit or complain about nausea… she said she couldn't feel her hooves and then she collapsed!  That wasn't food poisoning!"

Fluttershy's face softened immediately after the outburst.  She landed and turned her back to Mrs. Cake to hide her fresh tears behind her bangs.

"I'm so suh-sorry…" Fluttershy laid herself down on the cold tile floor and hid her face in her hoofs after choking out an apology.

"It's alright dearie" was the only thing Mrs. Cake could really say by this point.  She wanted desperately to comfort the poor filly.  But she had never seen Fluttershy this upset or this unstable, and was afraid to set her off again.

Raising her head from her quiet sobs, Fluttershy was about to say something when the sound of approaching hoofsteps stopped her train of thought.

"Is she going to be okay?!  Did somepony poison her?!"  This time it was Nurse Redheart that Fluttershy had latched onto.  The white earth pony was sympathetic, but clearly didn't appreciate being grabbed.

The nurse gently peeled Fluttershy off while softly shaking her head.  "No, she wasn't poisoned Fluttershy.  Who in Equestria would want to poison Pinkie Pie?"

Fluttershy sat back on her haunches and hid her face behind her bangs. "I just… never mind."

Nurse Redheart gave her an empathic smile before returning to a more serious expression.

"Pinkie Pie is going to be fine.  She gave us quite a scare at first but you got her here quick.  She's stable and resting upstairs.  We've given her some insulin injections and she'll need-"

"Insulin?"  Mrs. Cake and Fluttershy simultaniously cut in.

"But… she's not, I mean…" Fluttershy tried to continue the thought, but she was having some difficulty.

"She is, apparently."  The nurse pony continued grimly "Pinkie has Type One Diabetes, and she just had one bucker of an attack.  We actually had to pump her stomach to keep her blood sugar from getting any higher, or the insulin wouldn't have been enough."

Mrs. Cake shook her head, trying to comprehend all of this.  "But… how can Pinkie Pie just have it?  My aunt has had diabetes all of her life, how can Pinkie just suddenly have it?"

Nurse Redheart nodded for them to follow her down the hall while she explained.  "She was born with type one.  She's just one of the rare cases where she hasn't shown symptoms until she's an adult.  Her body was going to stop naturally producing Insulin at some point… Though it's beyond me how she lasted this long considering her eating habits, diabetic or not."

"This is all my fault… we should have tried harder to make her eat more healthy foods."  Mrs. Cake chewed on her bottom lip hard enough to draw blood while trying to hold back the guilty tears.

"It wasn't yours or anypony's fault Mrs. Cake…" the nurse pony stopped in front of a room marked '6' and look back at the two of them.  Fluttershy was as quiet as usual so she continued.  "It was going to happen eventually, I'm just thankful it happened in a crowded room close to the hospital."

The three were talking quietly just outside Pinkie's hospital room, but Fluttershy found it impossible to peel her eyes off the floor.  She was turning the information Nurse Redheart had given her over and over, trying to grasp it.  She kept coming back to the same thought that made her stomach tighten and heave.


"She's going to have to stay here a few days so we can monitor her and help her adjust" Nurse Redheart had not heard her, and Mrs. Cake's full attention was on the health care pony.  Fluttershy kept trying but her voice only came out softer.

" How do we…"

"Oh of course dearie, how many days do you think she'll have to stay here?"  Mrs. Cake failed to notice Fluttershy was speaking.

"About three or four, if there aren't any complications, followed by three weeks of regular checkups." The two of them still couldn't hear her.  Fluttershy curled her long tail around in front of her front hooves where she sat and hid behind her bangs.  She felt so small, but she wanted to be smaller.  She wanted to shrink and disappear completely.  She didn't want to be there.  She didn't want any of this to happen, she should still be at Sugar Cube Corner quietly enjoying her Strawberry Fruit Tart.  Pinkie should be there with her, being loud and happy as she could be.  Pinkie shouldn't be in the hospital.  Pinkie shouldn't be sick.  Pinkie…

"I want to tell her."

Fluttershy found her voice.  It wasn't much, but it was enough to stop the conversation the other two were having.

"'Tell her', Fluttershy?"  The white nurse pony peered around Mrs. Cake to look at Fluttershy.  She knew exactly what Fluttershy meant, but she wanted to know if Fluttershy had really meant to say what she did.

"I… I want to be the one to tell her.  Even" Fluttershy paused "even if it means she'll hae…hate me-"

Casting her gaze down at her blurry hoofs, she stalled a sob just long enough to finish.

"-it needs to be mmme."

That last word was nearly lost on her shuttering chin, but she forced the rest of the word out before the tears fell.  Fluttershy felt as though she had just volunteered for her own execution.  She lay herself down on the unforgiving hospital floor before her shaking hooves gave out.

The other two looked down helplessly as Fluttershy crumbled before them.  They both wanted desperately to comfort her…  But there was only one thing in the wide world of Equestria that could ever be said in response to that request.

"Okay." Nurse Redheart resigned.  She closed her eyes to try and force the stress away.  

She had been a nurse for years.  She had given worse news to entire families.  She had told crying parents of dying foals.  She'd been screamed at, threatened, even bucked once. Yet somehow here Fluttershy was tearing down her years of professionalism and tugging at her heartstrings. For crying out loud she was biting back her own tears over a diabetes case that wasn't even close to life threatening yet!

The three mares sat in the hall for a long time.  Nurse Redheart was the first to stand and approach the door.  She motioned them inside while doing her best not to look at Fluttershy.  The sooner this was all over with the sooner she could get herself some coffee, some lunch, and move on to a less Fluttershy involved case.  

"Come on you two, we shouldn't block the hallway."

First into the room after the nurse pony, Fluttershy looked around trying to adjust to the dim lighting inside.  It was a somewhat comfortable single room.  She would have almost called it cozy if it weren't in fact in a hospital.  A soft electric beep made her ear flick, followed by another beep, then another and another.  Fluttershy's eyes fell upon the culprit machine sitting next to the only bed in the room.  Her gaze followed the wires leading off the machine until they fell upon the bubblegum pink arm they were attached to.  

The despair from earlier momentarily lifted when she saw Pinkie peacefully resting for the first time.  Her eyelids were just a slight darker shade than her face, something that was difficult to notice considering Pinkie's eyes were almost always wide open and alert.  Her lips were parted just so while her noiseless breath slowly lifted and dropped the blanket resting on her chest and abdomen.  Fluttershy's heart skipped a little when she realized that even a chaotic pony like Pinkie could have tranquil moments.

The nurse pony watched Fluttershy's reactions carefully with a bemused smile.  It wasn't her place to speculate, but she had her suspicions about why Fluttershy was reacting so strongly to all of this.

Fluttershy averted her eyes after a moment.  She felt almost trespassive, even a little bit dirty to be watching Pinkie in her sleep.  Trying not to think about how the machine was letting her hear the pink pony's heartbeat she occupied the chair closest to the bed.  Despite how awkward it felt, she couldn't stop herself from occasionally glancing back at Pinkie's face.  It was a rare treat she doubted she'd get to see ever again.

"She'll probably wake up soon…" Nurse Redheart took the clipboard off the foot of Pinkie's bed and flipped through it to try and look busy.  Nothing had changed in the fifteen or so minutes since she had left the room of course.  But she didn't dare look at Fluttershy again for fear of losing the composure she had managed to recover.  

Mrs. Cake took up residence in a chair by the window.  While staring at her hoofs she tried to suppress the growing feeling that she was out of place in the room.  Maybe it was just jitters left over from what happened at the bakery.  Or maybe it was her guilt that she felt relived Fluttershy was back to being quiet and timid.  It could have been neither, or both… but she just felt wrong.

The miasmic melancholy that had settled over the three mares was broken by an animated yawn.  All eyes were on Pinkie as she stretched and awoke to an audience.

"Yaaawhmh…?  Hi guys!  Why are you in my-" Pinkie paused as she absorbed her surroundings "-not room?"

The beeping metronome sped up as Pinkie started to get her bearings on the situation.  When her eyes fell on her left arm, the beeping became frantic as her eyes widened.

"Whu-AAAAHH!!  H-Help me!!"

Fluttershy and Nurse Redheart had to hop up and hold Pinkie down to stop her from pulling the IV out of her arm.

"Pinkie don't!  Please calm down." Fluttershy begged her.

"What's going on?!  Why is there a nn-nneeagh-thingy in my arm?!" Pinkie turned in near panic to Fluttershy while trying to hold her own left hoof as far from herself as possible.

"It's medicine Pinkie.  You… um" Fluttershy gripped Pinkie's right hoof in both of her own.  If only the situation had been different she could have taken the time to enjoy holding it.  "You collapsed in Sugar Cube Corner… you're in the hospital right now."

Pinkie's brow furrowed as the haze in her memory was clearing.  She was distracted from the IV drip, but the machine was still beeping away.  Nurse Redheart walked over to turn the volume on the machine down a little hoping to keep Pinkie from remembering it.

"I collapsed?  Oh yeeeah… I think I remember now."  Pinkie frowned, looking down at her back hooves under the covers accusatively.  "My hoofsies got all tingly tingle and everything started to spin, except I hadn't had any rum cake or spiked red pasta sauce."

Her gaze returned to Fluttershy "Then I heard your voice and got a queasy tickly feeling, then everything went fuzzy!  What happened?  Was it another baked bad?   I'm pretty sure Applejack wasn't in the kitchen today."

Fluttershy slowly shook her head.  It was the moment she had been dreading, but she had volunteered and damn it she needed to do it.

"No, it wasn't food poisoning… it-" Fluttershy nearly bit her tongue.

"Iiiiit?"  Pinkie encouraged her.

"It was… ah… a diabetic attack.  Pinkie you… y-you have uh, type one diabetes."  Fluttershy squeezed her eyes shut.  She didn't know what to expect or how she'd react, she just knew that it would be horrible.

The room was quiet for a long time while Pinkie just stared at Fluttershy.  Finally the last thing anypony expected to hear broke the silence.  Pinkie snorted.


"Puh… Pinkie?"  Fluttershy opened her eyes slack jawed as her friend just laughed at the horrible news.

"-HaahaHAAAAHahahahhh… whooh!  Oh wowEE Fluttershy, I never expected YOU to be such an A class prankster!"  Pinkie grinned at her dumbstruck butter colored friend.

"Pinkie this i-" Fluttershy tried to explain.

"I mean this is SOOooo elaborate!  I'm really impressed!  You even got Mrs. Cake and Nurse Redheart in on it!  And the hospital room, the drugged pastries was a real nice touch, I never once suspected you'd be ab-"

"This isn't a prank!"  Fluttershy found just enough voice to get Pinkie to hear her.  When Pinkie saw the tears running down Fluttershy's cheeks her brain sputtered.

"Bwah-huh?  But I-"

"It's not a prank…" Fluttershy looked down a moment.  It would have been wonderful if it really was a prank.  She'd have much preferred Pinkie hating her for such a cruel and heartless joke than have Pinkie go through this ordeal.  She re-doubled her determination and looked back up at Pinkie

"So I… I'm really…?"  Pinkie looked around at the other faces, but Fluttershy was the only one who could bear to look at her.  "But, tha-then…"

Time slowed to a crawl for the second time that day as Fluttershy stared with transfixed horror at Pinkie Pie.  Pinkie was completely incapable subtlety in any capacity, and this was far from an exception.  Her eyes slowly grew to the size of dinner plates as the realization of what that meant hit her like a train.  Fluttershy felt her insides twist as she watched Pinkie's entire body animate in slow motion her heart breaking.  Pinkie's wild blue eyes shimmered and softened, obscured by damp buildup.  There was no wild stream or dramatic wailing like Fluttershy had expected.  The tears simply gave way and trailed down her bubblegum cheeks to her chin uninhibited.  Her wild and stubbornly frizzy mane slowly lost its body as it deflated completely, falling limp around her head and parted to the left.  The long cascade of pink lay heavy with the depressing beauty of a wilting pink rose.  Normally perky and poised for motion, Pinkies posture sank.  Her high held head drooped, her ears lay flat, and her shoulders became limp.  Even her Bubblegum pink coat gave way to the crushing gravity of despair as the hairs lay against her at enough of an angle to shift her coat to a slightly darker shade of pink.

Pinkie brought her hooves up to hide her face.  Fluttershy moved before she could think and leaned over the bed.  She threw her fore hooves around Pinkie to rest her friends face against her shoulder. After a violently trembling breath, Pinkie let out into Fluttershy's shoulder a wretched sound that could only be choked up from the murky black mire of utter despair.

~To be continued.
Part 2 of 4

Pinkie has mysteriously collapsed in Sugar Cube Corner and was rushed to the hospital.

But what is wrong with her, and how will she handle the answer?

(Edit note: Some grammatical errors have been fixed)

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Amazing cover art by the wonderful :iconfeujenny07: <-- go follow her!

My little pony and all characters belong to Hasbro and Lauren Faust.
© 2012 - 2022 Kryptchild
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Feels! Right... in... my feels... :iconhnnnngplz:
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It... gets worse actually ._.
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