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Edgar Maria

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D&D Character I've been playing with friends for the past year.

Petulant, selfish, and impatiant, Edgar is a Kelpie and the youngest swamp witch of the Baba Yaga coven in a world called Amalthia.  

She traveled north into the civilized lands on a quest to kill one of her sisters who left the Coven and betrayed Granny.  Along her travels she met a Kobold war priest named Dolk whom she's adopted herself under, and a pyroclastically umisfortunate Theif named Pitt.  

Together they bought a boat off a dead man and go on wild adventures picking up all manner of adventurers along the way, including a Squidfolk Cereal Killer and a Drug addled Illusionist.

If you care to learn more, check out our DnD tumblr  > <
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Aww looks cute.