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.:Spyro and Cynder:.

OMG I'm so active xD another pic! this is after loong time my first finished pic!

the bg isn't by me, is taken by a spyro DotD pic

Spyro & Cynder are by Sierra
art by me :iconkryptangel92:
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This is simply beautiful! It brings a tear to my eye, remembering how amazing the Legend of Spyro games felt, the sense of wonder, the incredible voice acting, and the mythology of the series leading up to Spryo's and Cynder's final confrontation with Malefor. I remember looking through far more naive and younger eyes, marveling at the series I came to love. You've captured that nostalgia perfectly! Thank you so much for sharing this piece with those of us who have come to love this series so deeply!
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im really happy to hear that you remember that times only through watching my artwork, after all art is emotion! thanks ! :)
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Amazing. You know i love the Spyro games.
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thanks an me too :)
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Sorry but... (favs this) Never mind... Sweating a little... 
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They're so cute
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I love it anyway.
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One of my most favorite video game pairs!
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This is literally the best thing ever.
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Wow! Didnt notice the background till now!! May i use this as my background of my itouch?
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Spyro and Cynder is so CUTE together ^^
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