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Hi may i join this group too?
I really love the dragonlance book and cartoon.
i have some arts about it too.
if your answer is yes please tell me how to join this group?
In the off chance that this group is still alive and just quiet, I have a message to put out:

If anyone is a wiki member of the Dragonlance Lexicon or other wikis for the series, shoot me back a response. I can link you to some sites that have Mina's Sleep Song, Goldmoon's Song, The Song of Lorac, and a few others to put into the wikis and fill some gaps.
Est Solarus, Oth Mithas.

I really like Dragonlance ^v^
I'm still in the first trilogy, but it's so intriguing C:

also, this group is really great, nice fanarts, cool people and stuff :D
(shirak in the description is a sweet touch, Raist is my favourite character ever of the saga. Looking forward the second trilogy for him hehe)

I hope to do some fanart sooner or later :heart:

Please do! And enjoy the group :)
Really appreciate the feature. Big thanks! :)