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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 13
    Chapter 13: Thatch’s soft side
    Casper had spent all of his breakfast trying to deflect a lot of his friend's questions. He just tried to keep it vague, saying they went to Thatch’s house while claiming he forgot exactly where it was- that the location was just far away and he doesn’t even know the way because all he did was follow Thatch. Casper did say Thatch’s house was pretty big, but scary looking with large stone towers and big hallways. At that point they asked even more questions, so Casper had to tell them it was a castle and not a normal house, and that it was in the human world. That only spurred their confusion and interest. Thatch lived in the human world? In some castle? So outdated and Casper had to agree to that, but add on that it was pretty cool.
    Casper managed to avoid talking about a lot of stuff.  Thatch’s father, Vincent. The human town nearby with that weird
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OC Interview- Simon Bolton (4)
    “Hello, viewers and welcome to the show, ‘Get to know the OC’!” Zena hummed, sitting back in her cushioned chair in her favorite corner. She crossed one leg over the other as LaRae moved the camera, slowly adjusting it to get Zena’s best angle. “Now this is an exciting episode. My dear friend, who is also our amazing director, LaRae suggested we view a certain cutie. This fellow is very different because unlike all the others we have seen, I have a short story written about him… Which I have not shown to anyone pretty much… So yeah,” she mumbled softly before she shrugging. “Maybe one day I’ll let you lot see it, but for now let the mystery consume you or something like that.” She waved it off as if the thought was nothing. "I don't know if it's ready to been seen by the public's eyes, so for now think creatively. Anyways, I am Zena Krimzon, or as many of you know me as KrymynalKrimzon, you&
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 12
    Chapter 12: Worried mummy
    The morning felt so unreal. Thatch’s mother came in, gently shaking the two awake before the sun had a chance to rise- not even a ray of light in the night sky. Casper was incredibly tired, whining as he nuzzled into the bed, wearing the same PJs from the night before- Thatch’s old clothes. The ghost was finally getting used to wearing actual clothes again and he was starting to enjoy it.
    While the ghost was a lump under the sheets, Thatch seemed to rise easier out of bed, leaving Casper in the warmth of the sheets as he went and dressed in his normal clothes- a white shirt, black pants with a chain- like always. His father’s cloak around himself and he seemed content, a gentle smile on his lips. Casper enjoyed this side Thatch, but he could only remember the night before. Thatch dressed in his terribly outdated clothes- and Casper just had to match. How they danced in th
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 11
    Chapter 11: Empty Ballroom
    The day was better than Casper could have ever hope. Their shortbread was amazing- sort of. It turned out Thatch couldn’t bake to save his life so Casper took over to assure things were done properly. Thatch was only good at reading out the steps and fetching the objects Casper needed. The talented ghost ended up making his personal tray of shortbread have 2 layers with a nice, thick center of strawberry flavored cream. He carved the shortbread to make a long, wiggling shape then carved one of the larger strawberries to look like a snake head, then used one of the green leaves and carved it carefully to make a forked tongue. He was proud of his little strawberry shortcake snake.
    But Thatch’s shortbread… Well, it wasn’t burned- Casper assured that. But it wasn’t pretty. At least it tasted ok! Thatch had spent most of his time trying to make cute little cream s
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 10
    Chapter 10: A not so helpful fleshie
    The strange fleshie led them into the town park- currently abandoned as most of the kids were playing at each other's houses, probably on their computers or consoles. She went over to the playground and the two monsters were nervous to follow, but what choice did they have? Casper wanted to do this the safest way possible, and Thatch was just hoping to get out of town mostly unseen- which meant this fleshie can’t scream or they would be exposed.
    The black haired fleshie led them into the cover of the playground set, the plastic walls bleached by the sun had lost their yellow color ages ago while the brown walkways were losing their layers of paint, showing the gray metal it was actually made out of. It didn’t look like a friendly place, and from the cobwebs hanging around no one played here anymore. The fleshie sat down by what used to be a red slide, now a paled to
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 9
    Chapter 9: Town Outing
    Casper woke up alone in the big bed, ever so alone. The ghost slowly sat up, his eyes scanning the room but he saw no sign of Thatch. The room was cold and empty, but the curtains were open letting in the sunlight. Seems Thatch woke up early and just didn’t bother to awake the ghost or something. Casper slowly slid out of the bed, leaving the warm comfort of the sheets behind as he looked around the room, making sure to check the corners of the ceiling to see if Thatch was just hanging upside down in his bat form.
    With no sign of Thatch in the room, the ghost sighed, running his fingers through his soft blue hair. It was only then Casper noticed on the foot of the large bed was an outfit laid out for him. With a smile the ghost boy went over, picking it up- oh what was this…?
    Casper’s brows furrowed and he laid it out on the bed, trying to see what it
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 8
    Chapter 8: He’s not welcomed
    “And that was it… when I woke the castle was empty, a few things were on fire but other than the dead bodies one would think nothing had happened... Only a few things survived that night… Mom, me and the few servants alive tried our best to clean the place up. We fixed the bridge, replaced the lost doors and just… tried to keep on living. That’s where we are now. The village never bothered us again…” Thatch sighed heavily, not lifting his gaze from the pond.
    “Thatch I…” Casper could barely speak. He never imagined something like this. Thatch saw such horrors Casper could barely imagine. This could only explain so much; no wonder Thatch hated fleshies so much. They took so much from him. “I’m sorr-”
    “If you say sorry I swear I’ll bite you.” He hissed. Thatch annoy
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 7
    Chapter 7: Brave Father
    “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!” Casper quickly said, holding his hands up, as if that would help the situation. It only made Casper look even more guilty in this situation.
    “W-why… how- you followed me? Casper what the hell!” The vampire yelled, a hand over his chest as if to try to calm his ‘pounding’ heart. Casper wasn’t sure vampires had heart beats- but the ghost swore he could feel his at times even if he technically had no heart, or any organs for that matter.
    “I’m so so sorry, please listen-”
    “No, hide!” The vampire quickly started to push Casper. “Under my bed or something, go go go!” He hissed. Casper just managed to get under Thatch’s bed when his mother came rushing into the room, an apron still tied around her with flour lightly dusti
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 6
    Chapter 6: Thatch goes home
    The boat creaked and moaned with every gust of wind that helped it sail through the air. Casper kept hidden, too scared to come out and admit to Thatch that once again- he had followed the vampire without permission. So, the ghost boy could do nothing but stay hidden and follow the violet-eyed vampire.
    The double eyepatch-wearing pirate waddled along the deck with his peg leg, heading over to the wheel. His parrot grumpily watched Thatch distrustingly as if expecting Thatch to start insulting them the whole way, but the vampire did not. He silently sat on the wooden bench, tucking his legs up to his chest.
    “So kid, where are we going?” Cappy asked. “I know you live in the underworld-”
    “The human world.” Thatch interrupted, not even lifting his gaze from his picture. “I live in the human world…
:iconkrymynalkrimzon:KrymynalKrimzon 4 0
OC Interview- Rosanna Gates (3)
    “Hello, viewers and welcome to the show, Get to know the OC!” Zena excitedly spoke. She was standing in front of the corner instead of sitting like last time, unable to decide mow how to consistently start the show, much to LaRae's frustration. “In today's episode, we’ll be interviewing a hotheaded Creation student. She was a bit of a pain to get here, but I know she’ll certainly be a blast-” She was forced to stop in her intro as yelling erupted backstage. The orange haired female cleared her throat, loosening the collar around her shirt as she peered offscreen. “Um, forgive that. Anyways today we’ll be-” the female failed to finish as an explosion erupted, shaking the floor and walls. The camera shook and fell over despite LaRae's attempts to catch it, the viewers were left to stare at Zena’s shoes as she stumbled and had to rush off screen, yelling for Gunner. Then suddenly the camera cut off and swi
:iconkrymynalkrimzon:KrymynalKrimzon 4 0
OC Interview- Shantell Degasi (2)
    “Hello, viewers and welcome to the show, Get to know the OC! In this episode, we’ll be interviewing a professor today! She’s strong and independent with a gentler side that I just wish to see! She was a bit of a pain to get here, being a professor she is terribly strong but she’s here at least.” The familiar announcer gleefully said into the camera, sitting in the familiar corner from the last episode. LaRae facepalmed behind the camera and made a motion with her hand and in response, Zena sat up a bit straighter instead of slouching. The orange haired female had her clipboard in lap and the remote on the arm of her chair. As she rested back against the soft cushions Zena glanced at her clipboard to review the small list of things she had to announce. “Of course the same rules apply as last time. In case you don’t remember them, here they are.” The orange haired announcer chimed happily. LaRae smiled and pressed th
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OC Interview- Mill Higgins (1)
    "And we're live," A female voice behind the camera spoke as the TV came to life suddenly.
    “Hello, viewers and welcome to the show, Get to know the OC! In this episode, we’ll be interviewing one of the more peaceful characters I happen to have. I am Zena Krimzon, or as many of you know me as KrymynalKrimzon, what a mouthful!” The interviewer announced to the camera. The woman had a rounded face with chubby cheeks, excitable brown eyes and black rounded glasses, giving her an innocent looking face. Her shoulder length dyed orange hair was falling in her face as she spoke, but she simply ignored that. She then looked at the clipboard in hand. “This challenge was given to me by my longtime friend, Cry who is also known as ZimmyCakes on DeviantArt! If you wish to meet her characters in her show, look at the description of the show for the link.” Zena read off the clipboard, then flashed a big TV worthy smile, the
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 5
    Chapter 5: Goodbye Thatch, Hello Slither
    It was Friday finally, but that wasn’t really comforting. Casper felt like hell, the lack of sleep was really catching up to him. In fact, he had gotten no sleep at all that night. He and Thatch had barely returned to the dorms before any of the alarms had gone off. Casper had just gotten on his bed, and Thatch only opened his coffin lid when the alarm clocks started to go off all around the room. Time to start the day.
    Thatch didn’t seem to mind, for he had closed his lid as if he was getting out of it. He went around the room, getting his personal friends up faster than normal, demanding they were ‘lazy bones’ and needed to move fast before he forced them too. The vampire seemed eager to get out of the room and away from Casper. It was a touch sad- but at the same time, the ghost understood.
    Basically, this morning sucked. No
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 4
    Chapter 4: You look like Thatch
    Casper sighed heavily, his eyes barely opening as everyone around him was starting to get up. He was exhausted, he could admit that. He was staying up far too late and barely getting any sleep. The first few nights he could handle, but it was all catching up with him now. The ghost boy tucked his legs up to his chest, pulling the thin blanket over his head to fully hide from the rest of the dorm. Just a few more minutes, it was just a Thursday after all- the most unimportant day of the week. Surely he could rest just a bit longer…
    The bed was his safe space and he felt like he never wanted to leave it. In his hazy mind, he could still remember last night so well.
    Thatch and Casper had snuck back into the dorm, unseen by the cover of the beauty that was the night. Thatch had led Casper over to his coffin, where he opened the lid a
:iconkrymynalkrimzon:KrymynalKrimzon 6 0
Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 3
    Chapter 3: Admire from afar
    Casper felt as light as air the next day, and it wasn’t just because he was a ghost. When he rose from his bed he was feeling lively, a big smile plastered on his face. The badge Thatch had returned was now hidden under his pillow, safe and sound where no other student could see. He didn’t need anyone asking questions about who won that fight after all. Certain things were just best hidden from the light of the day.
    Ra was slow to get out of his bed, lifting up the heavy lid and crawling out- looking like he got no sleep at all. This did not deter the friendly ghost at all who floated over, smiling widely and as active as the sun is bright. “Good morning Ra! Come on let’s go get Mantha and head down for breakfast.” He chimed, pulling Ra eagerly.
    Ra tiredly looked at Casper, looking more like a zombie than a mummy in his current state-
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Let Love Flow Rewritten- Chapter 2
    Chapter 2: Midnight Embrace
    The next day was oddly normal and it was driving Casper insane.
    Everyone had woken up, like normal.
    Everyone got ready, like normal.
    Nothing was said about the badge placed back on his bed, like normal.
    All the classes were boring, like normal.
    And Thatch was bullying other students, like normal!
    Mantha hadn’t brought up anything from that morning, and neither had Ra. They were just doing their everyday thing like nothing happened last night. By lunchtime, Casper was impatient and much to his own dislike, a bit angry. So when Ra, Mantha, and himself sat down- alone for the first time that day he almost immediately brought it up.
    “About last night,” He started calmly, looking up from the gross looking food that was served..
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After some consideration, I've decided just to do a small art contest. I'll keep it nice and simple since this is the first time I'm doing this. There will be a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. All you got to do for this contest is draw 1 of my OCs, then after you post it tag me and note me so I can easily find it. The end date will be January 31, at midnight Central Standard Time. It will take around 1 week for the winner's names to come out. Any style of art (anime, sketches, comic, etc) is allowed.

Prizes can be: Points, a drawing, a written piece of work, or a combination of all.

Rules/ Guidelines/ Tips:
- The drawing must be of one of my OCs (Link: )
- Keep it generally PG, as in don't draw NSFW (gore, sexual content, etc.)
- If you have questions about the OC, whether it's looks, styles, background, etc, note me and I will answer.

To join leave a comment or note me!

Confirmed people participating:
1. fluffylittlekittycat
2. HopesSilverLight
3. TinaTimeflies-Enju
4. RockportMaricruz
5. Magicpony45




The journal concerning the Drawing Contest has been updated. The end date of the contest will be January 31, at midnight Central Standard Time. Note me or comment on the journal to confirm your entry! All people participating will be listed in the journal.

One of my favorite chapters have now been posted, how exciting!

I fear my friend is about to murder me in my sleep for being so nick-picky while editing her story. Lol, sorry- Love you LaRae!!!

Editing other people's work is so relaxing! You don't have to worry about it being perfect because your job is to just point out the mistakes and toss it back at the writer for them to fix it and perfect it. I do love writing, but sometimes a nice relaxing task like this is needed.

Updated my profile image now that I don't have glasses! :D So excited. I love not having glasses, though admittedly I'll miss drawing them- they looked so cute!



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