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Writer that sucks at drawing!
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Midnight Stars
Despite staying up far too late Chi was feeling refreshed when the alarm clock annoyingly went off, the loud bell on top startled his pet- which promptly fled the bedroom despite having been in a deep sleep identical to Chi. The Professor rose from his bed, cracking his back lazily before he rolled his shoulders, his deep blue eyes examine the bedroom he was in. The curtains remained shut over the windows, keeping the light out of the dimly lit room. Despite being a normally tidy man as his profession called for, his room was an utter wreck. Articles of clothing littered the wooden floor- they just never found their way into the hamper it seemed until he was in dire need of some clean clothes. Graded and ungraded papers were at least neatly stacked on his nightstand. He had been grading them late into the night when he dozed off. Chi reached over to his nightstands, behind the two stacks of papers and turned off the alarm, silence falls upon the room once again. 6 am, the perfect time
September 12, 1997
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So, if anyone read my last status update they could see I was very upset. Someone I considered an amazing writer deleted their account and their work was lost forever... or so I thought. I took a long shot and used the Wayback machine... And found h
Was thinking about old memories and decided to look up one of the authors that got me into writing: George deValier... Only to see his account is deleted and his stories are gone. I felt physical pain in my chest at this discovery... I'm at a loss f
Well, apparently I'm never happy with my DA profile cause I'm constantly changing it. Today I'm going through every non-chapter literature piece I've made and nitpicking small things like which orders the links go.


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AffinityDinaur|Student General Artist

cool work

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Ailixa|Hobbyist Digital Artist
you have very nice works ~
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OliverRed|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for the llama, Kry. It is nice of you. Your artwork is neat and nice. A true master artist.:hug:
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Thanks for the llama! I love your gallery!
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danytatu|Hobbyist Photographer
:hug: you are such a sweetheart :D
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no one sucks at drawing, you just need to focus, and keep trying, and above all, you have to love your work. without love dedication, no creation will take shape.
be a writer, be an artist, but love what you do.

btw, thanks for the llama  :)
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A writer who sucks at drawing... that makes two of us.
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