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Circular Spectrum

By Kruximity
Simply Awesome Spectrum!
You can download this visualizer here:…
This is not my work, just me playing with the programming of a visualizer until I got it perfect! It looks great. You might find a better visualizer Cosmetically but it might be difficult to find another rainmeter visualizer that looks and works as well as this.
© 2015 - 2021 Kruximity
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HawAna0's avatar

is there anyway to make it smaller

Wait actually, does anyone know how to get this to work with voicemeeter?

It was working for a long time and now it suddenly disappeared and won't unload/load? Anyone have that problem?

looks like shit works like shit visbubble is muuuch better i have that one dont get this 100% SHIT

W0jtek, did you even checked if the scripts are same? THEY NOT, THE VISBUBBLE IS ALOT HARDER TO MAKE, if you have absolutly no idea from the matter why u dont ask first someone if its a copy.
how can i change the color ?
somerandomnameinhere's avatar
The download link redirects to here instead
SpynxTheFurry's avatar
 Love it, but how do I change the size?
It's perfect, the only problem is that it doesn't scale on other resolutions.
How do I adjust it to be in a place where I want? The position numbers only work to move it to right side, but not up and down.

And how do you change the overall size of it?
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