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[Avengers] Agent Fanboy Coulson

By krusca
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slightly spoiler-y if you haven't watched the Avengers yet

on tumblr

avengers dont belong to me
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I laughed way too hard! XD
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Phil, stop that's creepy.
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OMG lol! Phil, stop being a cre- Stop it. Stooooop iiiit!
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If cap watch this is what he would say : "WTF"
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*dies laughing*  It's the eyes!
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Phil should change his to Edward. 
The-forgotten-teddy's avatar
This is hilarious and well drawn XD nice job
Eclipseus811's avatar
Woah Phil calm down
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Same. The longer I look the funnier it becomes
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It's Phil's eyes that got me XD
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Phil Coulson has a fetish for Captain America :D
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he says that (above) then to make himself sound less creepy says "well I was present while you were unconscious from the ice"
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Ehm... Phil is a little bit creepy.
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This is disturbingly've got to hand it to Agent Coulson, he may be wonderful, but he can be a tad creepy at times.
FaithfulFriend2499's avatar
This was weird the first time I heard it, just got more weird.
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yeah  I had this scene from twilight in my head...and it's waaaay too creepy to mention it on the first meeting.or ever o.O
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This is so funny. xd
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