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Aztec Dropship UD-7

By Krulos
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  Following the successful trend of the Northridge UD-4 Cheyenne dropship, the Colonial marine core need some improvements, especially regarding atmospheric flight, more wing surface to improve maneuverability in those worlds that required it. Also the name of this dropship is in the trend of the UD-4, taking a name of one of the ancient nations from North America, the Aztecs.

  This is a custom model i bought in a flea market a few years ago, is made it in the UD-4 Cheyenne Dropship for the movie Aliens1986, made it by the extinct company Halcyon,   i just add bigger gun in the front, and in this case a pair temporary legs of this hangar shot, make some repairs in the tail and minor paint applications.

Other angles of the original dropship design here:

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