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Charles Aznavour 1924-2018

Hi ! Finaly I saw this movie 2 days ago and  I think this is my favorite moment  :rofl:
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Hello :wave:

Yes I know ....  you will say 
:phonecall: "again him... eh man you're obsessed with this artist .....".

Honestly , when I saw his new video  I just :crash:

no,  kidding, I stayed   :omg:   :shocked:   :omfg:    :jawdrop:  ...zen  :B

Take a look and tell what you think about this new  drawing .
for me it's :iconexplodelaplz:

  • Listening to: my eyes popping
  • Reading: new novel to illustrate
  • Watching: Junggi Kim
  • Eating: yes eating ... need to think about it...
  • Drinking: coca (yes the sparkling devil )
Darkroom by SUDOR The big chill. by PascalCampion Semper nos buy multum etiam quod non opus est. by lecristal Mesaulius by PrettyJu
Carmine by Ornicar-photographie Dawn by Reicheran Challenge me! by Nolhyaa Woodland Cathedral by Onodrim-Photography   Street by Mrs-Durden Allunia worldmap by Tiphs I Dream by Pinceau-Arc-en-Ciel  The tree on the roof by Heurchon   WITCHY ART CHALLENGE - Day 1 - Witchsona by Vicky-Pandora  Sea of Clouds - III by MD-Arts  Natural by Kryseis-Art  Kaar-nylan (New specie) - RIXAAR by MrDessin Green Fizz by Catlaxy  A Life On Earth by Kahinienn  birthday at the rebellion by Myebi portrait-beauty-woman-photo-mitia-arcturus by Mitia-Arcturus Tales of the knights - Bye gentlemen! - Final - by RgDraw Ton sur ton by donlope01  Faint Stars Music Playlist by GreenVikeen La guniguette de la teinturerie by Kalistor  Confronting the fish by Nebquerna Summer 2018 by Siarina Hypnotic Blue by Lady-Schnaps Batman doesn't knock on doors by ElieBongrand Ana and Aram by OceanLord  Tanaephis Final by Fred73fr Kanae Takahashi by NibelArt  Poet Gla'aki by Grosnez  KIMIKO-colos by Nemo-Corp  Witchcraft and metamorphosis by Agatha-Macpie  FANART : WoW - Sylvanas Windrunner by Kme  ..: August 2018 - X :.. by Mademoiselle-P  [ADL] Mlle Rose (pnj cible) by lindividulouche  Mapleise Me : Evan - LineArt by Luneriane Amchoor by giz-art Anonyme by LaurentLKC Purple Boudoir by Stephvanrijn Nine-tailed Fox by Sieskja A l ombre du cormoran by Annabelle-Chabert Catemeul by xa-xa-xa  Efeu by natzufall Chara sheet - Gwinver by Diabolo-menthe  Demon Redsketch by Ashline-illus  My Website by AngeKrystaleen  MBappe and Pussy Riot, World Cup 2018,  Russia by bad-squirrell  Bakemono : Nekomata by kineko Adventure by Saphirya Premieres Neiges by lori-gami LoL: Jinx by kogane-x A Sith Lord Awaits by Grivetart Event picture: Mortal worlds torment by ALMEIDAHelder  Elen la petite Bretonne by Seppyo Orange is the new black by CarolineMadison Cloud Fury by FlorentCourty  Lissenia - Final Fantasy XIV by Linelana  View over the Moon by Le-Regard-des-Elfes  Fubuki [Original for sale] by Milly-Alexander HARDBOILED TRAUMATIC BACKSTORY by Pika-la-CyniqueHerald of Slaanesh by Uriak Ascent Star by RaphaelleM the monster as a gift by ptitvinc  Day 3 - Palette - Elf by Eyoha  Crystal and a flying gecko by Seikame Grain de peau by abclic Elfe des neiges by Obsidiurne-Morgil  colors sketch by Istriel Gentle lick by RubyFeather La Mort du printemps by Annie-Bertram  Praca do Comercio by duytter Untitled by mary-jeanne  Watain by FrauleinVampyria Fury cosplay HofMM6 - Make up test by Chimeral-CosplayArt  Shiva and Ifrit - FINAL FANTASY XV by Clange-kaze  2 Etoiles by chachah Forest of Liars : remains of the past by Tohad Pink flowers by Ludimie Peacefull rest by Nine-O-PoppyBox  Tiny friend by Celiarts  MONONOKE by Sutibu-sama #Drawinyourstyle - Ramonn90 by coda-leia Fitz by KarolineJuzanx  Petit coin de paradis pour maman by Creamydigital  Leshen by MaliciaRoseNoire Awake My Senses by MarieStars  2018-04-16 - Coeur Bleu by carbonacat Sleeping Death by Morphine-Cloud Ghostly apparition by Laura-Vi Astral Valentine by Doria-Plume Chat au Scaphandre / Scuba Cat by sophielegrand2013 Let's Drink by Moemai  Autumn Beauty by Kaedegirl Tuturu by ShiNaa  Day #352 by FemtoGraphy  Claymen market by AntoinetteStoll  COM : 2B for Nemelius by CapitaineBlue TIGHTROPE NARRATIVE by Spartaphyx  Pan by AkiiSora Les Premieres Lueurs de l Automne by Sylfvr  Kitsune by MayumiOgihara  Lotus tricorn by Tak-Arin New color! by Olivier-Villoingt  Beth by Songes-et-crayons - Agape - Hades and Persephone - by ooneithoo  Training : Yui Itsuki by detolefu The Last Embrace by LG77  [CE] The Lamia Brewery by Link-of-the-twilight  The X-Files : Case files - Florida Man part II by CatherineNodet  The GreenMAn by Frakkasse Strange symmetries by PokerMenteur  commission: Inaiye by Ni-nig  Sweety by VeKKat  Painfull awaken by Otaku-J Wild enchantress 3 by Valrina Rainy night by Asahisuperdry Don't fear Death, fear me by Maemoryan California by BloodSuccubus  deux cents quatre-vingt ou moinsla pluie goutte
et tombe
en sérénade sur le pavé
elle chuchote aux fleurs
les secrets de mes nuits
et le brillant
du soleil
la voici ma vie
décousue de fil blanc
ce chemin vide de pas
tel le détricot de mes mots
prisonnière du temps qui passe
les mots cloués à l'orée de l'esprit
je m'enlise dans l'espace
de ce qui n'est dit
prisonnière d'une impasse
ma plume est un mirage
et tic toc fait l'ô rage
au fond de sa cage
orion me salut
la lune pleine
se fond en rayons
et la nuit
me murmure
à l'oreille
première gorgée de café -
mes cheveux
boivent le soleil
j'ai l'orage de travers
et les nuées d'abeilles
tel un nuage sucré
offrent à ma tempête
la douceur d'une trêve
c'est sur la ligne bleutée où
incessantes les vagues
planifient leur retour
que tous les soirs
nos souvenirs
se disent
SophieC, mai-juillet 2018
  Lucky Charm Comic by sebreg Commisson - Thranduil + OC by Gudulett-e  Golden Hair by MellorianJ  Dragon girl by AcyeL La Cathedrale Des Abymes Cover Issue 1 by sebastien-grenier Le plaidoyer pour l'herboriste by Julieoftheworldtree  Poison Ivy 2018 ! by Gwennys  The frost ritual by ArisT0te  She and him by Iksumi  Bloomy Day (Oil 50X50cm) by Tit-Lilou The sanctuary of the Arkh witch by Koni-art  Dragon and Castel by Yun77 :: Jack Frost :: by VanRah 

Mature Content

Ninianne on fire by Solyane21
  Friends by Maz-i [CM] Emyna by Simetrah  Astral Girls : Moon by Lily-Fu Embrace The Rain by MoonDeL Ambrosia by SheridansArt aloy... by illyne Hope by SkyjoeAuteur  Voltron Flower Crown by Numbird  Webcomic Stupid Small Talk by megounette  Catwoman by Vinz-el-Tabanas  A very angry bunny - Jackenote for Giz-Art by Vaelyane Depart de Bran by Yoann-Lossel  P a o n by Karadavre  New ID by momowWw  Lord of Beleriand by Anarloth Cyber Girl by BatMiB New toy new joy by phalalcrocorax  MadameVenez gentes dames,
Accourez donc,
Car demain se trame...
Osez dire non,
Il n'est plus de mademoiselle...
La femme déploie ses ailes,
Luttant contre l'oppression
De l'odieux galant
Au macho pédant.
Vous qui combattez le félon,
Tyran patriarcal
Jusqu'au champ lexical,
Exigeant des réformes,
L'établissement de nouvelles normes...
Songez y dont
Qu'à imposer trop de règles
Nul ne sera l'aigle
Survolant les monts.
Ceci n'est pas un combat,
Égal mais différent,
Il n'est pas de gagnant,
Que partage et débat.
Dans tes rêves d'égalité
N'oublie pas ta volupté,
Soit femme oui,
Mais homme, aussi.
  GoldGuardian by LozanoX Khloe by ebonydragon Huali by Taikgwendo ange by dyzae  Shunned by CookiesOChocola  Strange Creature by Breizhell  In the wind by Chrysallis-Dream  Overwatch - Sombra by Hedrick-CS ResonnancesRésonnances
Le passé
que nous partageons
n'est pas figé dans les sables
il est porté
dans les feuilles
dans le vent dans les vignes
et c'est dans le ciel
qu'il ira s'engloutir
tout résonnant encore
d'horizon et d'aurore
  Inimee Original Concept by LeWelded Fire by Fainernil .::Fae kings::. by rann-poisoncageEscaping the Inquisition by Syrphin Grown up HadH by hadh Bulle Humaine by Jeremie-Verbecq  Mechanic by kinkajoomotion Welcome by pbxn109 Words Have Power by artanzo Kitsune Octopus by o0dzaka0o Reve by Mikonow 

Il y a une limite au nombre de deviations dans un journal .... et je l'ai atteinte :D
donc ne prenez pas ombrage si vous n'êtes pas dans cette sélection :tighthug:
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Titre Journal E-motion-addiction by krukof2

Hi dear friends ! 
yes  the last journal was ....  one year ago ...... :ashamed:
 but you know , life is a wonderful playground, so :#1:

ANIMATION title by krukof2

A lot of people use TV Paint animation  to work ....

It's a french software , and really it rocks !!!

if you don't know what it is, take a look to that short film:

and the making of :

MOTION BOOKS title by krukof2

Some features  here :#1:

Take Care of Yourself - A motion comic about vi... by pridesaac     Attack On Titan - Episode 1 by MadefireStudios     True Hero by SkyOpium    

Mature Content

Patchara003 by TonHorm
     Houses of the Holy - Episode 2 by MadefireStudios
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Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2018, 2:09 AM

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Journal Entry: Mon Apr 2, 2018, 2:36 AM

design and CSS by selftaughtartist1
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Are you eclectic?

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 1, 2018, 12:05 PM

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Dear Friends
Can you believe that  ?
2 Years ago David Bowie was kidnapped by Major Tom ....
Do you hear me ...

David Bowie Tribute (GIF) by krukof2
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Pleine d'Amour et de Créativité !!!!!

Happy New Year by Krukof2 by krukof2

and thank you for all your kindness, your humor, your support and your friendship !!!! :blush:
et merci pour toute votre gentillesse, votre humour, votre soutient et votre amitié !!!! :blush:

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Star Wars Logo by JMK-Prime

Spinning TIE Fighter Icon by CassieCros13 M A Y T H E F E A T U R E S B E W I T H Y O U  Use the force!

[FanArt] - Darth Revan by ArtakaWorks Padme by gabrielleragusi Commission: Star Wars, Seshla Phaa by LenamoArt
Star Wars Tribute by VINTEM
Padme Amidala by Kyber02Boba Fett_Star Wars//ART// by KENANN827A'lora Kituri ~ Morotheri by Xelandra

The Wanderer by Kyber02
The Fastest Hunk Of Junk In The Galaxy. by Starfire-Productions Solo by goticdraw R2D2 by avawatar
Kylo Ren by markmchaley

Luke's lightsaber_ Inktober #12 by sezzac155Asyr Sei'lar by Acaciathorn Kylo Ren by neraksel
What if Rey was a Sith? by CleverBoi SW: Anakin / Darth Vader by Samy-Consu Ep 1 Amidala Fan Headdress by khinson
Stardust by escume
Kylo Ren by rodavlasalvador Star Wars art therapy colouring ~ Princess Leia by A-Legends-Prophet Kylo Ren by VookaSheen
Rey by sjomme
Star Jedi by K-Zlovetch Anakin and Padme by nemling Vader by KaRolding
Rey : YouTube! by rossdraws Darth Nox by vandelia Empire of Red and Blue by SirTiefling
Darth Vader Returns by ElieBongrand
Snowflake Kylo by JoelGomezThe Dark Lord of the Sith by ElieBongrandStar Wars Hybrid 1 -line work- by MeckanicalMind
LightSaber from Star Wars by gawrifort
Art Trade 2016 by Calien17
The LAST JEDI ? by krukof2
Darth-Smiley by krukof2May the 4th be with you 2017 - Ahsoka Tano by TiphsSTAR WARS , Oola in the rancor pit by paulobarrios
Star Wars: Clone Wars by En-Taiho
Luke And Leia by Aste17The Droids You're Looking For by Deluxepepsi Jyn Erso by kittrose Anakin and Padme by nemling Star Wars Purge Cover by chrisscalf
Star Wars Moment 1 by VegasMike
Star Wars E-9 Loronar Explorer by AdamKop
ILM Art Department Challenge: The Ride - Revenge by MattRhodesArt
ILM Art Department Challenge: The Moment - Yavin by MattRhodesArt
New Star Wars dedication by Weilard
STAR WARS: X-Wings by Saliov
Guardian of the Whills by wraithdt
Death Troopers by TonyXNguyen
Clone Wars: Republic Venator Fleet by TDSOD
Rogue One - K2SO Sketch by Erik-MaellGalen Erso, Star Wars: Rogue One by MimmuArt
Star Wars - Padme by jamga
Star Wars: Darth Talon by TereseNielsen
Corridor to Macbeth by R-no71

:icontiphankeplz::iconexplodelaplz: Spinning TIE Fighter Icon by CassieCros13 :iconexplodeplz::icontiphankeplz: Fiya mah launchah by masterddd

thanks a lot to all these great artists and 
to all the deviants who share and comment on the forum . #1
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Hop Hop Hop Hello :wave:

I was working on an entry for the Digital Challenge created by the Angoulême Festival ....
BUT too much work unexpectedly + a few days sick

It was impossible to finish in time ... :(

so I ll just post the WIP here , but it's in french only  .... sorry :ashamed: 

I learn a lot ... I love the idea , but  finally I don't like what I did  except the "coke" thing :D

:painter: Features !!!!!! :iconhypnolaplz:

Tiger by heakmeat
Tiger by Cul2Lz
Tiger by Nikolaj-Arndt Tiger by GrafArtClub
Tiger by Shiba-Inuuu
Fishin' Tiger by RobbVisionSully Vs Tiger by jollyjack
Butterfly and Tiger in Love by krukof2
Tiger Creator by Snowbristle   Create A Tiger by Albino-From-Abouut
Always Stretch Before a Run! by SmashingRenders
Adoptable: Pudding Tiger *Sold* by ChopstuffThe Tiger by Dragibuz
The tiger and the ladybird by T-Tigertiger by auburnIS
White Tiger Commission by yuumeiSister Sun and Brother Moon by GaleforceRin

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Todays is a great day : Stranger Things season 2 is now on Netflix ! :squee:
Great !!!!!!  A little feature to celebrate that ! :#1:

Stranger Things by emotionillustration
011 - Stranger Things by rabbitran  Eleven from Stranger Things by slshimerdla
Stranger Things by onikorosu The Upside Down - Stranger Things Poster by edwardjmoran
Stranger Kids by Withoutafuss
Stranger Things by CrystalGrazianoArt Stranger Kid by xiaobaosg Stranger Things - Nancy x Jonathan by JCLF88 Stranger Things |Gravity Falls style| by shamserg
She really likes Eggos by SovanJedi Lights (Stranger Things gif) by VarshaVijayan
Stranger Things by Crimsella Stranger Things/ Jancy by Siarina
Stranger Things Amigurumi by cristell15 Stranger Things - Dustin by p1xer
WILL - STRANGER THINGS - THE UPSIDE DOWN BATHROOM by HalHefnerART stranger things by mobul
Eleven by joifish The Demogorgon by synthesys Nancy Wheeler by kairuiz
if you hope, you'll get a skipping rope by primskorv STRANGER THINGS (Katsuhiro Otomo tribute) by angelavianello
Stranger Thing #1 by sonny123
StrangerThings paintingweb by Jeffherndraw
Stranger Things Stamp by LullabyPrince  Stranger Things stamp by Zheffari  Stranger things stamp by seagaull 

  • Listening to: Stranger Things BO
  • Reading: Stranger Things Storyboard
  • Watching: Stranger Things 2
  • Playing: D&D :)
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CURSE YOU! One Full day To fix by myself the total mess,  the :censored:  big mix up  generated  by a bug on DA in almost all my artists comments (under my deviations)

If you want to know more  you can read this journal : HELP ME With the Artist Deviations Comments Bug

I hope that DeviantArt will be nice with me...  :pray: 

So to celebrate that I launch a cool feature :#1:

Whisper of Grass by DalfaArt Comfy Chair by MeMyMine
Nihil enim propius ad absolutum amorem illius by lecristalThis is the end (Animation) by K-Zlovetch
Virgo Knight - AT with Stolvezen by DameOdessaTest 20170820... by PatBoutinLittle Red Riding Hood lvl1 by DiegoGisbertLlorens
Robot Slayer by artursadlos
Forest Dragon by krisbuzy Judith armor -1 by AtelierFantastique Elphonium by INDRIKoff
Folk Ana by OceanLordLost Butterfly by EmiNguyen 
Tesharat by Akeiron
Evening Dreams by Sieskja Attempt to Escape II by endegor Gardens of the Moon by Harkale-Linai
In these dark Tatras not of our times by kriskeleris
Underwater 3 by fallen-cherubim
Eokhran by MaximePLASSE
black black heart by MelodyOfLeeLoo frecklelove. by sollenafotografie
icy bells by Kirmer Papercut - Craft - Papercutting - Paper - Mermaid by ParthKothekar The Moon Keeper - Detail by Olivier-Villoingt
L'engima by L-E-N-T-E-S-C-U-R-AInotara by Fayen-riFitz by KarolineJuzanx
Day #189 by FemtoGraphy Where Evil Lies by RobertoGatto MONO_Ep04_Pg04_Panorama by BenWolstenholme
Texture 752 by Sirius-sdz
Dark Assassin by hoschie The last one by Tohad  Silver lining #1 by DmitryElizarov
Urus photo 120 by Urus-28Bluebird Study by Nambroth Three Stags by x-xSpitFirex-x  
The Cerebium Sorceress - Cerebium Sparks Contest by krukof2

:new: 3rd UPDATE : 

I fixed everything by myself (one full day to fix all that mess :facepalm: ), so you will not find the exemples of bug I gave in the journal.
DeviantArt credited me 3 months of premium for the inconvenience. (tank you Chris)
FIXING DEVIANTART PROBLEMS + featuresCURSE YOU! One Full day To fix by myself the total mess,  the :censored:  big mix up  generated  by a bug on DA in almost all my artists comments (under my deviations)

If you want to know more  you can read this journal : HELP ME With the Artist Deviations Comments Bug

I hope that DeviantArt will be nice with me...  :pray: 
So to celebrate that I launch a cool feature :#1:



2nd U P D A T E : I received an answer form the Help Desk :
"I've spoken with our developers and it appears there was a database mix up for your gallery. Unfortunately, we do not keep records of deviation descriptions concerning which was connected to which so I'm afraid we will not be able to revert this error."
:cries: well .... I feel like : matteo (deviantART Co-Founder) 

1rst UPDATE : I m fixing by myself the problem , but it's really boring, it's a total mess :crash: 613 deviations to fix :cries: It will take me a very loooOOOong time. :facepalm:
:worship:DeviantArt  I hope that the Help Desk will find a solution ..... :pray:

:rage: DA is now really secure with the new HTTPS...
IS that new S the origin of the problem I had ? 
A lot of the Artist deviations Comments I wrote under my deviations have been reversed ....
For example:

Morgan by krukof2 
has now this comment :
Stonehenge not in ruins...
May be Merlin is here ...
May be ....

It s the Artist comment of this deviation .....
Stonehenge by krukof2
But this deviation has now this comment :
A little sketch about Tristan and Iseult tombs.
A rose tree grows from a tomb and from the other a vine. And so they grow together and the lovers are bound together forever.

Un petit croquis au sujet de Tristan et Iseult.
Un rosier pousse d'une tombe , et de l'autre pousse une vigne. 
Et ainsi ils croissent enchevêtrés et les amant sont liés ensemble pour toujours.

It s the Artist comment of this deviation .....
Tristan and Iseult Tombs by krukof2

The Comment was wrong too , but I decided to delete it... 
I began to changer fix all the comments BUT ...

:wow: I have to check 612 Deviations :faint:

I love DA but sometimes I just want to 

BowEmoticon by HsnGoneWild :iconexplodeplz:DeviantArt deviantART  DeviantArt :iconexplodeplz: Fiya mah launchah by masterddd

Do you have the same problem ?
Do you have another solution ?


Yes :D (Big Grin) that's the question : I was a contests addict Stupid Me! , but do you think I'm still addicted ?.... Sweating a little... 

:crash: As some people delete their contests journals CURSE YOU! , I'm just trying to recap my entries #1 

Mature Content

    The Many Faces by krukof2   I m watching you ! by krukof2    Design for the Dragon Villain Contest by krukof2:bulletred:   the SPIRIT DRAGON by krukof2:bulletred:   Zombie Dragon and Sorcerer by krukof2:bulletred:    Love Revenge by krukof2  Hada Azul y Oro by krukof2:bulletred: 
LadyBugs and Dreams by krukof2   Les Amants  Hitchcockiens by krukof2  Genetical Mechanical Experiment by krukof2:bulletred:  Arabesc dream faery by krukof2  Chinese Ghost Story by krukof2:bulletred:  Adalaria - The Huntress of Luna Cee by krukof2:bulletred:  The Cerebium Sorceress - Cerebium Sparks Contest by krukof2
Inside youth by krukof2   Katana of Gion WIP by krukof2  Diablo Contest- Wizard by krukof2  Diablo Contest - Wizard by krukof2  ENASSAN by krukof2 

Mature Content

   Dangerous Beauty by krukof2 
Mariana in the Storm - ANIMATIONGIF by krukof2:bulletred:  EXPLOSION GIF PREVIEW by krukof2  ORION by krukof2 Planet of the Apes Poster by krukof2  War for the Planet of the Apes by krukof2
:star: My motion books entries / if you want to read it you need to go on the deviation page:
A game of bill -  English by krukof2  A GAME OF PICNIC by krukof2  THE ORACLE - MOTION COMICS - UPDATES by krukof2:bulletred: VYPER 627 - Interactive RPG Tool by krukof2  Le Livre De La Lune-Concours CHALLENGE DIGITAL2017 by krukof2  Katana of Gion + Contest + by krukof2:bulletred:  
CHALLENGES for the PLANET OF THE APES - by krukof2:bulletred: Planet Of The Apes Challenge N1 by krukof2  Planet Of The Apes  Challenge3-Animated Poster by krukof2  Humans are not GOoD by krukof2  WAR FOR THE PLANET- challenge 5 POTA by krukof2   ORION by krukof2

:star: And for this las one a link to an interactive story (in french only)… :star:

:winner: The :bulletred:entries have won something :icontrampolinefunplz:

And also, I had launched few kiribans and two contests :
Krukof2's Women CONTEST by krukof2   CONTEST / CONCOURS  2014 by krukof2

:#1: & I hope to launched a new contest soon :) Are you interested ?
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Journal Entry: Fri Jul 7, 2017, 11:38 AM

HI , HELLO !!!   (English / en Français plus bas )

:typerhappy:Facebook  ... YES , TO PROMOTE MY NEW MOTION COMIC PROJECT !!!




THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP  :iconredbullglompplz:







MERCI BEAUCOUP POUR VOTRE AIDE :iconredbullglompplz:

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:wow: Yep , :typerhappy:
:icontrampolinefunplz: si vous êtes à Paris , profitez  de la superbe exposition John Howe à la Galerie Artludik :#1:
 :star: If you are in Paris, enjoy the beautiful John Howe exhibition at the Galerie Artludik :star: 

Howe2017 by krukof2
20 years ago
a great artist jumped in a river for the fun
may be the river  felt in love with the voice of this young and talented artist
she decided to keep him in her bed forever
or maybe  it was just bad luck
or maybe life is a bitch
... A man died ....
A legend was born.

Mixed Media Attempt 1 (2010) by in-famous-architect

Jeff Buckley - November 17, 1966 / Mai 29, 1997
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