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Feel free to express your thoughts.

You may request any character you desire to see in the same way as the rest of my work. If it sounds interesting to me, I'll consider it.

You can find me on Twitter at

I also have a brand new Pixiv profile you can find at

I am back

I am back

Hello everyone! It's been a good while. I am still alive, and I am sorry for disappearing like that. At the same time, I am happy for all the messages I got from many of you. I thank you all. Without getting into too much detail, I had to travel due to an emergency, the virus hit, and I couldn't travel back for a long time, both because of the emergency and the lockdown, which screwed all my plans up. Things went down hill from there. I didn't log into my accounts for a few reasons. First, I actually tried and failed enough times to get locked out of several accounts. I am still locked out of my hotmail ones. I am also draconian about security, and I avoid accessing any important accounts from a non-Unix OS as much as possible. Plus, I didn't want to access my things from a shared machine. Right now I just want to enjoy the fact that I am finally back. I will be resuming my pervertedness in full and closing all open issues. Again, I am sorry and thank you everyone. I will be

About Sharing My Models

About Sharing My Models

If you enjoy my work, please help me decide. Creating new content is a full time job. It takes months to create a full model, and dozens when not hundreds of hours to create a single scene. Up until now I depended almost entirely on commission work, but that's too unreliable and ultimately not practical. Thus, to help support my work(and because I have finally found my style!), I have finally decided to start a Patreon. However, I can't decide whether I should make it an image-focused monthly Patreon, or a model-focused per creation Patreon. In the first case the primary focus would be on creating Patreon exclusive images(amongst other bon
Happy new year everybody! May we all enjoy a year full of beautiful women to look at, be them 2d, 3d or from some arbitrary higher dimension.

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Wonderful artworks there.

Hope you're doing ok, wherever you are. 
Ok. Double K, my friend. After witnessing your deliciously ssssssssaucy gallery, :iconpervplz: all I can say is.......I! MUST! WAAAAAAAAATCH!!!
blink once if you are being held hostage by android girls, forcing you to make all those pics
1st question do you use game hair (poly hair) or strands?  2nd question is how much for a model of a character, not just a picture? 
1: Polygon hair, rarely strands.

2: Depends on the character, whether it should be rigged, the hair, etc. In general, $300+ for a custom model.

You sound like you're interested in game assets. Here's a game character I'm currently making for my own game:

Mature Content

Game Heroine Candidate [Topless] by Kruel-Kaiser

You are very talented. Your doa girls looking hot. Your style is outstanding. You should think sbout creating picture series of 15 to 30 pics to she your beauties in sensual erotic way and tell a adventure.