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This is just a journal entry to bump off my way old one.  

Updates coming... soon?  We'll see.

Just choked on some water and it came out my nose.  Pretty gross.

Back to work.
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I have now graduated...  frrrrommmm college.  Hooray.  Now I have to become a professional adult and start getting an income.  Doing whatever it is I do- but for REAL.  

I have shifted my focus to animation- or well- to a degree I have.  I feel like I can enjoy doing animation as a job more than I could modeling or texturing or other things.  I get to stand  up and move around and pretend I am whatever it is that I'm animating.  I do the same often when I'm modeling or texturing, but I get to do it a lot more with animation... and it doesn't matter what kind of character or what kind of style it is I still get to play around with it.  And it gets less technical... 'least i hope.  I haven't been able to be excited talking about polys and normals for some time now.

This decision was a last minute choice in my college career.  About 2 months to the end I semi-decided it and about 2 weeks to the end I really decided it.  So it was a busy last term of school.

If you'd like to see the animations I worked on and am showing in hopes of getting hired visit my portfolio site :

I have been fantasizing about several new projects lately--- here's hoping I can get some or one of them done.

Exciting times ahead I'm sure.
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Have just started the Grand Ol Space Opera.  Had a random idea to start a comic where each consecutive page is done by a different person.  I'm sure it's been done before, but I've never done it before so I thought it would be fun.

Go there and catch up and make the next page.  It can be a quick sketch or a fully rendered painting, as long as you get the next page in first.
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I hate money :(
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Once again feeling hopeful for the future!  There was a brief lapse where I loomed in Disillusion City but it has more reshaped my perspective on the future rather than pummeled it.  I rebooted my website with a new design and a more professional presentation--which is still pretty bare but I know what I'm going to fill it with soon--which will hopefully aid in my success in the times to come...

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Shot this short movie some time ago with some friends of mine.  Directed, edited and all the effects and stuff by me.  I am also the robot.

See it here:…

Sound effects stolen off school hard drive and music by A Frames.
Muzzle flashes and sparks provided by Detonation Films
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Having trouble going to sleep lately.  5am right now.  Just the act of going to bed and then waiting and waiting to fall asleep.  Then sleeping far too long and losing the next day.  I think I need a new bed every day.  I feel like I could sleep instantly in a hotel room or on the sofa or somewhere else.  Strange feeling.

I don't hate my bed.  When I finally fall asleep and am comfortable I loathe leaving it...  but I hate going to it.  I think I'm going to try sleeping horizontally tonight... see what happens.

Maybe it is just my room's arrangement.  I am so used to it now... feel almost stifled.  Maybe time for a change in environment.
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Just a dream I had last night.  I wanted to write it down to remember it.

My mom, my sister and I were camping as we used to do a long time ago.  But we were in a strange secluded forest at the crest of a steep hill.  It was a chilly morning.  My mom was not present in the dream.  My sister and I were finishing eating at the picnic table where food was spread out and start to clean it up.  Suddenly there is a strange man sitting at and leaning over our table.  He is dressed in several layers of ragged clothing.  He quickly darts out his hand and sticks his pinky into a tub of butter and tastes it.  My first response is to be angry at him.  He asks me why I'm so angry.  I say that I'm sorry, but that he should have asked before taking our butter.  I offer him some bread and he takes it and dips a corner in the tub.  My sister and I continue to clean the table.  I notice something moving in one of the bowls and I see that it is this swarm of tiny flies all over the food.  We discovered that tiny flies had spawned on most of our food.  There were flies all over the tortilla chips and grapes.  My sister drops the bowl she was carrying as it suddenly over floods with ants saying "Oh, ants!".  There are still many ants in the bowl, though all the food has spilled out and they are making a thick trail down the hill.

I pick up the bowl with ants and I see there are several stuck to the bottom, mostly dead.  I motion for the strange man to come with me to the water spigot somewhat down the hill.  I knew the path to it at that time...

We start down the hill and all the while having a conversation which I don't remember.  I realize the man with me is dangerous and strange and as we are walking I don't so much as forget the path to the spigot, but I consciously decide to go a different way, though I know it isn't the right way.

As we traverse we enter a place full of thorn bushes and I realize that this is Hell.  A thorn pricks me and refuses to let me go.  I feel it pinching and pulling on my skin as I continue to walk.  Finally it lets go.

We keep walking and we enter a place that is like a small scale city and I realize that this is Heaven.  It's not an idealized heaven.  Everything is paved and stunted and has this artificial Disneyland feel.  I realize that I have to escape this place.  I see a car.  It's strange and cartoony.  The windows are open and I can hear loud cell phone chatter and papers fly out the window.  I look at a paper on the street and I realize it is a page of a script.  With reallllly huge font.  The entity inside is yelling into his phone about some movie deal.

We flag the car down and the vehicle stops, but the man continues to yammer on his phone.  I open the car door and say "Get out of the car or this Bear will eat you."  I then realize at this point that the man I had been traveling with was indeed a bear.

Then the dream ends.
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Just thought I should update on that.  Didn't want anyone worrying about me or anything.

But, thanks if you did.  That's very kind of you.
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I feel like crap.

Sick.  Tired.

Angry at a world of injustice.

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I feel good.  Confident.  Looking forward to the future.

Tired though.

Just thought I'd let you all know.
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