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Starlight Glimmer

A mean pone
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What a work...perfect! If it would be possible, i'd definitively buy it
Velvetypop's avatar
Wow Starlight is awesome :3 best pony
moonstone2003's avatar
SHES SO COOL! AMAZING WORK! Do you take commissions?
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RexaArt's avatar
her cute mark should be half rubbed away, with hers underneath.
IBAIPshow's avatar
Perfection. Nothing more. Nothing less /)
Desertlizard's avatar
Their are man MLP-Fanarts floating DA again. That means a new season started, right? 
Kell95's avatar
Are you going to make a Double Diamond figure??  You have no idea how much I would love to see a Double Diamond figure! :iconrdsoawesomeplz:
shishikokoroyuki's avatar
She is one of the best villains in the series yet! She even uses real brainwashing techniques. That made the season premiere so much more grounded
Sjeitan's avatar
Enough with the ponies already.
Yupasama's avatar
oka, MORE ponies then, fucking loud ponies ! :)
KarmaDash's avatar
Does she have her other cutiemark on the other side?
Khaotixx's avatar
Perfect craftmanship
Al-Kpon's avatar
Do you sell ?
ABronyAccount's avatar
Love that expression!
Do you think you'll make a version with her real Cutie Mark?
YesImDeadpool's avatar
I was hoping they would get to kill that bitch.
YeyeiAlba's avatar
that was fast.
paladin095's avatar
So evil, she can be the new Darksaid from ponies :T
blackwolverine2's avatar
LOVE HER!!! I dunno what everyone's so butthurt about. She has a great design, a fantastic voice actress, and what we can assume is a tragic backstory to lead her to her quest for equality. Can't wait to see a horde of cosplaying equal sign ponies at Bronycon or something all following the one Starlight Glimmer cosplayer :3
Yupasama's avatar
The way the character is so angry implies she had a tragic backstory. She does not seem outright evil (she was not living in a bigger cottage than everyone, didn't seem to exploit them, just manipulate them to believe in her ideology/cult). Clearly on some misdirected quest.

Anyway, she was a great antagonist and the classic smiling but manipulative wannabe leader. In some ways, she's the anti-Twilight.
fangir05's avatar
I admit I don't like her much myself, but I would like to find out what made her decide difference was evil, or if she's just a classic Cult Leader-type character. And what she's gonna try next. I call she goes after Celestia and Luna's cutie marks. And maybe Cadence, cause, you know, she exists...
blackwolverine2's avatar
Not liking her is perfectly acceptable, but outright despising a character immediately after her debut is just presumptuous and closed-minded. Aside from that, Tbh I had the same thought myself. It would be great if she returns in the season finale to execute her regime on a larger scale. 
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