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Commission for :iconrainbowsegfault:
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Live and Let Shy!😍
Summer30's avatar
What is she made out of?
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Aw... How cute!
Fluttershy is spy!
RedEmber00's avatar
What a great name! Flutterspy.. ehehe.
Blackvegetable's avatar
Awwww... how very cute! :aww:
Scourge-the-Unholy's avatar
Ahh! Quick! *Checks blood pressure* Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand I gots the diabeetus.
Godforoth's avatar
:iconspyplz: < Maybe you should work on it my dear.... ;)
Horsesnhurricanes's avatar
I don't even
tornesaurio1984's avatar
The cuteness is giving me diabeetus...
Big-Dave1987's avatar
Still producing great work I see, keep it up! :)
ColonelYeo's avatar
Fantastic work! :clap:
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Well if all goes well when she's done with my commissions you will all be amazed at her talent
waterDoe's avatar
Where is her juice box? :P
Klakalasas1337's avatar
Autism to the max.
krowzivitch's avatar
smoke weed erryday
Klakalasas1337's avatar
( ´‿ゝ`)
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So do you have a standard body that you print out and then add on clothes and paint other details?
RainbowSegfault's avatar
There are a number of bodies, but they are not printed.
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